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Auto Hunting - Chapter 176

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Chapter 176
No. 176
Everyone was silent. However, their heads were filled with diverse imaginings.
The industry was being overturned.
No, at this level, it would be right to say that it was being recreated as an entirely different game.
The role of a hunter was now changing.
“You’re crazy,” Lee Jun-seok said.
Everyone’s eyes turned to him. He was obviously at the limit of holding his anger in. His lips struggled to express what he wanted to say.
“Do you know how many livelihoods and lives are at stake in this industry? Hunting brings in astronomical capital every day!”
“I don’t know exactly how many. But I’ll ask you the opposite. How many people in the world are not hunters?”
“What do you mean?”
“Random rift openings are a threat to their daily lives. A hunter’s duty is to keep civilian casualties as close to zero as possible. Now, what I am suggesting is something that can definitely bring it to zero.”
“At the moment, with this rate of rift frequency, we can ensure zero civilian casualties! You don’t have to—”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course! Right now—”
“I forgot to show you this,” Yoo-seong said as the Needle and the Scissors appeared in his hands. “These tools are means to open and close cracks at will. It’s also the only way in the world guaranteed to close an unclosed crack at the moment. But…”
Yoo-seong leaned forward, peering into Lee Jun-seok’s eyes.
“What if they stopped working someday?”
No one really understood these two tools. It was a possibility that even Yoo-seong hated to consider.
“If that happened, and an unclosed crack occurred, then there would be no way to close it forever,” Yoo-seong warned.
“Well… we could grasp their principles through research and analysis…”
“I didn’t know that CEO Lee had knowledge of such fields as well,” Yoo-seong smirked.
Lee Jun-seok’s face turned red.
“Of course, we could, but we would be basing our future on the possibility that ‘it could happen.’ Until the moment we actually understood the principles, we wouldn’t know if we’d always have to live with the plague of unclosed cracks. So…”
Yoo-seong’s eyes pierced through Lee Jun-seok’s.
“…Why don’t we finish it now? At least, in this country, let’s make sure that rifts will no longer be a natural phenomenon!”
Yoo-seong’s voice rang in the silent hall.
“Even if it means damaging the financial gains of the hunters for the meantime,” he added with regret.
No one in the hall could open their mouth.
Even if they had the same opinion as Gung-on’s CEO, how could they speak their mind in this place?
Lee Jun-seok had made a big mistake, and he’d realized it just now. Even though this meeting was intended for hunters, it was being broadcast nationwide. Yoo-seong was speaking on the premise that the current discourse would reach the civilians online.
The broadcast was a permanent record that could be played an infinite number of times and shared with others. That was why…
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‘-Do you know how many livelihoods and lives are at stake in this industry? Hunting brings in astronomical capital every day!’
Lee Jun-seok was permanently on record as opposing the permanent blocking of cracks in favor of money.
“Well, not to ruin this atmosphere, but if you think more about it…” Lee Jae-hak intervened.
His voice was a refreshing change; welcome to the ears. “I don’t think there will be such a big financial loss, at least in the long run. While we don’t know when those tools will break, it would also mean that we could make our own cracks at our disposal after blocking all the cracks. Fortunately, it has been proven that cracks opened with the Scissors can be successfully blocked using a pulse breaker,” Lee Jae-hak explained.
The ability to open and close cracks at will, at a specified size, location, and time, would bring down hunting difficulty exponentially.
Lee Jae-hak continued to lead the discussion to address one of the main concerns of the hunters. “Obviously, until now, a Dive has been a dangerous act that could pose a risk to hunters’ lives.”
“But”—he pointed at Yoo-seong—”on the first Dive, Oh Yoo-seong and I will accompany you to secure an area where we can build a base camp. If necessary, we will also request generous support from the military. We will install various support, medical and defense facilities in the initial base camp.”
Even after the camp was built, either Oh Yoo-seong or Lee Jae-hak would always be present to ensure its safety.
“As a result of coordinating with the Special Defense Agency, it has been decided that it will take about half a year to build a facility that can safely support fifty hunters and one hundred support personnel.”
As Lee Jae-hak spoke, some of the faces in the room turned red with embarrassment. The picture being drawn in front of them wasn’t as bad as they had initially thought.
“When the facility is completed… even hunters who are currently at the Gold level will be able to participate in Dives after going through the half-year training and certification. Of course, in reality, they will be coming in with Platinum-level hunters, so it will be possible to hunt without difficulty.”
When the first camp was fully operational, construction for a second and a third would begin. As Lee Jae-hak said, this was a situation that should be examined in the long term. In less than two to three years, there would be countless base camps where Korean hunters could hunt safely.
It was a much better deal than having to face randomly opening cracks.
“That’s it. We’re done.”
Yoon Kang-cheol raised his voice. “I think it will keep sounding better as we listen to you, but before that, I want to be the first to raise my hand. Let it be on record that the QR Corporation is expressing agreement on this.”
Executives of QR Corporation, seated around Yoon Kang-cheol, were also nodding affirmation.
“Then we’ll be the second,” Yoo Jae-gon of Team Awl followed.
It was an organization that had quickly built up its position as one of the 4Ts through its experience and the import of advanced equipment from the United States.
Yoo Jae-gon had been quite embarrassed in the first battle between the Habaek and Yoo-seong. However, from then on, he had been in full support of the young hunter, even from the sidelines. Now the opportunity had come for him to stand behind Yoo-seong directly.
Of course, it was a great opportunity, not only in a symbolic sense but also business-wise.
“We will join, too!”
“We’d like to be involved in this…”
It wasn’t that Lee Jae-hak, Oh Yoo-seong, or Yang Chang-guk had asked them to voice their consent.
The hunters began raising their hands and voices out of competitiveness. It was as if they wanted to raise their hands as early as possible. And it wasn’t just happening in the meeting hall.
Hunters watching the broadcast were burning with the intention to be part of the Dives.
“Then”—Yang Chang-guk took the microphone—”we’ll adjourn the meeting for the day. Further information will be disseminated through the community or public channels.”
With that, the meeting ended.
However, the Special Defense Agency had to deal with an overwhelming number of phone inquiries from hunters for nearly three days.
The inquiries were all about the same thing: how to apply for training in Yoo-seong’s Auto-Hunting Company.
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Next to the restroom of the meeting hall, cold, refreshing water splashed against Yoo-seong’s face.
He’d left Lee Jae-hak, who seemed to be taking a nap, in his seat. The last march he’d endured with Yoo-seong had been quite difficult. They’d hunted the Goblins in the alien world for a week without proper food or rest.
Without Lee Jae-hak, it would have taken Yoo-seong longer.
‘Perhaps three more hours?’ Yoo-seong estimated.
He had to recover his body condition to as close to normal as possible. He and Lee Jae-hak would then enter the rift once more to prevent further cracks from opening in Korea.
It wasn’t that difficult to find the ley lines causing the cracks. Last time, in front of the huge altar built by the Grays, Yoo-seong had pressed the Auto-Hunt button to let it decide whether to close the crack or leave it open.
However, it wasn’t the crack that Auto-Hunt had aimed for. Instead, it had destroyed the altar.
The Grays had set their altar on top of a ley line, maximizing its effect and gaining the driving force to open cracks.
Thanks to this knowledge, the search for ley lines had become much easier for Yoo-seong.
‘Just find another altar or any kind of totem.’
The master races built structures on top of the ley lines. In addition, they always seemed to gather around them. Because of this, it would be easy for Yoo-seong to locate what he had to destroy.
“Woo.” Yoo-seong wanted to close his eyes. “This is really…”
The word “difficult” remained in his throat.
Lee Jae-hak hadn’t got any proper rest from the time they entered the Suwon rift. However, for Yoo-seong, his last break had been at that café on the beach in Los Angeles.
What had happened next was meeting Alvin Hawkins, the Grays, crossing the Pacific Ocean through the world beyond, and meeting Jin Wei-baek and the allied forces trying to catch the old man.
‘Why did I do this? I knew it would be like this,’ he scolded himself.
However, he couldn’t afford to waste more time.
It was necessary to block the cracks as soon as possible. Then, as soon as it was stable, he would launch his company and begin negotiations overseas for those who needed support.
In short, he had very little time left.
“Oh, I didn’t know…”
Yoo-seong turned to see who it was. It was Lee Jun-seok standing in the bathroom entrance.
“Well, did your masters ask you to do something?” Yoo-seong smirked at him.
“Oh, ugh…” Lee Jun-seok flinched in fear.
“Of course, the Ship Zones they sent didn’t amount to much, so perhaps you have been let off with a warning. But if you want to finish their job, let’s do it somewhere. I need some exercise.”
“You… arrogant!” Lee Jun-seok raised his voice like a scared pup imitating a big dog. “I’m leaving this country. Not just me, but the talented executives of Gung-on…”
“That calls for a celebration, I think.”
“…and the talented people whom I have connections with. I will go to China with them and join the new Tenz.”
Yoo-seong considered what Lee Jun-seok had just said. Tenz had already invested a number of Tech in Gung-on through Lee Jun-seok. Even if they were second-rate Tech, there was a huge difference between knowing Tech and not.
“You’ll lead that swarm to slaughter,” Yoo-seong warned.
“This is not a game you can play alone,” Lee Jun-seok laughed. “Even if Lee Jae-hak is on your side, at the end of the day, there are just two of you.”
Yoo-seong was almost at his physical limit now, and more struggles would come soon after this. There would be more tasks that were too burdensome to be delegated to other hunters.
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In the coming years of exploration, the impact of Lee Jun-seok taking the most talented individuals away would quickly be felt by the Korean industry.
Regardless, Yoo-seong would have to endure it till the end.
“So that’s your solution?” Yoo-seong asked. “To leave the country and join the Chinese?”
“Well… if you had only worked with me, we wouldn’t have come to this!”
Lee Jun-seok was also worried.
If he went to China, there was no way that the government would allow him to take Gung-on with him. He would have to start from scratch by joining an already established company.
“I… could have gotten everything in this country’s industry… if it weren’t for you…”
“That’s not my problem,” Yoo-seong shrugged.
“You… I’m not the only one who doesn’t like you,” Lee Jun-seok spat. “Tenz must have been in contact with a lot of other hunters already. All you’ll be left with is an empty Korean peninsula.”
“He talks a lot,” a sudden voice from behind intervened.
Yoo-seong’s eyes went wide open as if he had seen something incredible. Because of this, Lee Jun-seok felt nervous and hesitated to look.
“Why are you just standing here listening to this idiot?” the voice said.
“Because of the law. I have to wait for him to at least hit me once.”
The voice sounded like an old man’s.
‘Ho, maybe…’
Lee Jun-seok turned, expecting to see Jin Wei-baek. However, what he saw was an old man he had never seen before: a one-armed old man with long white hair and beard.
“Who are you, and what are you…?” Lee Jun-seok asked.
“You’re in my way. Leave right now.”
Lee Jun-seok’s choice was the worst he could have made.
He continued talking.
“In a few hours, I won’t even be a citizen of this country, so I have nothing to worry—”
Suddenly, his pupils widened, and he felt the strength in his legs fade away. He almost fell to the ground, but he felt the old man’s strong arm catch him.
“You’re the opposite of me, then,” Yang Jeong-cheon smiled at Yoo-seong.
The Lord of the Red Dragon Society.
“I have just been made a citizen of this country, so it would be okay if I punished a traitor who wants to betray it.”
Yoo-seong’s eyes widened with surprise.
“Oh, don’t worry too much,” Yang Jeong-cheon chuckled. “Even if a truckload of such slime gets taken out, the country will suffer no loss.”
“What are you doing?!” Yoo-seong exclaimed.
“Of course, I have given up everything and defected. What did you think?”
Now, Korea had Yang Jeong-cheon and the Red Dragon Society.
It was something that Yoo-seong hadn’t even imagined.
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Yang Jeong-cheon smiled.
“I heard my son-in-law is launching a big business here.”
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