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Auto Hunting - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72
Episode 72
This was a fantasy that all Chinese hunters had.
A common element in the heroic tales of old martial arts history.
A secret room, a remote cave, or an old library.
A place where masters store indispensable knowledge and valuable treasures.
Yoo-seong walked over to a bookshelf without hesitation. Suddenly, he pressed a book, triggering a secret mechanism.
Yang Jeong-cheon felt surprised.
“How do you know this?” he asked Yoo-seong.
Yoo-seong didn’t answer. Yang Jeong-cheon’s heart was beating fast.
He felt an excitement that he had not felt since he was young.
It was only natural.
They were inside a place the founders of the Red Dragon Society built. His predecessors.
It was a place where no foreigners have ever stepped foot on. The old library was designed to convey enlightenment to the Red Dragon Society’s successors.
Yoo-seong remained immersed in his phone and the notes he was holding.
Yang Jeong-cheon looked around in wonder.
Then, his eyes went to a book that Yoo-seong was reading. A note had fallen out of it.
Yang Jeong-cheon picked it up and began to read. He had now recognized the name written on the page.
Yang Woo-ryang.
He was also a Red Dragon Lord in the early days of the Ming Dynasty.
This was a genius who established the Red Dragon society, providing a framework for his descendants.
Yang Jeong-cheon looked at the document more closely.
Then, he sighed.
Yang Woo-ryang wrote a note about the book Yoo-seong held.
The book was written by his older brother, Yang Woo-jin.
Yang Jeong-cheon remembered their names from their genealogical record. Yang Woo-jin’s name was not remembered in a good light.
According to the records, he was extremely talented.
He did not inherit the family’s Psy.
Of course, it was possible to carry the Red Dragon Society’s flag even without the Psy.
The Red Dragon has a well-known martial arts technique, which was powerful even without the flames.
However, the fact that he had not inherited the Psy became a burden to him.
His father felt very sorry about his situation.
He specifically allowed Yang Woo-jin to study other martial arts or to join the military. However, Yang Woo-jin insisted on remaining in the family.
His father, the Red Dragon Lord, was sad about his decision but secretly hoped for it.
Although the Red Dragon had strong martial arts Tech, the descendants who did not inherit their Psy could not help but feel a sense of deprivation.
But what if Yang Woo-jin, who was known to be extremely talented, remained in the family and worked hard?
Not only would it be a great example to the other members, but it would also have a positive effect on the development of the family’s martial arts.
However, his eldest son did not follow that path.
He traveled around, mingling with people of unknown origin, buying and reading books, and so on.
Still, his father and the Red Dragon looked forward to the outcome.
However, what Yang Woo-jin was doing was very strange.
Hiking mountains, visiting seascapes.
Listening to stories of bizarre wonders and the bizarre animals and plants that inhabit bizarre places.
Yang Woo-jin fell in love with stories that were, in truth, nothing more than interesting stories. As he did, his strength almost decreased by half.
His body declined to the point where he wouldn’t be able to learn Techs.
Still, everyone sympathized with him.
A genius who lost his potential because of bad luck.
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However, one day, the word got out. It traveled from mouth to mouth until it reached the Lord. What Yang Woo-jin said shook the family.
‘Someday, when my studies bear fruit,’ he had been heard saying, ’I will own the Red Dragon.’
At that time, the nuances were obvious for everyone to see.
Yang Woo-jin was coveting his younger brother’s position.
It went without saying that their father was enraged upon hearing it. The Lord had tolerated his older son’s bizarre ways, but this was too much.
Yang Woo-jin was banished from the family. However, he had been offered a condition for return.
If he decided to concentrate on martial arts again and be loyal to his family, the Red Dragon would accept him again.
However, Yang Woo-jin never returned.
Seven years after, his cold corpse was found in the slums of Hangzhou.
‘My brother never intended to harm anyone,’ Yang Jeong-cheon read.
‘We continued to keep in touch even after the rumors.’
Since childhood, he had always walked a straight path.
‘He would never have wanted to hurt anyone, much more his flesh and blood.’
After Yang Woo-jin was banished, Yang Woo-ryang tracked him.
He found his older brother and begged him to go back home, but Yang Woo-jin shook his head. Yang Woo-ryang wrote what his brother told him.
‘I am not giving up.’
‘I’m getting close to the end of my research.’
‘The day I finish it, I will return to the family.’
Of course, Yang Woo-ryang didn’t want to give up convincing him.
However, time had run out for them.
A day after their meeting, Yang Woo-jin died.
‘If it wasn’t just for the Psy,’ Yang Woo-ryang wrote, ’Woo-jin would have been the Red Dragon Lord.’
‘He had enough talent to lead us.’
He collected the documents that his older brother left and compiled them into a book. The younger brother thought that it was the best way he could do to honor his older brother – to pass on his research to the successors of the Red Dragon.
It was the same book that Yoo-seong was immersed in right now.
Some may say that the book was not worthy of being kept in this exclusive library.
‘To the owner of Jeokryong-dong, who will be reading this article, it read.
Please generously tolerate this little secret—a little consideration to comfort my brother’s soul.’
Yang Jeong-cheon had a sorrowful expression as he lowered the page he was reading. He understood why Yang Woo-ryang had hidden the book.
The Jeokryong-dong successor had a responsibility not only to protect the library, but also to improve it.
If any of the records and interpretations found on it were to be proven wrong, they would have to be trashed and burned.
‘It’s what I would have done if I found this when I was younger,’ Yang Jeong-cheon thought.
He watched Yoo-seong, who was reading the book.
‘I should tell him that it’s not worth looking into,’ he thought.
However, before he could speak, Yoo-seong opened his mouth.
“If it’s okay, can I borrow this book for a while?”
“What?” Yang Jeong-cheon was surprised.
“If you can’t allow it, well…”
“No. Of course, you can,” he shook his head.
If it was another book, it would have been difficult to take it outside the library.
However, in this case, it was definitely different. Even its author knew that it did not belong here.
Besides, didn’t Yoo-seong master the Zahan Gong in less than a day?
Perhaps, Yang Woo-jin’s research would not end up in vain in this man’s hands.
“Before you do,” he told Yoo-seong, “I must tell you what this page says.”
He read out Yang Woo-ryang’s note. Yoo-seong listened carefully and nodded.
“Thank you. Certainly, it will be of great help in understanding this book’s contents.”
“Please keep it safe. I’ll tell Biyeon as well, but… I think it’s right for you to return it once you’re done.”
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Yoo-seong nodded, “Absolutely.”
Yoo-seong also wore a sorrowful expression.
‘The person who wrote this,’ he thought, ’resembles Sung-wook.’
A genius who couldn’t reach his potential due to bad luck. Yoo-seong turned to leave Jeokryong-dong. As he did, he placed the book inside the slot.
The slot had Shin Yu-hee’s e-cigarette.
However, even though the book went into the slot, the e-cigarette did not pop-out into Yoo-seong’s hands. Yoo-seong was surprised.
Apart from the interesting book, it brought about another change in him.
He stared at the items in the slot. There were the e-cigarette and the ancient book.
They each had a slot.
Moreover, there were three more spaces next to them. Yoo-seong now had five utility slots, as if that alone was not shocking enough,
There was something else that appeared under the slots.

As Yoo-seong walked towards his hotel room, he was deep in thought.
‘I should apologize to Seoyu.’
She was not his subordinate.
She was the contact link between Yoo-seong and Tenz.
Even if he was dissatisfied with Tenz, he shouldn’t have left her clueless for three days.
It was rude.
Yoo-seong didn’t prepare excuses. He hated those.
Instead, he intended to keep his secrets and ask for Seoyu’s understanding.
His key card was recognized.
As soon as he stepped into the room, he saw Seoyu approaching him.
“Boss! Where have you been?!”
She had dark circles under her eyes as if she hadn’t slept in three days.
Yoo-seong bowed apologetically.
“I haven’t been able to contact you. I am so sorry. I went to deal with some of my personal affairs, but it took a long time. If you need an explanation…”
“No,” Seoyu cut him off.
Yoo-seong was surprised.
He couldn’t put the finger on it, but something was strange with Seoyu. The girl was usually transparent.
She wasn’t used to hiding her emotions.
“I have something important to tell you,” she looked serious.
“The Dive?”
Seoyu was startled.
“How did you know?”
“At the Red Dragon Society. I heard it from Yang Bi-yeon,” he explained.
Yoo-seong finally read what Seoyu’s mood is.
‘I wonder why,’ he thought.
“According to your contract, Tenz decides whether you participate or not,” she explained.
“You have an obligation to follow their decision unless there is a specific reason for rejection,” she added.
“I know,” Yoo-seong nodded. “So, what is Tenz’s decision?”
Seoyu looked away.
Yoo-seong understood why she looked guilty. “I guess they’re letting me go.”
“I heard that Goryong Company is managing this Dive,” Seoyu added in a low voice.
“Alright,” he replied nonchalantly.
“Yes? Did you agree just like that?” Seoyu’s voice rose.
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“Goryong is controlled by Lee Hwi-min, who tried to kill you!”
‘He’s not even Chinese,’ she seethed. ’Why would they even invite him?’
“No matter how you look at it, they’re obviously planning something!” Seoyu yelled.
She had a lot of questions in her mind. When she reported to the head office that Lee Hwi-min tried to harm Yoo-seong, there was no response.
Even if Yoo-seong was a foreigner, he was still a Tenz hunter under contract.
Besides, Yoo-seong was a great hunter who brought honor to the company in his previous two cases.
However, the head office did not make any move.
The only time she received anything from them was when they sent the invite for the Dive. They wanted Yoo-seong to join a Dive that Lee Hwi-min controlled.
‘Why the hell?’ She was frustrated.
The only reason she could think of…
It was an answer she didn’t want to accept. They wanted Yoo-seong to reject the Dive. Then, he would be violating their contract.
Tenz was trying to put Yoo-seong at a disadvantage rather than protecting him.
‘This is nonsense.’ She thought as she clenched her fists.
Seoyu looked at Yoo-seong with a confused expression.
He definitely had Dive experience.
He must know that the world beyond the cracks was a perfect, lawless zone.
“I don’t have any problems with it,” Yoo-seong told her.
“The Dive. I have to follow the contract.”
Seoyu’s mouth hung open as Yoo-seong continued.
“If there are any prior briefings that I need to know before the operation, please give them to me.”
Then, Yoo-seong walked to his room, leaving Seoyu behind.
She couldn’t help it.
“Do you understand the situation?!” she screamed behind him.
“You’re going to die!”
“I know,” Yoo-seong stopped walking but did not turn to face her.
“But what can I do? To get something I want, I have to pay the price.”
Yoo-seong closed his bedroom door and sat on the bed.
Out from the slot, Yang Woo-jin’s book appeared in his hands. Using his phone translator, he began reading.
Yoo-seong took his time, reading it slowly, without using Auto-hunting.
More time passed.
Soon, Yoo-seong finished it.
‘He really does resemble Sung-wook,’ he thought as he sighed.
A genius who was struck with misfortune but struggled to overcome his limitations.
In this man’s time, there was no means to prove his theories.
The content was simple.
Yang Woo-jin’s purpose was to create something.
The book detailed the materials required for production and where they could be found. Bizarre places, strange animals, and strange plants.
In short, it was an unexplored world.
It has not been mentioned anywhere in the book, but Yoo-seong knew what Woo-jin was referring to – the world beyond the cracks.
As Yoo-seong placed the book back in the slot, he viewed the new shape that was available to him. Below the utility slots was a rectangular button, marked with a hammer and a human hand.
It had a description on top of it.
-Blink to combine the items on the utility slots-
Yang Woo-jin may be right.
‘The day my studies bear fruit, I will own the Red Dragon Society.’
It was in Yoo-seong’s hands.
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He closed his eyes tightly and thought about something else.
Lee Hwi-min and the Goryong Company.
The Dive.
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