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Auto Hunting - Chapter 90

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Chapter 90
Episode 90
Yoo-seong opened his eyes before his alarm went off. As soon as he registered the softness beneath his head and body-
Yoo-seong leaped out of bed and landed in the corner of his room. Then he laughed bitterly.
He was finally home.
‘There is no danger,’ he reminded himself. Where he had come from, the touch of softness was a dangerous element.
Yoo-seong shook his hand, pulling the threads of Ki that filled his entire house back into his body.
Months ago, it had been an insanely painful Tech, but he had forced himself to get used to it. No matter how skillful he was, he had no way to defend himself while sleeping. So he had learned how to weave the Spider Web.
It was too simple, really, to describe the process as ‘learning.’ It was a great achievement born from his sense of isolation, fear, and the desire for sleep.
However, it was hard to unlearn the habit. Even last night, he couldn’t sleep without the Spider Web.
After washing his face, Yoo-seong walked toward the table.
The black box Yang Chang-guk had given him was upon it.
Gas spilled out.
When it cleared, the shape inside was revealed. It was a man’s severed head.
Sunkyung Villa.
It was in a small, residential district on the outskirts of Seoul. It was also a peaceful and quiet place, but this morning, it was crowded with people.
“Is this address correct?”
“He lived here before he went to China. Would he still be here?”
Countless reporters with cameras had gathered for the same purpose – to see Oh Yoo-seong.
“Uh? Here he comes!” someone shouted.
Everyone turned to look at the villa’s lobby, where a handsome man was coming outside. Camera shutters burst all at once, and the reporters began yelling out questions.
“Welcome back, Mr. Oh Yoo-seong! Please tell us how you feel after your return?”
“Is it true that you went missing in an accident during the operation?”
“Who is that?”
The man who came out of the lobby seemed as confused as the reporters.
“That isn’t Oh Yoo-seong…”
“He’s the same height…”
The man’s build was certainly that of a hunter, and he was as tall as Yoo-seong, but he wasn’t him.
First of all, Yoo-seong’s face was oval-shaped. This man, however, had prominent jawbones.
“It’s too early in the morning for this noise…” the man mumbled as he passed by the crowd.
The disappointed reporters gave way. But what they didn’t know was…
The man who had just passed by them was indeed Oh Yoo-seong. The severed head that had sat on his table a few minutes ago was a full mask.
Mimic Gorilla – ★★
This was a monster whose pure combat power was even lower than that of a single star monster. However, what made it slightly more dangerous was its mimic ability, which could be counted among the world’s best.
Its flexible skin tissue, which changed from moment to moment, could cause confusion among hunters during operations.
What Yoo-seong had received from Yang Chang-guk was a mask made from its leather. When worn on the face, the user could perfectly imitate the appearance of other people.
It was an experimental product made by the Defense Agency’s laboratory.
“The news of your return has likely reached the media outlets,” Yang Chang-guk had said.
“Of course, you deserve the spotlight, but… in my judgment, it would cause quite a stir.”
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Yoo-seong agreed with Yang Chang-guk. Even in the taxi he caught, the driver was talking about his return.
“Did you see the news? I knew he was alive! That guy can’t die…”
Even the radio program they were tuned in to during the ride was talking about Yoo-seong. Even before going to China, he had been popular, but being a “popular guy” was a completely different thing from being “a popular guy who came back from the dead.”
Besides, it was not just his return that had made waves. It was his miraculous performance during the Storm-class crack. The country was both heated and hungry for him.
“You can’t go outside defenseless,” Yang Chang-guk had warned.
Yoo-seong hated to think of himself as someone important, but at the moment, he couldn’t afford to have his information and location being known at all times.
He needed the means to move around freely until it subsided.
First, he needed Tenz to contact him.
Yoo-seong had what Jin Wei-baek wanted. The news of his return had quickly spread to China. Jin Wei-baek would come to him to settle the contract.
‘For Sung-wook,’ Yoo-seong thought.
Wow wow wow-!
An alarm suddenly rang from afar. It was the siren sound announcing a crack’s appearance. Not surprisingly, the road was blocked soon after, and barrier lines were installed.
The traffic was soon restricted.
“Oh, damn it,” the taxi driver reflexively swore. “I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine,” Yoo-seong assured him.
“These days, that siren is ringing every day, even at dawn. Yesterday, in Itaewon, the road was blocked too. We had no customers the whole day.”
These days, Seoul alone was experiencing two to four cracks a day.
Even in a society that had become accustomed to rifts, it was starting to affect civilians’ lives.
“You may be feeling it, too,” the driver continued. “We keep getting traffic like this. Buildings are paralyzed; it’s bad for the economy. Besides, yesterday, one of those police officers died. It seems like there will be a big catastrophe soon.”
“I hope not,” Yoo-seong remarked.
“That’s right. Yes. Me too…. The road is already very busy; I think it would be best for you to use the subway.”
“I think I should, thank you.”
Yoo-seong paid and got out of the taxi. However, he didn’t go toward the subway station. He had noticed something in an alleyway and went straight to a convenience store.
After a few minutes, he came out and headed to the alleyway.
A hunter was leaning on the wall, gasping for air.
“Are you okay?” Yoo-seong asked him. The hunter was in his late thirties, with a silver armband and no team band. There was no sign of serious injury, but he was pale.
His breathing was also a telltale sign that he was suffering an Aura shock. The hunter shook his head several times as if he was trying to clear his vision.
“I’m okay… I’m just a little dizzy.”
The hunter looked Yoo-seong up and down and pretended to be calm. He thought Yoo-seong was an ordinary person.
He didn’t want a civilian to see a hunter so badly shaken.
“There is nothing to worry about. I work in the industry too,” Yoo-seong assured him.
Then he handed the hunter an ion drink and aspirin from the convenience store.
“Thank you so much. Do you work in the medical department?”
Yoo-seong didn’t answer. He had no license, equipment, or even a cellphone. Even the face he was wearing wasn’t his own.
Instead, he asked him a question.
“Are you still going to participate in this operation?”
“Ah… yes. I am not injured, and I can rest for a while once this operation is over.”
“You look very tired.”
“Well, it’s too early in the morning. I also worked in Itaewon yesterday. And before that, I had another operation.”
The hunter would be on his third operation in less than three days. Even if he wasn’t injured, the rate of his Aura exhaustion was quite high.
“You deserve a break,” Yoo-seong remarked.
The hunter considered. “I can try asking the on-site medical staff. Oh, I didn’t introduce myself. Kim Jin-myeong.”
“I’m Oh Yoo-seong.”
“That’s a great name,” Kim Jin-myeong smiled weakly.
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Everyone knew Oh Yoo-seong’s face. Therefore, Kim Jin-myeong simply thought that the person before him had the same name as the incredible hunter.
“If it’s okay, Yoo-seong, can you help me to where the person in charge is? As you know, the medical team is quite strict these days. It may be helpful if an expert accompanies me.”
Yoo-seong nodded. Then he supported Kim Jin-myeong and started walking with him.
“I don’t want to look like a coward…” Kim Jin-myeong said. Despite being in such a weak state, it was shameful for him to ask for a break. “But I really don’t have time to rest these days.”
“I think that you’ve done all you can if you’ve reached this state.”
Kim Jin-myeong laughed bitterly. “I’ve been better, though. I can’t help it. I left the firm and stood alone as a solo, but I’ve been running around from operation to operation since then. My body is hurt, I don’t have time to see my family…”
“Everyone has a different limit. I think what’s important is that we do our best to the extent we can.”
Kim Jin-myeong was silent for a while. “That’s correct.”
At that point, they reached the temporary camp. The employees were busy preparing for the operation.
A medical officer from the Defense Agency stood, evaluating hunters who were in poor condition.
“License FV-32241, Kim Jin-myeong,” the hunter declared himself at the desk.
“Are you here for the purpose of requesting a break?”
“Yes. The reason is Aura shock…” Kim Jin-myeong hesitated for a moment. “I will not ask for a total break. It will be enough if I can work outside the area where I’m currently assigned.”
Kim Jin-myeong glanced at Yoo-seong.
As this young man said, what was important was that he did his best to the extent he could. However, the medical officer’s response was cold.
“It’s not something you can just do as and when you like.”
“If it’s Aura shock, you should bring a medical certificate.”
“The medical certificate… because I don’t have time to go to the hospital…”
“If you don’t have it, I can’t prove it.”
Yoo-seong felt shocked. “I can see the signs of shock at first glance. You’re a medical person; why can’t you see it?” he intervened.
“If we just depend on looking at their faces, everyone here should be on break. We need a medical certificate.”
“Then…” Kim Jin-myeong was at a loss for words.
A team of hunters who were behind them spoke. “If you’re done, please let us through.”
As soon as Kim Jin-myeong turned around, he recognized them.
One of the 2F.
However, unlike Kim Jin-myeong, they looked to be in very good condition.
“Team License FT-352. This is Yoo Yoo-seok, the team leader. Here is our medical certificate.”
A bunch of files was placed in front of the medical officer. The officer took it and scanned it briefly.
“Good,” he nodded. “Rest is approved for two days. Please wait for the next operation.”
“Thank you.”
It was a clear picture to anyone.
Yoo Yoo-seok and his team were in a condition to be put into operation right now. However, they had a medical certificate.
Large-scale firms could afford two or three medical staff attached to their teams. For the current operation, the crack was just between a Volcano and a Thunder-class.
It was too small for large firms.
They wouldn’t want to use their manpower on a tiny rift that offered no money or achievement points.
Not all big organizations did this, because the majority of the hunters valued “duty.” However, the others, who valued monetary gains and fame, used this approach.
They only participated in cracks that fit their class.
Kim Jin-myeong and the other hunters in the camp kept silent. They were used to seeing preferential treatment for those who could afford it.
However, Yoo-seong couldn’t help himself.
“Wait a minute.”
“Yes?” Yoo Yoo-seok raised his voice.
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Yoo-seong looked at him, then at the medical officer.
“Officer. Please explain what this team is doing.”
“I don’t know what’s written in the certificate, but everyone can see that Kim Jin-myeong is in a worse state than they are.”
“Hey!” The medical officer blushed. “What are you-”
A calm voice from Gung-on butted in. “Combat fatigue. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. A hunter’s job doesn’t always result in physical trauma.”
“Is it difficult for them mentally?” Yoo-seong asked him.
“But they can still play mobile games?”
Everyone’s gaze turned to the hunter Yoo-seong was pointing at.
One of the Gung-on team members quickly hid his cellphone. Yoo Yoo-seok’s raised his voice.
“Whatever it looks like, this is the diagnosis a doctor gave us. I got the paperwork. Why are you arguing about it? What should I do?”
“Don’t ask me what you should do,” Yoo-seong replied before turning to Kim Jin-myeong.
“Can I borrow your phone?”
Kim Jin-myeong handed it to him.
Yoo-seong glanced at the phone wallpaper. It was a family photo of Jin-myeong, his wife, and their son.
He quickly began typing a text message.
“I’m calling a doctor,” Yoo-seong said, “and texting the Director of the Special Defense Agency. All of you here will serve as witnesses…”
“Damn… what are you talking about?” the medical officer raged. “In the first place, who are you? Why are you walking around here in casual clothes?”
Yoo-seong kept on typing on the phone, ignoring him. The medical officer then called for security, but Yoo-seong didn’t mind, which aggravated him further.
He had never seen this person’s face. Texting the Director of the Special Defense Agency? Not even a call. A text. Was there anyone who could do that?
“Hey. Listen carefully. Everyone is going to be busy. A rift is opening. We don’t have time to watch your show.” Yoo Yoo-seok laughed.
“No one is going to be busy,” Yoo-seong responded.
“Everyone who needs a break will be rested.”
“The firm could just sue you, you know? You’re wasting our time.”
Defense Agency guards and police were already approaching the camp at the request of the medical officer.
“Show me your ID or license,” one of the guards asked Yoo-seong.
Yoo-seong placed the mask into his slot, revealing his face. To everyone’s eyes, it seemed that his face had changed in an instant.
He didn’t have an ID card or a hunter’s license.
However, he was someone who could prove himself with just his face. At this, the medical officer trembled.
“I’m sorry… sorry…”
“You don’t have to be sorry to me,” Yoo-seong said. Then he turned to the other hunters in the room.
“If you want to request a break, please tell this medical officer your condition or reason.”
Then Yoo-seong handed Kim Jin-myeong’s phone to the medical officer. On it was the reply to Yoo-seong from Yang Chang-guk, the Director of the Special Defense Agency.
“There is no hurry. Please make a better judgment about them this time.”
Then Yoo-seong took off his outerwear and began walking, all without any equipment. He walked to the blocking line where the crack would appear.
The medical officer read through the text conversation between Yoo-seong and Yang Chang-guk before calling out, “At least tell me how many hunters you need to run this operation with you!”
Without even looking back, Yoo-seong answered him.
“I don’t need any.”
Everyone heard it.
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“I’ll do it alone.”
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