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Auto Hunting - Chapter 79

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Chapter 79
Episode 79
‘Inside the crack.’
It was the unfortunate posture Yoo-seong landed in. However, he remained calm.
Slowly, he was pushing himself in, using his knees. Yang Biyeon could only open her eyes wide in fear.
If she were to get too close, even she might be pulled in by the crack’s magnetic field. As Yoo-seong struggled, he kept his eyes down and watched Lee Hwi-min.
‘No, they don’t look like dogs,’ he realized. ’They were more like snakes.’
“CEO Lee,” Won Jeong-cheon whispered.
However, even before he spoke, Lee Hwi-min has already lit up two amulets.
Wasn’t it a saying that snake hearts beat together?
The amulets were burning. Refraction and Trance.
The atmosphere around Won Jeong-cheon seemed to shake for a moment. Eventually, Won Jeong-cheon stepped backward.
Seen from the eyes of the others, Won Jeong-cheon was still standing by the hunters beside him, eyes fixed at the sky.
However, the three men by his side could hear it clearly. There was the sound of muscles swelling and tendons snapping into place.
Won Jeong-cheon’s right arm had now deformed into an insane size.
‘Python Arm Tech.’
The monstrous arm pulled back the strongest bowstring in the continent.
It was a masterpiece made by tendons extracted from six different kinds of giant monsters. A single strand could carry the weight of a ton.
The tension in the monstrous arm and the bowstring reached its limit.
“Let’s go,” Won Jeong-cheon muttered.
The moment his hand released the bowstring, a beam of lightning soared from the ground to the sky. It was about a meter long.
Of course, its destination was Yoo-seong.
Yoo-seong’s knees were planted tightly behind him, holding his position. Thus, he wouldn’t be able to turn and avoid the incoming arrow.
Lee Hwi-min’s team felt convinced.
The arrow would penetrate Yoo-seong’s skull. His corpse would be sucked into the rift, and it would leave no evidence.
Someone cheered.
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“What the-” Jinchung angrily turned toward the sound.
It was Ha Yuk-il, who couldn’t help but cheer at Won Jeong-cheon’s failure.
“Shut up!” Won Jeong-cheon tried to control himself.
He couldn’t kill Ha Yuk-il yet. It was his principle.
‘Never aim your bow at another target if the first target still stands.’
“This… the damn idiot…”
Won Jeong-cheon’s insult was not headed toward Ha Yuk-il. It was toward the man in the sky.
The arrowhead was almost at Yoo-seong’s chin. A few more centimeters, a second later, would have killed him. However, in his palms, he held the quivering arrow tightly.
It was still vibrating.
Yoo-seong filled his palms with Aura, and with the help of the Queen’s Hug, he was successful in securing the arrow. With bloodshot eyes, Won Jeong-cheon picked up his second arrow.
However, he soon placed it back in his quiver. Because of the loud noise that erupted when Yoo-seong caught his arrow, everyone’s eyes were on the crack.
People were busy pointing at Yoo-seong.
With the Trance amulet, no one had actually seen the arrow flying toward Yoo-seong. However, they could now see the arrow in Yoo-seong’s hands.
Yoo-seong slowly let it go, letting it fall to the ground.
Everyone watched as a thin metal bar hit the ground.
The impact rang out.
“What is that?”
“Is Yoo-seong throwing away his equipment?”
“It looks like an antenna.”
Wasn’t it fortunate for Won Jeong-cheon that no one saw the humiliation he suffered just now? Soon, the crack widened again and sucked Yoo-seong in.
At the same time, another wave of monsters poured out.
Everyone had to fight and clear the wave before Lee Hwi-min’s team could attempt entry. By the time they were finally able to get in, only the sights and sounds of an alien world greeted them.
Biyeon and Yoo-seong were long gone.
Yoo-seong was breathing hard, and Biyeon was groaning.
Her Aura was still sufficient, but even with its help, they had run at such tremendous speeds that their body had to give up.
They were in the open plains, a familiar sight within the cracks in China.
In such an environment, it would be fatal to fight against Won Jeong-cheon and Lee Hwi-min. They could not afford to be within their sights.
“Hey,” Biyeon said between gasps, “You’re amazing, Oppa.”
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It was evident from his expression that he was struggling as much as she was.
However, he was much calmer, and although he was breathing hard, he wasn’t busy gasping for air.
It was not a matter of stamina or Aura.
Yoo-seong had a lower amount of CE than her. Since she was also blessed with Psy, she had been training since childhood, much longer than him.
It could only be willpower.
Yoo-seong must have undergone harsh training to be able to exceed his limitations.
A cellphone had just appeared in Yoo-seong’s hands.
Biyeon screamed a little. ’Where did it come from?’
Then, she focused on Yoo-seong’s message.
-Let’s leave our luggage here. Throw away everything we don’t need.
Most of the equipment they have been provided with for the Dive were recording devices. Basic photo cameras and sound recorders with a simple structure so that they wouldn’t be affected by the crack’s interference.
Yoo-seong destroyed both his and Biyeon’s devices.
‘We don’t even have a goal in this Dive, anyway,’ he thought.
Rather, the purpose of the Dive changes, according to Lee Hwi-min’s taste.
In other words, even if Biyeon did not do anything wrong, Lee Hwi-min could tell the world that she was ‘uncooperative.’
Biyeon and the Red Dragon Society would be placed in a difficult position.
That was why…
Yoo-seong brought another type of electronic device into the slot. They were the very same devices that captured Goryong Company’s evil assault against him.
Action cameras.
If Biyeon captured various useful things with her action cam, Lee Hwi-min wouldn’t have any choice but provide her merit. Although Red Dragon Society was small, they were counted among the top ten in China in terms of power.
-Want to turn around? I’ll install it.
Biyeon nodded.
The model Yoo-seong brought had been worn over the entire body.
It enabled the user to shoot footage from multiple angles, as well as serve as a backup in case of damage to the main camera.
They were placed on the head, on the right shoulder, on both elbows and knees.
Biyeon trembled a little as she turned around.
The Red Dragon Society’s exclusive fire armor was very tight on her body. On top of this, her smooth back was revealed.
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After several years of practical experience, Biyeon thought she already forgot the shame that her outfit brings, but…
‘I shouldn’t turn hot. I shouldn’t turn hot. I shouldn’t turn hot.’
She wasn’t even this embarrassed during the first time she wore the suit. She felt Yoo-seong’s hand pass down her nape, attaching the camera to one of her elbows.
‘Maybe it’s already too hot,’ she worried.
‘Maybe Yoo-seong was pretending not to notice.’
Anyway, Yoo-seong continued installing the cameras smoothly. Soon, a crisis came to her.
‘Her left knee.’
The moment Yoo-seong touched the skin behind it…
“Oh!” she groaned.
Then, she realized. She could place the camera on herself. She didn’t need help to install it on her knees.
Yoo-seong wasn’t even thinking of it. Biyeon was further embarrassed as he handed her the camera.
“Thank you,” she said.
Yoo-seong nodded and typed on his translator app once more.
-Please do mine.
Biyeon nodded. It wasn’t difficult.
She began installing the cameras one by one.
However, she realized something.
‘Isn’t this like a wife fixing her husband’s collar and tie…’
She caught herself blushing, feeling rather delusional.
Biyeon rushed to finish her task, and Yoo-seong thanked her once she was done.
Then, he began typing again on his phone.
-There is one change from what we planned yesterday.
Yoo-seong had no time to explain the proposal Jin Wei-baek gave him.
-It won’t hurt you or the Red Dragon.
Yoo-seong hesitated. He didn’t know how Biyeon would react.
However, after a while, he continued typing.
-But, I don’t think we can continue working together now.
Biyeon’s eyebrows furrowed.
“What? What?!” she said in confusion.
-As I said, it won’t hurt you. I need to take care of something, then help you safely get out.
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Yoo-seong had to do something crazy.
-I won’t go out through the exit crack.
As soon as he showed the screen to her, Biyeon did just what Yoo-seong expected her to do.
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