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Auto Hunting - Chapter 140

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Chapter 140
From a considerable distance, a flash of light seemed to move swiftly toward the monster. At this, the Habaek looked away.
It had seen it before.
Some days, when the air around the world became moist, a sharp light fell from the sky. The Habaek hated it.
From time to time, the light landed on its massive body and caused it tremendous pain.
But the flash of light approaching it right now was not falling from the sky.
Instead, it was coming toward him from below.
The Habaek did not see this as a problem.
It wasn’t the same as the one that fell from the sky.
It had already seen the countless ‘little things’ emit ‘light.’
Most of it was to camouflage their insignificant abilities.
Turning away from the light rushing toward the nape of its neck, the Habaek turned its gaze back down. It was trying to focus on the things right below.
Just then…
There came a small prick on the nape of its neck. Then pain traveled throughout its whole body.
Cries of pain and confusion poured out of the monster’s throat.
What had just struck its neck?
The Habaek was sure that it hadn’t been lightning. Yet, the tremendous pain felt almost equal. At this, the Habaek’s eyes reflexively turned towards its source.
It saw the control center, the place where Yoo-seong had drawn his bow. However, he was no longer there.
Along with the flashing lights in the air were traces of Explosive Acceleration.
There was another explosion.
With that, Yoo-seong moved through the air like the arrow he had just shot.
The Habaek felt different. It recognized Yoo-seong, but it felt that the tiny creature had almost doubled its power. In addition to that, Auto-Hunt was increasing Explosive Acceleration’s power more than usual.
The boost it was giving him now made his movement closer to flight than a high leap. When Explosive Acceleration popped out from the tip of his toe for the third time, Yoo-seong soared up rather than forward.
That was when their eyes met.
“Nice to meet you.” Yoo-seong smiled at the fearsome monster.
The monster recognized the tiny creature.
It was that guy.
Not long ago, when it had peeked its head out after being led by the same blue light, the Habaek remembered it had encountered a small, fearless creature that caused an unforgettable pain in one of its eyes.
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The Habaek boiled with rage. Nine Water Dragons rose from the river.
These were much thicker than the ones the Habaek had used to shake off the previous hunters, including Han Jae-gyu.
The dragons also had a different form. This time, they were shaped like an awl instead of a thick column.
Soon, the nine Water Dragons ascended into the sky like guided missiles.
Yoo-seong did not dodge them right away. He was using the momentum created by Explosive Acceleration to reach the highest point he could.
The Water Dragons were catching up to him quickly. Then…
Once again, Explosive Acceleration breathed fire. No, not once.
Unlike before, when it could only be used at intervals, the Explosive Acceleration Yoo-seong used this time seemed to be useable continuously, at will. Moving in zigzag lines, Yoo-seong broke through the nine Water Dragons.
Of course, it didn’t just end there. The Habaek kept its eyes on Yoo-seong.
The tip of a Water Dragon twisted in the air.
Then the tips of all the Water Dragons curled forward and rushed toward Yoo-seong.
“That is awesome…” Someone in the control center, who was staring at the monitor in a daze, had spoken unwittingly. Surprisingly, the object of admiration did not prove to be Yoo-seong.
“Just how intelligent could it be…?”
In the meantime, while tracking Yoo-seong back and forth, the nine Water Dragons continued to pursue him smoothly without colliding and canceling each other out. On the other hand, Yoo-seong could try to do exactly that to destroy the Water Dragons.
However, he did not seem to have any intention of doing that.
As he enjoyed the acrobatics in the air, he continued to dodge at points much higher than the Habaek’s head.
“No, at least attack…”
A sigh was about to erupt inside the control center.
—Control Center!
A crying voice burst through communication.
—Hey, this is Group A. We have two dead, six… we will retreat immediately.
—This is Group B…
—Send a support vehicle into the Military Demarcation Line!
Of course, everyone in the control center should have cared more about the other hunters than Yoo-seong. Just when those who were left inside the control center were preparing to retreat and recover the casualties…
“But how?” asked someone.
However, as soon as he realized what his question meant, he covered his mouth. Even if you were to think about it, it was rather strange.
Shouldn’t they be glad that so many people they had thought would die were alive? However, until now, it was not just job abandonment that meant people struggled to turn away from considering their current situation.
The last time they’d checked, there was hell outside the control center. There was nothing they could do.
The President even ordered the monitors to be turned off, so everyone thought the answer was to ignore the situation. Well, until they heard the surviving hunters’ cries for help.
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The monitor turned back on.
Small bursts of exclamations were heard from time to time.
The Water Dragons, which had driven hunters to their death, disappeared. Instead, all they saw were the hunters standing in line to help the wounded and to retreat.
There was another difference, but it took some time for everyone to notice it.
“There is no water!”
That was right.
The shallow river that had flowed beneath the hunters earlier, and from which many Water Dragons had ascended, was dry for some reason. Then they realized that the reason was actually very clear.
Looking up, Yoo-seong was still playing with the Water Dragons in the air.
As the monster had become further enraged, the Water Dragons had grown much bigger than before.
—We do not know why but it seems that the Habaek has stopped with attacks. Control center, I can see something.
No one answered Han Jae-gyu, who was busy panting from his injuries. Everyone at the control center was watching Yoo-seong.
Yoo-seong was deliberately moving to bait all the Water Dragons to chase after him. He was giving the hunters of Hankwang Hunting International time to escape.
—Control center? Hey!
“This is the control center. We will send convoy vehicles to you as close as possible. Remember to take note of your surroundings as you retreat…”
It could have been because of their survival instinct.
Vehicles were starting to retreat near the border of the Military Demarcation Line. Up above, Yoo-seong saw what was happening. Then the second phase of his plan immediately began.
A popping sound was heard but, this time, it had not come from his Explosive Acceleration.
The heads of the two Water Dragons that had been aiming at Yoo-seong from different directions collided.
The shockwave alone was enough to cause waves on the other Water Dragons’ surface. The two that had collided lost their form and fell apart.
However, this was just the beginning.
The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Water Dragons collided before long and began to scatter in heavy raindrops. As if he were enjoying it, Yoo-seong turned around to see the Water Dragons fall apart.
Knock, knock-
He then landed above the Habaek’s head.
Had his previous defeat resurfaced as a memory? The Habaek shook its head like crazy.
However, Yoo-seong did not intend to let it drag on any longer. As soon as he leaped forward…
He took out a new item. Holding it tightly…
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Yoo-seong increased his Explosive Acceleration to its full power. He then started with the Habaek’s head. Yoo-seong rushed downward.
Stepping onto the ground, Yoo-seong looked back up. From where the Habaek’s head was to where Yoo-seong now stood, a trail of light showing his trajectory remained.
With the Sky Scissors in hand, he had torn the crack completely open.
The Habaek did not understand right away. However, soon, its body felt it.
The crack that had been so cramped only the tip of his forefoot and head fit through it had suddenly loosened. The Habaek’s foot and the rest of its body came out of the crack smoothly.
The monster’s front paw seemed like a giant pillar, the size of a skyscraper. And now, it took its first step into the world.
The Habaek felt relieved. There was a tremendous sense of liberation from the shackles that had held him for hours. Distracted by the relief, the Habaek even forgot about Yoo-seong’s existence for a moment and pulled out all of its body.
Even though only four of its legs had moved, an earthquake-like, ground-shaking sound seemed to overturn the heavens and earth. The river, the rocks, and the trees where it landed were immediately destroyed.
It even pleased the Habaek. However, it was not what made everyone watching feel despair.
It was something that no one was conscious of.
One by one, drops of water began falling from the sky. It was raining.
Tutu Tutu Tutu Tuk-!
As if making up for the winter days when rainfall was scarce, a sudden shower poured down.
This time, the Habaek cried out in enjoyment. As raindrops and moisture soaked its skin, it soon regained its strength.
Just then, the Habaek remembered. Where was the little creature who had been attacking him just now?
It rolled its eyes around in search of Yoo-seong. Had the ‘little creature’ run away knowing the Habaek’s power was growing?
In the end, it did not matter. The Habaek knew that wherever in this world that ‘little creature’ was hiding, he would find it and crush it.
However, Yoo-seong was not even hiding.
If only the Habaek had turned its heavy head a little to the side, in the direction it had come from, it would have seen him.
Soon, though, the moments of confusion and enjoyment at being in a new world cost the Habaek.
Soon, the monster realized what had changed.
The blue light it had followed to get into this world was gone. Yoo-seong had already sewn it closed as fast as he could.
“You wanted to come here,” Yoo-seong taunted as he put the Sky Needle back in his slot.
“And now you are never going out.”
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‘Poor thing,’ Yoo-seong thought.
Yoo-seong pulled out his bow and aimed it at the monster who now could never return home.
Then he released the lightning.
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