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Auto Hunting - Chapter 75

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Chapter 75
No. 75
Yoo-seong’s impact had been so great that Lee Hwi-min’s briefing, which was supposed the main subject, had been largely ignored.
Immediately after the briefing, every reporter sought Yoo-seong. However, his seat was already empty.
Yoo-seong was walking briskly towards Exit 2 of the Special Defense Agency.
As he walked, he checked Seoyu’s text messages. She was providing him with real-time updates.
-There’s a very explosive reaction to what you’ve done.
-Some of it.
Yoo-seong considered this,
That meant the public opinion towards him was not as bad as he had initially thought.
‘I think this will really work’; he chuckled to himself.
Although he planned it to be that way, he didn’t expect it to work. The culture in China was indeed different.
If he were in Korea, he would have been literally buried.
What was it like after his live interview?
After his broadcast with the point of “Don’t touch me,” the public opinion toward him declined.
However, it was different in China.
The virtue pursued here was ambition rather than humility, to take pride in your skills and prove it consistently.
Yoo-seong had learned it from watching the others. As he walked out of the building, he reflected on himself.
‘Isn’t this what they call ‘image management’?’ He thought.
‘I’m becoming a real professional.’
Yoo-seong laughed bitterly. Of course, it wasn’t that everybody loved what he did.
Just before he arrived, Lee Hwi-min had built up antipathy towards him, using his status as a foreigner to stimulate Chinese pride.
-It’s not a significant difference yet, but it seems that the reaction is gradually improving.
Yoo-seong’s action itself did not cause much resentment. Even the part where he challenged established hunters was being praised.
-They say your Chinese is improving.
Yoo-seong smiled as he read Seoyu’s text. Then, he replied.
-Any feedback about the sword fight?
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-There is, but they were blaming Ha Yuk-il for drawing his sword first. They say he overreacted.
Yoo-seong thought about it.
Although Ha Yuk-il drew his sword first, it was simply to emphasize his ‘rank.’
It was a calculated move, much like what Yoo-seong did.
-Besides, plum blossoms… even I was surprised.
No one had ever seen it before.
However, it was common knowledge as to how the legendary Volcano Sword looked like.
It was said that, when it was unfolded, you could clearly see the shape of flowers around it. Ha Yuk-il had been referred to as the successor of the Volcano Martial Arts. Anyone who had seen his sword in the past believed it was the greatest.
However, when they saw what Yoo-seong unfolded, they realized how different the original was from a reprint.
The Volcano was a legend. It was martial arts so symbolic that even ordinary people knew its lore.
Now, the real successor had appeared.
Not only that, he overwhelmed the fake heir in front of everyone’s eyes.
Wasn’t it such a perfect reversal? Everyone loved this kind of drama.
-In the midst of all this, the stock price of Goryong Company fell.
Yoo-seong nodded to himself.
It was a natural outcome. It was a shame for them to even announce a confidential Dive. Now, with Ha Yuk-il’s and Lee Hwi-min’s embarrassment, they looked more like villains.
-Now, they can’t touch you in the Dive.
Yoo-seong understood. If anything happened to Yoo-seong, the company would only be further mired with suspicion.
The times were different now.
The battle between Yoo-seong and Goryong was not Korea versus China anymore. In the eyes of the Chinese public, Yoo-seong wasn’t just a stranger.
They knew his character. Proud, arrogant, yet has certain skills and achievements.
Now, he has dared to challenge Goryong and Won Gyeong-cheon.
Everyone wanted to see what would happen next.
Who would win?
Yoo-seong could feel Seoyu’s admiration through her text messages.
-You really did it. Even if we didn’t provide you any support.
‘No,’ Yoo-seong wanted to tell her. ’I was just lucky.’
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However, just as he was about to type his response, he heard footsteps approaching him.
He turned right away, but the figure was approaching at a speed he didn’t expect.
It was a method that uses Aura for shortening the distance to the enemy in an instant.
He felt all of Biyeon’s weight crashing against him.
He swung backward, carried by her momentum.
“Good thing. Really. Really. Really.”
Biyeon mumbled incomprehensible Chinese and buried her head on Yoo-seong’s chest.
‘Tears,’ Yoo-seong realized as soon as he regained his bearings.
He felt moisture spreading from his chest. He calmed himself down.
She was the Vice Lord of the Red Dragon Society, who was known to be tough and professional.
But now…
‘Wait,’ Yoo-seong thought.
Did he really think she was like how she branded herself publicly? Didn’t he have an image entirely different from his actual character?
He couldn’t blame himself because he had never seen her act this way to someone outside her family.
But now that she called him ‘Oppa”…
“Oooh… uhh…”
Yang Biyeon buried her face harder and sobbed even louder, like a child.
Yoo-seong was perplexed.
First of all, because Biyeon’s tight embrace was choking him.
“Biyeon, I can’t breathe,” he groaned.
Yang Biyeon was strong.
She had trained since childhood and even had more CE than Yoo-seong. Physically, she might actually be stronger than him.
With such strength, she hugged him tightly, and Yoo-seong imagined his bones crunching beneath her. Another reason was that the surroundings were now turning exceptionally hotter.
Yoo-seong was used to it. It was because of Biyeon’s Psy.
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Fortunately, she wasn’t burning everything because she wore appropriate clothes for a public gathering.
Even so, as she wrapped herself tightly around him, he could feel intense heat coming from her arms.
It was now hurting him.
“Ughh…” he groaned.
He wanted to reel with the pain, but he had to endure it.
Yang Biyeon’s sobs echoed in the hallway.
If anyone could see her like this, her reputation would be ruined.
Yoo-seong pondered for a while.
This was not a situation that Auto-Hunting could save him from. However, he thought of something else – his own new craft.
Soon, a cloud of Aura began to bloom from Yoo-seong’s body.
It could be the most dangerous weapon.
He could turn it into a sword or simply a bubble that would engulf an enemy and squeeze them to death.
However, he had a different purpose. His Aura had a very soft physical property.
With it, he gently wrapped Yang Biyeon’s body and pushed her off him very carefully. The effect was excellent.
Yang Biyeon was separated from him with a confused yet miserable expression.
Her eyes contained what she couldn’t speak of.
Yoo-seong nodded silently to comfort her.
He had a sense of what transpired after the briefing. They asked Yang Biyeon’s cooperation inside the crack.
The world beyond the rift was a lawless zone.
Regardless of what the public opinion was, it wouldn’t be enough to stop Lee Hwi-min.
If Biyeon disagreed with them, she might be placing the Red Dragon in a risky position.
Yoo-seong could place himself against Doryongbang, Goryong, and the Ship Zones.
Yang Biyeon and the Red Dragon Society couldn’t take such a risk.
Even so, she can’t just forsake Yoo-seong and join forces with Lee Hwi-min.
“Biyeon…” Yoo-seong whispered gently.
She nodded, silently waiting for his next words.
Yoo-seong carefully chose his words.
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Then, he spoke.
“Do you trust me?”
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