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Auto Hunting - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81
‘If you move toward the direction of… and pass through the woods… the cliff would appear.’
It was what Yang Woo-jin’s writings had described.
Yoo-seong realized that it had only been half a day since they entered the crack. He did not expect their destination to be this close.
Strong gusts of wind were blowing from below the cliff. Its depths looked endless.
Yoo-seong tried to stare down at it as far as he could, but he could not possibly know how far it went.
The vast expanse of darkness lay endlessly before them, just a few steps away from the sparse forest where they both stood. They were frozen in awe and fear of the overwhelming nature.
However, it wasn’t just that.
Yoo-seong could remember when he was young. After hearing about ghost stories, he would shiver at the sight of a gap in the closet or in the cupboard.
It was funny, but it felt similar. However, this was indeed on a different scale.
The black gap that lay before them could bring terror – not just to a child – but in the hearts of grown men and women.
It was the reason why they had not encountered monsters in the forest that they had been treading on for hours. Whether it was outside or within the crack, if were are rarely seen in an area, hunters would always be on the lookout.
It was evidence of a top predator.
‘There, one of the nine children of the dragon lives,’ the writings warned.
Yoo-seong had not seen the monster yet, but he already felt the immense pressure it gave off. He had only felt the same thing once when he fought against a monster that turned out to be Habaek.
He also felt the same way when he battled against Jin Wei-baek and Yang Jeong-cheon.
Yoo-seong tapped on the button. Yang Biyeon watched Yoo-seong as his body flinched to retreat as if he was about to back off.
‘But why?’ Yang Biyeon thought.
Then, as if he had brakes, Yoo-seong stopped. He looked back at Yang Biyeon.
“Ha, we can do it!”
Yang Biyeon had pulled out one of the Twin Swords. The other blade had been damaged after Yoo-seong’s battle with her father.
However, a single blade alone could crush most of China’s melee weapons. She was also a master. She knew what was lurking down there.
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Furthermore, Yoo-seong told Yang Biyeon about it in advance. It was the deal they had agreed to.
The deal was for Yang Biyeon to help Yoo-seong catch one of the Nine. Then, Yoo-seong would ensure that Yang Biyeon could get out of the crack safely.
Yoo-seong had taken a step closer to Biyeon.
“Let’s go; it will be worth it!” Yang Biyeon said excitedly.
Yoo-seong did not say anything further. When he pressed the button, Automatic Hunting attempted to avoid the threat.
However, he felt the same as Yang Biyeon.
Yoo-seong considered this. Then…
Yang Biyeon’s eyes widened as she felt a familiar sensation. It was Yoo-seong’s blood petrification Tech. Yoo-seong hurriedly carried Yang Biyeon’s body into the forest.
There was no sign of any monster in the forest. They couldn’t even feel the monster’s sight upon them.
However, Yoo-seong could not afford to keep Yang Biyeon frozen. In five to ten minutes, Yang Biyeon would be able to move again. In the meantime, Yoo-seong would try to hunt the predator from a distance.
“Listen carefully,” he whispered to her. “As soon as you’re able to move, get away from here.”
All he needed Yang Biyeon to do was to gather some information and arrive in time for the exit crack. Yoo-seong had already thought about this situation before the Dive.
Thus, he sent Jin Wei-baek a message that night.
-I will do it no matter what. However, please use Tenz’s influence on the exit crack rush team. The Vice Lord of the Red Dragon must be able to leave without any problems.
‘If I fail this hunt, Yang Biyeon should not suffer with me,’ Yoo-seong made up his mind.
“I don’t want you to intervene,” Yoo-seong said firmly. “It doesn’t matter if you’re here or not. The result will remain the same. So… just go.”
Yoo-seong immediately turned and sped toward the cliff. Yang Biyeon could only bite her lips until they bled.
This time, however, there was no blood.
A pitch-black lizard-like head, comparable to the size of a tall building, rose from the cliff.
Not even the gigantic Habaek could compare to its size. It was the Bi Xi, one of the Nine Children of the Dragon.
Its skin was as black as the depths of the cliff, and all Yoo-seong could see were its red eyes staring down at him. It looked at Yoo-seong as one would look at an approaching insect.
What Yoo-seong found strange was its presence.
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If he wasn’t facing its direction, he wouldn’t have known it appeared.
‘Is it possible for a monster of that size to be able to move so quietly without him noticing?’
As soon as he had been seen, Yoo-seong immediately pressed the button. He entered the Assault Form. Regardless of the difference in power, Auto-Hunt would help him avoid damage.
At the next moment, he felt time slow down.
He felt the sheer weight on his legs. Then, in an instant, he flew sideways.
He hadn’t been attacked. Auto-Hunt concentrated all his Aura on his legs, enabling him to pull away like a supercar on full acceleration.
The Bi Xi watched Yoo-seong’s movement curiously. Yoo-seong thought that it looked like a puppy following a person’s hand.
However, its terrifying red eyes sent chills on Yoo-seong’s spine. What happened next shocked Yoo-seong.
The giant head protruding over the cliff disappeared without a sound, and without a sign.
It went down at an unbelievable rate, faster than Yoo-seong could have imagined. He was already more than one kilometer away from where he started. However, if the monster could move at that speed, it would catch up to him in an instant.
The ground began to shake violently. Then, Auto-Hunt made Yoo-seong stop running.
Aura began to form around him like a mist. Then…
Yoo-seong leaped to an incredible height. He looked down the ground where he was moments ago.
There, he saw the head of a black turtle rising from the ground. It didn’t exactly follow Yoo-seong along the cliff. Instead, it went on the side of the cliff, splitting the hard ground in the process as easy as if it was tofu.
Then, it looked up to Yoo-seong.
Until that moment, he saw nothing but the beast’s eyes.
But this time…
Its giant mouth opened.
Yoo-seong could see nothing but its redness. It was a sharp contrast against its black body, a red abyss aiming for him.
Yoo-seong’s body rotated in the air. He held a posture as if he was kicking a wall horizontally.
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The mist that clumped together gathered by the tip of his toes to form a hard foothold.
Kicking forward to change directions, Yoo-seong’s body began flying at an insane speed. Then, almost simultaneously, from the open mouth of the turtle.
A pillar of fire shot out with tremendous momentum. The tower of fire rose into the sky, reaching the clouds. It was aimed at where Yoo-seong was.
He could feel its heat even though he was far away from it. The deafening roar from within the turtle’s throat could burst an average human’s eardrums.
Yoo-seong turned around again, this time, head down as if he was kicking the ceiling.
Yoo-seong’s body plummeted downward, parallel to the fire that continued to ascend.
Yoo-seong pulled out the wrist blade from his left hand. His Aura was concentrated on it, in a thick cloud form. As he fell, he stared at Bi Xi’s eyes.
Yang Woo-jin wrote that it contained an unimaginable treasure, more powerful than any firearm on earth.
—What is needed is a vessel that has been smelted at a high heat enough to handle such energy.
Yoo-seong’s wrist blade had been reinforced with the blade of the Ant Queen.
‘By combining the two, we can go further than most high-star monsters,’ Yoo-seong thought.
The Bi Xi continued shooting fire to the sky. It was as if it did not know that it missed Yoo-seong.
Or was the eruption its resentment towards the sky?
Yoo-seong was instantly at the turtle’s eye level. He met its gaze.
‘It’s too late for you,’ he thought.
With his body rotating in the air, Yoo-seong held the Plum Blossom Sword. After two centuries, its rebirth was rewarded with a clash against a dragon.
And the very next moment…
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