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Auto Hunting - Chapter 67

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Chapter 67
The library was indeed huge.
It was about the size of a large shopping mall floor, all filled with bookcases.
Yoo-seong, who thought that he couldn’t get any more surprised, couldn’t keep his mouth closed.
This was Yang Biyeon’s private study. This was a place dedicated to her and her father. This was a place of learning for every Lord’s successor, those who had inherited the Ignition Psy.
The scent of old paper then hung in the air. Everything inside had been very neatly maintained.
“You can read the books here anytime,” Yang Biyeon said, “but that area is off-limits.”
She pointed to an area sealed with tall iron gates.
“That’s an area where only my father and I can enter.”
Yoo-seong nodded and looked around in wonder. With Auto-Hunt, he could own all the knowledge that these books contained.
His mind blankly indulged in sweet thoughts.
Yang Biyeon shook her head. She was here to help Yoo-seong.
The precious Gong that Chinese hunters had was not passed down to them, unlike Psy.
Unlike what Yoo-seong thought, Chinese hunters also had to train diligently. Through constantly sending CE through the fine veins, they gradually strengthened them.
There was no trick in itself.
Yoo-seong looked confused for a moment.
“So, how exactly do you do it?” He asked.
Yang Biyeon did not answer.
Her lips tightened, and her eyes showed conflicting emotions. Yoo-seong realized his mistake.
If the Psy and Techs among different families varied, their Gong must also greatly differ.
Then, his question was almost the same as asking about her family’s secrets.
‘Of course,’ Yoo-seong remembered. ’They only agreed to interpretation and advice.’
The Red Dragon Society decided to help him, and he didn’t want to cross the line.
“Sorry,” he apologized to Yang Biyeon.
“Oh, no,” Yang Biyeon looked as if she was embarrassed.
Then, her eyes lit up as if she had come up with something.
She went to one of the drawers and took out an item. It was a set of pendulums, each diamond-shaped piece of metal with different weights.
Yoo-seong was familiar with it.
It was a first-stage tool used for Aura training. In the early stages, when one could not maintain Aura, they practiced with this tool by releasing CE little by little with the tip of the finger.
“Oppa,” Yang Biyeon said as she placed her index finger. “Would you like to touch my finger?”
Yoo-seong hesitated, and Yang Biyeon realized why.
“Oh, it’s not hot. I won’t heat it up. I promise.”
“Hmm,” Yoo-seong had his doubts, but he still tried anyway.
He stared at Yang Biyeon’s eyes as his fingertip touch hers.
Yang Biyeon’s finger gradually started to heat up. It was a pleasant heat, just like a hand warmer,
“Wow, that’s great. It’s less hot than I expected.”
Just like what she said, Yang Biyeon indeed had good control.
Yoo-seong felt a change in her breath, like the last time he stunned her.
Yooseong’s surprise was not because Yang Biyeon lost control, but because Sung-wook once held his finger like this.
By touching the tip of the finger, one could feel roughly how much Aura flowed through the veins.
The amount of CE that went into the Corona could also be estimated according to the degree to which the additional weight was pushed. They stood two spans away from the pendulums.
Then, Yang Biyeon shot the Corona out of her fingertips.
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“Huh?” Yoo-seong was amazed.
Then, he realized what the exercise was for. This exercise wasn’t about maintaining Aura.
It was about creating a corona, just enough to push the pendulums.
Yoo-seong, once again, began to contemplate the situation. Clearly, the CE he felt in Yang Biyeon’s index finger was less than what he would use to push the same pendulum at the same distance.
To be sure, he tried it himself, two spans away from the pendulum.
He had to release more CE to achieve the same effect Biyeon did.
“This,” Yang Biyeon spoke in a solemn tone. “is our Red Dragon Gong.”
“I see, “Yoo-seong nodded with a firm expression.
He bowed deeply as he understood what Biyeon did.
“Thank you.”
Even if she couldn’t teach him her family’s secrets directly, Yang Biyeon gave him a hint so he could somehow figure it out.
“No, it’s okay. This wasn’t much. If it’s for you…” Yang Biyeon said in a faint whisper.
All of a sudden, Yoo-seong was flustered. He nodded, pretending to be calm, and fixed his eyes over his phone.
“Then,” he said. “Can you help me interpret the documents on this phone?”
Most of all, this was what he had wanted to focus on.
He had come this far to ask for a favor, and he intended to try his best. Achieving results was the best thing that could happen.
Pumped up, Yoo-seong sat next to Biyeon with the copy.
Exactly fifteen hours later…
“What is this?”
Yoo-seong groaned.
Jahan Gong.
The diagram, which contained the thousand-year history of Volcanic Martial Arts, was very easy to interpret. It showed how to control one’s breathing.
The location of each vein required for the operation of the Gong was marked with the “blood” character.
“Is that it?” Yoo-seong was disappointed.
“This is too simple and outdated,” Yang Biyeon groaned with him.
The diagram simply showed which veins were to be used.
It was as if it explained that soccer, a foot-based exercise, needed the lungs and the heart.
It wasn’t enough information to learn a certain skill. There was a lot of important information that had not been stated.
How many CEs did each vein require for operation?
At what position?
At what timing?
Instead of such details, it contained utter nonsense and empty words. The relationship between yin and yang, the human body and the mind, the harmony between heaven and earth…
“Isn’t this just a piece of literature?” Yoo-seong is completely left in the dark.
“That’s what it looks like,” Yang Biyeon nodded gravely.
It was the truth.
With an original, this is what they were going to get.
“Because it is an old book, most of the words are poetic expressions. They are also focused on ways to train one’s mind,” Biyeon explained.
The old Red Dragon Society books were also like this.
However, in Yang Biyeon’s case, she received constant guidance from her father, not just such poetic expressions.
There were also notes from their ancestors to help the succeeding generations understand the original.
However, in the case of this Jahan Gong, they only had the original documents. It had no owners to explain it and guide them.
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Even Yang Biyeon, who was accustomed to ancient literature, was having a hard time with the interpretation.
‘What can I do?’ Yang Biyeon looked at Yoo-seong, who said nothing.
‘How could I tell him nicely that it is impossible to learn this?’
‘No,’ she realized. ’There is a way, but it requires a horrible risk.’
‘Trial and error.’
“Oppa,” Yang Biyeon spoke cautiously.
Her expression was dead serious. If they insisted on trying it the wrong way, it could cause irreparable damage to his core and veins.
“You must absolutely, never…”
Yang Biyeon stopped herself. Yoo-seong wasn’t moving, and kept his eyes closed.
‘Is he suppressing his disappointment?’ she thought. ’That’s fine. Just breathe in and out, calm down.’
She was actually relieved that there was no possibility of Yoo-seong learning the Jahan Gong.
Then, she instantly felt guilty and shameful for thinking about it. She felt guilt and shame for even thinking about it.
However, she couldn’t help but feel hopeful.
“It’s not like you don’t have any other options, you know,” she hinted.
‘There’s the Red Dragon Gong,’ she thought. ’It’s yours anytime you want it.’
Yoo-seong could receive the best Gong in Shanghai and access the books in the forbidden area.
All he had to do was marry her.
“My father will prepare the ceremony right away…”
The wedding ceremony would be held amid numerous blessings and cheers.
Yoo-seong and Yang Biyeon would be a perfect match.
With Biyeon beside her, Yoo-seong would lead the Red Dragon Society as the best organization in China.
And between then…
Yang Biyeon came to her senses. Her thoughts had gone too far.
Yoo-seong was still right next to her, unmoving.
‘What’s wrong with me?’ Yang Biyeon turned to Yoo-seong to apologize.
“I’m sorry—”
But it was too late.
The study table had drops of blood.
Has it always been there?
She turned to Yoo-seong.
It took Yang Biyeon a moment to realize what was happening.
Yoo-seong wasn’t blinking.
Blood was flowing from his eyes. His nose and mouth also dripped with blood.
She cannot understand.
‘Was it my fault?’
“Why would you try it out right away?!” she screamed in panic.
“Hey! Anyone! Is there anybody there?!”
Barely suppressing her screams and tears, Yang Biyeon called for the employee who was waiting outside.
As soon as they came in, instructions were given out in rapid-fire.
“Ah, call for my father and the general manager! Tell them that there is a patient who has gone to the library and started bleeding! And….”
The employee left right after receiving the instructions.
She had now done everything that she could.
Yang Biyeon looked back at Yoo-seong, who was in a trance. His eyes and ears were open, but he could neither see nor hear.
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There was nothing she could do, herself.
No, even if her father came, it would not be possible to touch Yoo-seong.
He was a ticking time bomb.
Yoo-seong had operated the unknown Gong in a rather anomalous manner.
Whoever’s coming, the only thing they could do right now was to wait for the chaos happening inside Yoo-seong to be resolved.
The next thing she could be seeing was Yoo-seong’s dead body.
“Uh, what should I do…”
Yang Biyeon was now on the verge of a breakdown.
Having both hands on her face because of frustration, she felt hot tears flowing down her fingers.
‘It’s my fault.’
‘This is my fault.’
“You fool!” she cursed him.
Suddenly, she noticed something.
Yoo-seong was quietly breathing.
Contrary to what it looked like, with bloodstains all over his face, Yoo-seong’s breaths were consistent.
“Ugh.” Yoo-seong seemingly woke from the trance and groaned.
Yang Biyeon, who was surprised, raised her head and bolted from her seat.
Yoo-seong tried to speak, but his voice was hoarse.
He had never entered a trance.
All he did was focus on his veins and control his breathing, as the book described.
By taking the Golden Pill, his fine veins and core had been strengthened to the point that it would be hard for them to be damaged.
He took a leap of faith.
He now knew how to breathe and which veins to use through attempting
He knew that this was the only way.
Yoo-seong had to rely on his own will because, in the end, Automatic Hunting could only do so much.
With trembling legs, Yoo-seong rose from his seat. It was a struggle to even pretend that the pain he suffered was little. Slowly, he held out his palm to Yang Biyeon, but he stumbled forward.
He barely caught himself by grabbing one of the bookshelves.
What? Yoo-seong raised his head as he felt a familiar sensation.
-Press the button to Auto-Hunt.-
The button had a green light on.
Yoo-seong was still in a daze, but he knew there were no threats to his life here.
Why would the button come up?
‘No. I don’t think it matters.’
Yoo-seong’s hand was already moving.
He pressed it.
He could still feel the pain inside his body, which suffered through the failed versions of the Jahan Gong.
Auto-Hunting slowly looked around the entire library.
were stored in the Red Dragon Society.
Both Yang Jeong-cheon, the former owner, and Yang Biyeon, his successor, did not fully comprehend the possibilities in their midst.
Yoo-seong’s eyes locked on one of the bookshelves.
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-Hunt started-
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