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Auto Hunting - Chapter 66

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Chapter 66
Before Sung-wook’s Parasitic Bees could make a buzz in the Korean industry, while Yoo-seong was only in the midst of learning it…
Pained grunts could be heard in a training room located in the basement of Sung-wook’s building. There was Yoo-seong, who was clenching his teeth.
He has his palm over a specially made acrylic table, the tip of his index finger hovering just above the surface.
It was a tool drawn with a grid that allowed the naked eye to see the thickness and length of the ‘thread’ that emanated from it.
Yoo-seong was having a difficult time, so difficult that one could hear the sure grinding of his teeth.
Above the acrylic plate, the ‘thread’ appeared to have reached its limit. It was about as thick as the wool used for knitting, 3 meters in length.
‘I can do more.’
It was impressive that Yoo-seong had managed to manifest the ‘thread’ after two weeks of learning the theory.
However, by his own standards, it felt like it had taken him an impossibly long time to learn it. It had only been three days, and there had been no progress in terms of the thread’s length and weakness.
Today was the day.
He had had enough.
‘Do it. Remove what you do not need.’
Tremors, pain, and dizziness, everything that strained the whole body, Yoo-seong tried to forget them all.
His focus was solely on the fine veins that pulled the thread from the tip of his index finger.
Yoo-seong was unaware of Sung-wook, who was now walking up to him with a bucket in hand. Sung-wook tightened his hand around the bucket, then…
“Argh, damn it!” Yoo-seong fell to his knees.
He pressed a hand onto the back of his head. The surprise, as well as the lightly throbbing pain, were more than enough to break his tight concentration.
He then turned around and found Sung-wook standing behind him with a disapproving look on his face.
“What’s wrong with trying to know everything?” Yoo-seong reasoned.
At this, Sung-wook let out a sigh. “I know that you are trying to get there as soon as possible,” he stated, “But there is also nothing wrong with waiting, you impatient young man!”
Yoo-seong tried to get up, but then found that he couldn’t.
“Look at what you did! I’m in shock!”
Sung-wook merely clicked his tongue in reply.
A temporary shock was something that occurs due to the excessive exertion of pressure on a person’s veins and cores. It was nothing serious, but it could be quite a bother since the effects could last throughout the day.
“Here, here.”
Sung-wook handed the bucket he hit Yoo-seong with earlier. Yoo-seong thusly began vomiting into it.
“Anyway, being too patient is a problem too,” he briefly remarked, before puking back in the bucket. If Yoo-seong and Sung-wook had been normal hunters, they wouldn’t be able to endure the pain of this training without the aftereffects.
No, as a matter of fact, they couldn’t have done it even if they wanted to.
Since Yoo-seong hasn’t been able to stand up for a while, they had food delivered for dinner.
“Let’s skip the Aura training this week,” Sung-wook said while eating fried rice.
“Let’s call it a day and rest after doing some cool-down exercises.”
Yoo-seong almost threw a fit when Sung-wook mentioned resting. At this, Sung-wook glared at him.
“In the first place, you have to rest for about a day to make your body work better.”
“I’m fine. I can do it,” Yoo-seong answered.
“I don’t think so,” Sung-wook was having none of Yoo-seong’s stubbornness.
“Just by learning this from you, I think that I am now getting well ahead of others. I do not want to hold back.”
Sung-wook was silent for a while.
Then, he spoke.
“Well ahead, huh. That’s relative.”
“What?” Yoo-seong asked.
“In this country, you are indeed well ahead of others.”
Sung-wook was debating with himself. Should I tell him this story?
Eventually, he realized that he wanted to be honest with Yoo-seong.
“Sometimes, I think about what it would have been like to have a body that could properly manage Aura,” Sung-wook began.
“Not just as a hunter, but I think I haven’t fully studied and completed Ki.”
Yoo-seong was listening intently.
Sung-wook was not talking about the Spider Walk and Parasitic Bee. Those techniques could match against anyone, anywhere. In fact, Yoo-seong thought that the two techniques would even compare against some of the Psy in the country.
However, Sung-wook was busy thinking of something else.
“I once had a short-term operation in China when I was in my full strength,” he said with a low voice.
Needless to say, the experience shocked Sung-wook. He was younger than everyone else, and was discouraged upon seeing hunters who skillfully handled their own Aura.
“However, I did not let it get to me.”
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Rather, it became one of the great moments that made Sung-wook decide to create his own Tech. However, after a while, after Sung-wook completed Spinnenschrift and Parasitic Bee, he noticed something.
“Something was weird. In fact, one of the things that surprised me in China was that those who honestly looked like they were lagging behind me were capable of using a
Of course, these hunters had their genes from their ancestors, and all Sung-wook had was his own strength.
Something was bound to be different in his situation.
“But that’s not the case?” Yoo-seong asked.
Sung-wook did not teach him the Spinnenschrift and Parasitic Bees at the same time. It was because, when you learned a new Tech, inevitably, you had to practice new movements and train fine veins in new areas.
Even if Yoo-seong was known to be exceptional, it would be quite difficult.
“Isn’t that weird? Even though I was in the middle of active duty, I have a slight pain in my veins when I use the Parasitic Bee and the Spinnenschrift. It was because my veins are still adjusting.”
Sung-wook was definitely an exceptional hunter, but even he had struggles using his own Tech. As the skills hunters inherited and learned grew in number, the number of fine veins to be trained also increases.
Thus, the time required for learning also increased.
This was in the same context as Yoo-seong only practicing the Parasitic Bee with the index finger of his right hand.
If Yoo-seong had trained himself to pull threads from all over his body, there was a lot of possibilities that Yoo-seong would hurt himself, even die.
“But the Chinese hunters use a variety of Techs and adjusted their posture as needed,” Sung-wook said as he continued.
Was it really the result of pure effort? Did they endure the writhing pain that Yoo-seong was experiencing right now as kids?
Or was it because the Chinese were just naturally born talented?
Sung-wook knew that this was not the case at all.
“There is something. It’s not just a martial art shot, a knife swing, and a somersault, but there is something that strengthens the vein itself or reduces the burden on the vein.”
Sung-wook sighed heavily. “If only my body hadn’t been like this.”
Yoo-seong did not know what to say. He only stared at his master as he mused about the past.
“Does such a technique really exist? If there is a chance to find out, I would really want to give it a try.”
And just like that, Sung-wook’s story ended. It was all in the past for him, anyway.
By the time they had finished eating, Sung-wook had not thought much about it again.
He probably didn’t even remember it now.
But what he said at that time…
It would definitely have a huge impact on Yoo-seong in the months to come.
After explaining Sung-wook’s reasoning, Yoo-seong answered Yang Jeong-cheon’s question.
“At the first hunt, as I worked with the Red Dragon Society, I realized one thing.”
“Realized what?” Yang Jeong-cheon asked.
Looking at Yang Jeong-cheon, Yoo-seong felt sure. From the moment he set foot on the Chinese soil, Sung-wook’s story had been on his mind.
‘If my master’s assumption is correct, if the Chinese hunters do possess an unknown type of Tech, Yoo-seong thought.
I must be able to find even small traces of it if I observe closely.’
So, he carefully observed everyone he met and made contact with. He finally realized what it was when he petrified the members of the Red Dragon.
“It was all at a constant rhythm,” Yoo-seong told Yang Jeong-cheon.
Yoo-seong even got goosebumps when he realized it.
A group of Red Dragon members, including Yang Biyeon; several people with different genders, ages, height, weight, and body shapes…
They were breathing as if they were one, almost as if they had been taught how to breathe.
Yoo-seong, however, held a hunch. It was the clue to the Tech that Sung-wook had suspected to exist.
“If we’re talking about a technique that’s related to physical movements,” Yoo-seong explained.
“I have Techs that would be second to none. However, I am completely clueless about breathing-related Techs and decided that it was necessary to know more,” he added.
“Exceptional,” Yang Jeong-cheon said.
“There’s nothing else left to say. Like I said…”
“Yes, yes. You said there was someone who gave you that speculation. I’m talking about both of you. That person and you, you are both exceptional.”
“Are you confirming that my claim is correct?”
“What’s the point of denying it?” Yang Jeong-cheon sighed and lifted his fishing rod.
“It’s weird.”
The bait was empty.
“The fatigue I’m feeling right now; it feels like it has been around for a very long time. I feel like I’ve become a frog in a well that’s filled with pride.”
In the Chinese industry, breathing Techs were the foundation of a group’s martial arts. Of course, the existence of such a thing was not confidential.
It was just that there were only a few things to be mentioned about it compared to other techniques. As a result, there was nothing to implicitly talk about.
‘But does it actually matter?’ Yang Jeong-cheon thought as he looked at Yoo-seong.
Even without such a necessity, here was a young man who was way above any other young hunter in the region.
Without any prior knowledge or concept, he noticed the Tech’s existence.
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He had an open mind.
He wanted to learn.
He wanted to know because he knew that he did not know.
In a way, it could only be deemed as natural. However, this natural attitude and ambition, no one, including Yang Jeong-cheon, could pass it on to future generations.
“I will formally accept your request,” Yang Jeong-cheon said while collecting empty fishing hooks.
“You can come here whenever you want. You can consult us, and we will give you our full support in deciphering the literature.”
“Thank you very much.”
“I will do my best to help you.”
“Thank you for spending your precious time for me…” Yoo-seong bowed his head politely.
“Huh? What are you talking about?” Yang Jeong-cheon feigned ignorance.
Yoo-seong then looked at Yang Jeong-cheon, who was putting a new bait on his hook. He was puzzled.
“You said you’d help me…”
“Yes, I did. But should it actually be me?” Yang Jeong-cheon has mischief written all over his face.
“You said it yourself. You and the Red Dragon Society are in a friendly relationship. So, it wouldn’t be a problem if I had anyone in from the Red Dragon Society to help you.”
Something felt wrong.
Yoo-seong was now feeling something ominous. He quickly turned to the general manager, but the man was also giving him the same smile.
“I’m sorry, but I also have a lot of work to do,” the general manager stated.
“Maybe the Lord will select among the members who have time?” The general manager had a cunning look on his face as he said this.
“Oh, yes, of course,” Yang Jeong-cheon answered while swinging the baited fishing rod again.
“Actually, I think she’s coming here in a hurry right now. Probably, you’ll be able to meet her if you went back the way you came.”
Yang Jeong-cheon enjoyed a small victory. “Now, if you don’t have any more business with me, I suggest you go back. The general manager and I have an important topic to talk about.”
“Yes, it’s a really important topic,” the general manager echoed. “Isn’t it about the Red Dragon Society’s future?”
“The Red Dragon Society? The fate of the whole of Shanghai depends on it!”
And in an instant, two elderly Chinese men went about their business.
Yoo-seong walked down the path Yang Jeong-cheon told him to go. He was lost in his thoughts.
‘If this new Tech is really a kind of breathing method. . .’
He had now started thinking about his future plans.
‘I’ll have to test it out, but it’s definitely not something I can learn from Automatic Hunting.’
It was a little different from the skills that could be practiced with items, much like a punching bag.
‘First, I need to grasp the theory step by step.’
How does it affect the veins or cores?
‘My veins have been reinforced by the golden pill…’
Yoo-seong stopped. He had seen an animal from a distance.
He was surprised to see it; then he realized something.
‘They are really rich.’
They had built forests and lakes in the middle of the city. Owning wild animals wouldn’t be a big deal.
But, no matter what…
“Seriously? A panda?!”
Yoo-seong couldn’t take his eyes off it.
Yoo-seong turned at the sound of footsteps.
“Ha. . .Ha…”
‘Was she running?’ Yoo-seong thought.
The daughter of the family who also raised pandas in their huge garden was now out of breath.
“I. .ha. . h-heard. .ha. .ha. .”
She was definitely trying to say something to Yoo-seong, but she was still out of breath.
“Slowly, slowly.”
Yoo-seong was trying to get her to calm down. Raising both palms and nodding, she tried to catch her breath.
Yoo-seong then looked at Yang Biyeon. Except for a misaligned button at her chest, she seemed to be okay.
She seemed to remind him of the old days – Yang Biyeon’s makeup, that is.
She wore it just like how middle and high school girls would, like someone who had barely started learning how to put on makeup and ended up having a different skin tone between the face and the neck.
It was as if she had done this for the first time.
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‘Ah, I smudged my mascara,’ Yang Biyeon thought in between breaths. ’Was I sweating too much?’
More pandas appeared, and Yoo-seong was distracted once more.
“A-Annyeong. .ha. . saeyo. .”
Yoo-seong was surprised that Yang Biyeon was trying to speak Korean.
“Biyeon, you speak Korean well.”
“Thank you.”
Yang Biyeon nodded shyly.
“I’m still learning.”
“I see.”
As Yang Biyeon tried to converse more in Korean, Yoo-seong scratched his head.
Her sentences were fragmented. It sounded more like she was memorizing the words more than understanding what they meant.
“Oh!” Yoo-seong suddenly remembered. “I have this.”
Yoo-seong took out his phone and turned on the translator.
He then wrote down something and showed it to Yang Biyeon.
—If you don’t mind, may I walk with you?
“Yes!” Yang Biyeon said, almost too enthusiastically.
Throughout the walk, Yoo-seong struggled with his phone. Explaining the part that he wanted Biyeon’s help with the Volcano was quite difficult to convey, even with a translator.
‘But how can I write it down?’ Yoo-seong thought.
Yang Biyeon’s widened with every word she read on Yoo-seong’s phone.
—Why are you asking me?
—It sounds like you don’t want to.
—I’m not good at Korean.
Yoo-seong was a consistent man.
Consistently determined…
Consistently polite….
However, sometimes these two were simply irreconcilable. And that time was now.
—I don’t know. I’m here to ask your father for a favor, but he said you could help me instead.
—But my Korean is bad.
—No. You speak Korean well.
Yang Biyeon seemed uncertain. Yoo-seong then began typing on his phone.
—I’m looking forward to your kind cooperation.
Suddenly, Yoo-seong felt the surroundings turn warm. It wasn’t because of his mood.
The temperature itself was actually rising.
Yang Biyeon suddenly became an instant heater without her even knowing it. She was smiling and nodding her head.
Yang Biyeon then typed in a hurry.
-Then, shall we go to my private study?
Yoo-seong nodded and walked with her.
Along the way, he noticed that Yang Biyeon seemed hesitant about something.
—Do you have anything to say?
Yang Biyeon hesitated a little more.
Then, she took out her phone.
—Can you do me a favor?
Yoo-seong thought carefully.
Then, he answered.
—As far as I can, as much as I can.
‘Obviously, I owe her this. I have to be polite’, Yoo-seong reasoned.
‘Oh, and why does it keep getting hotter and hotter around here?’
This time, Yang Biyeon did not use a translator.
With a determined expression, she placed her phone in her pocket and looked at Yoo-seong.
The pronunciation of the following words was quite accurate.
That was because Yang Biyeon memorized the line two days ago, hoping that she can use it someday.
“Oppalago bulleodo doelkkayo?” (Can I call you oppa?)
Yoo-seong couldn’t answer. The moment he opened his mouth, he felt a strong wave of heat instantaneously.
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