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Auto Hunting - Chapter 109

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Chapter 109
Episode 109
Yoo-seong’s fist landed perfectly. Chika’s body was thrown back.
There was the sound of heavy impact and the noise of facial bones and teeth breaking.
Chika’s body spun in the air twice before crashing to the ground.
It was a perfect attack.
“What?!” Kodama exclaimed.
Even Yoo-seong was surprised by his strength.
‘I didn’t think it was going to be that strong a hit,’ he thought.
Of course, he trusted Auto-Hunt’s decision. Whether the enemy was a girl or an old man, Auto-Hunt would find the most efficient way to attack.
Even so, it was surprising that Auto-Hunt had chosen to attack Chika this way instead of a simple slap to the face. Yoo-seong’s fist was even covered with a hefty amount of Aura.
It would have been enough to kill an average person in one blow.
Yoo-seong heard Kodama sigh.
‘Just a sigh?’ He was puzzled.
Yoo-seong had thought the brother-in-law would rush right away to avenge the little girl.
She was the youngest daughter, the favorite of the Leto Group’s chairman. Now, she was helplessly rolling on the ground, carried by the momentum of Yoo-seong’s punch.
Should Kodama just sigh about it?
“You really gave it to her.” Kodama shook his head. There was no hint of concern in his tone.
“I can’t blame you, but with the attitude you showed me before, I thought you’d be able to control yourself more. Then you would be more admirable…”
Now, strangely, Kodama sounded as if he was more worried for Yoo-seong.
“Now it’s going to be a lot of trouble. As I said, Miss Chika is the chairman’s treasure… that doesn’t mean she’s just a cute, spoiled daughter…”
There was the sound of crumbling cement. Yoo-seong immediately turned to look.
Chika was up.
She was standing like a zombie from a horror movie, her limbs at strange angles and her head down.
Droplets of blood fell from her face, which was covered by her now-messy hair.
Yoo-seong doubted his ears. Chika seemed to be laughing.
“It hurts. It really hurts…”
There was no pain in her voice. Rather, she sounded a little amused.
Then she raised her head. Her pale face was bloody, but her features, which the blow should have damaged, looked intact.
No, it would be more accurate to say that her features were now moving back into place.
It was as if they were being repaired with every second.
“But I’m a little disappointed,” Chika added.
As she wiped the blood off her face, her recovery seemed to go faster. Her broken nose had gone back into its normal position. Between her slightly open lips, Yoo-seong saw perfect teeth growing back into place.
“Because I thought you’d be a lot stronger than this.”
As she spoke, Chika took something out of her pocket.
With a skillful movement, she revealed the item she had taken out. It was a folding blade, commonly called a butterfly knife.
“But you have shown me your strength… shouldn’t I show you mine, too?” she said playfully.
At the next moment…
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Chika stabbed it into her own neck.
“What?!” Yoo-seong’s eyes widened.
The blade, which was more than ten centimeters long, plunged into her delicate neck. Her carotid artery was surely punctured.
“Don’t worry,” Kodama told him. “Like you, Miss Chika is also a main character…” he added.
“I hope you’ll be satisfied.” Chika smiled at Yoo-seong.
It was a very bright smile as if she didn’t have a knife stuck in her neck. Then her hand, which held the knife’s handle, slowly twisted the blade down.
The wound on her neck widened, and a tremendous amount of blood spilled out.
The direction the blood went and the shape it was taking were unexpected.
The next second, Yoo-seong found himself narrowly avoiding a sword. It was a sword made from blood.
Chika’s power was undeniable.
She was able to control her blood from where she stood to where Yoo-seong was. It was a distance of several meters.
Yoo-seong turned to the wall, which the tip of the blood sword had crashed into. A large hole had been made in the wall as if it had been hit by a hydraulic cutter for smelting metal.
“Wow… you’re fast.” Chika laughed as if she was surprised that he survived.
Her speech was distorted because of her current state.
Her neck was already bent by almost ninety degrees due to the gaping wound she had. The knife had torn almost a third of her neck.
Blood was still pouring out, but…
Not a single drop fell to the floor. Her blood coalesced on a point slightly higher than her eye level, forming a sphere. In addition to this, the ball of blood was getting larger every second.
Weirdly, Yoo-seong thought that it looked like a tree that was about to bear fruit.
It was only then that Kodama spoke with concern.
“Miss Chika! If you do not pay attention to controlling your power, it may destroy the whole facility!”
He wasn’t able to say anything more.
The ball of blood had now changed its shape into a giant human palm aimed at him. Sadly, Kodama’s reflexes weren’t as fast as Yoo-seong’s.
The giant palm struck Kodama, throwing him against the wall.
“I’m a little disappointed at my brother-in-law, too,” Chika muttered.
She pulled out her knife, and after a few moments, her neck appeared to be back to its original state.
Meanwhile, the giant palm reverted to being a large ball of blood. Chika tied her messy hair back, then she smiled.
“Now I am ready…”
Yoo-seong moved before she could finish what she was saying.
He burst toward her.
However, the blood sphere reacted immediately.
It turned into the shape of a whip, extending toward the approaching Yoo-seong.
It was aimed toward his legs. Yoo-seong jumped to avoid it as if he was avoiding a deadly jumping rope.
The whip changed shape once more, turning into what seemed to be a massive spatula.
It kept coming toward Yoo-seong, who was still in the air.
Yoo-seong was hit and sent flying.
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The impact was so strong that the outer wall he smashed against broke. They were on the fifth floor; however, Yoo-seong did not fall.
His left hand grabbed an invisible thread, and he used it to maintain his balance.
“That’s cool!” Chika clapped her hands with delight. “This is the first time I’ve actually seen it. I really admire that Tech. Maybe it’s all around me right now?”
She looked around the hospital room.
“Unfortunately,” she said, “it won’t work against me.”
A part of the blood sphere separated and formed a protective layer around Chika. A transparent blood bubble surrounded her.
Yoo-seong pulled the web he had grabbed and used it to get back inside the room. He landed beside a bed, where one of the patients lay.
Despite the intense battle going on around him, the patient’s face remained blank.
After forming a protective shield around herself, Chika’s gaze turned to Yoo-seong.
There seemed to be regret in her eyes.
“I’m a little sad… you’re not like a main character after all.”
What remained of the blood sphere kept changing its shape between whips and spatulas, constantly switching and attacking Yoo-seong. However, this time, Yoo-seong was avoiding Chika’s attacks more easily.
It was because the blood quality was lessened due to the protective layer around her.
“Oh no!” She seemed to realize the problem. “I need to add more!”
Chika casually unfolded the butterfly knife once more.
“The power of this tech is excellent, but the downside is that it can only control the blood of the person who wields it,” she began as she flicked the knife open. “So, those who used this Tech in the past weren’t able to utilize it to its full potential. It’s one of the reasons it wasn’t passed on from generation to generation. Not only does it require a huge amount of blood loss, but you also have to injure yourself to draw out blood.”
She slashed her wrists this time, making blood gush out even more strongly.
“But I’m not worried about that.”
Like what happened with her neck, as soon as she pulled back her blade, her wounds began to recover.
This was Leto’s “work.”
Techs that had been taken from different cultures had been combined to create tremendous synergies.
Of course, with more Techs to be maintained in a single body, a massive amount of CE was required.
Learning different Techs wasn’t the end of it.
Having an unlimited supply of CE for regeneration’s sake was needed for Chika’s abilities to be maximized.
It was the reason they needed to extract CE from countless people.
“I think this is enough,” Chika said as she looked at the blood that poured out of her wrist wound.
The blood sphere was now double its size, covering the area between the hospital room’s ceiling and floor.
“Yep.” Chika nodded at her own question. Then she swung the blood sphere.
It came like a wrecking ball, smashing against the entire exterior wall. The entire wall was torn apart.
Yoo-seong lay flat on the floor at the last moment to avoid the massive blood sphere.
“That looked awkward,” Chika pouted. “Why don’t you wear that nice armor you have?”
There was no response from Yoo-seong.
“Isn’t it forged with the heat from a dragon? It’s a good enough match for me.”
When Yoo-seong did not reply again, Chika’s expression darkened. “What? Are you trying to look cool by keeping your mouth shut?!”
At that moment, Yoo-seong finally finished his preparations.
‘I don’t have to listen to her anymore,’ he thought.
Yoo-seong pulled his arms with all his strength.
He had been placing spider webs, all while avoiding Chika’s attacks. Now he pulled all of them back.
Chika’s expression hardened.
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She had realized what Yoo-seong was doing.
The spider web threads weren’t aimed at her.
Dozens of people lying blankly around the extraction chamber were being dragged, right towards the hole that the wrecking blood sphere had torn open.
Yoo-seong pulled the patients out through the wall, one by one, but not one of them fell to the ground.
Yoo-seong placed a thread on each of them so that they hung safely outside.
‘While avoiding my attacks…’ Chika’s eyes now widened with realization.
Yoo-seong had completely protected the patients with his spider web.
“Huh.” Yoo-seong turned Auto-Hunt off and spat on the floor.
The cloying smell of blood surrounded him.
“You’re right,” he told her. “If I wear the armor, I will be able to deal with you more comfortably.”
This was not just in terms of defense.
The armor activated his Flame Psy when worn. It would take only a moment to put it on.
However, choosing not to use it this time was a matter of emotion for Yoo-seong, not practicality. For him, wearing the proper equipment meant that he was acting as a hunter. He respected the hunting profession and the capabilities of his prey.
Yoo-seong clenched both fists.
“But what’s in front of me right now seems like an unworthy opponent,” he growled with disgust.
Without even waiting for her answer, Yoo-seong lunged at her.
Earlier, the patients in their beds wouldn’t have been able to avoid damage from Yoo-seong’s attacks, even if it wasn’t aimed at them. But now that they were safely outside…
“This…!” Chika screamed.
As she did, the blood sphere formed into a huge cone shape, similar to the weapon used in jousts.
Yoo-seong didn’t avoid it. With his Steel Steps and the Zahan Gong, perfected with the Red Dragon Society’s help, he continued to approach.
Yoo-seong began punching the cone-shaped blood.
“Are you stupid?” Chika laughed.
‘Does he think he can damage me by punching the blood cone?’
However, they weren’t just punches. This was Pacheonma Geukki.
The essence of the hooves of a thousand horses, perfectly copied by Auto-Hunt.
It took a total of twelve punches. The vibrations caused by the successive attacks finally reached their destination, which was the stem of blood connecting the blood cone and Chika’s body.
The amplified vibrations caused it to collapse.
What Chika used was not Psy.
It was a Tech that used her blood as a medium. Therefore, it needed to be connected to her body, or else she wouldn’t be able to control it. In other words…
The massive amount of coalesced blood lost its cohesion and spilled all over the room.
The girl reflexively reached for her knife again. She had enough CE. If she could just draw blood again…
Yoo-seong was waiting for it.
There was no hesitation. He raised one knee and struck the knife out of her hand.
Then he pressed the button to let Auto-Hunt finish her off.
As always, Auto-Hunt didn’t betray his expectations.
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His fists were filled with Aura.
‘She can bleed, as long as it doesn’t spill outside,’ he thought.
More intense than ever, he cast Pacheonma Geukki once more.
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