Novel Name : Once Upon Series

Chapter CHAPTER 3

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Liam finished his Trig test with a few minutes to spare. Glancing around, he noticed that most of the
other students weren’t done yet. That worked perfectly for him because that meant he could stare at
Heidi Delany without anyone noticing. Liam usually had no problems talking to girls. It helped that he
and Cole played soccer, volleyball, tennis, and baseball for the high school team.

Liam felt his heart race just looking at her long shiny brown hair. There was just something about her
that did it for him. Maybe it was her chocolate brown eyes or that body that just wouldn’t quit.

Heidi was twirling a long curl aimlessly around her finger. What Liam wouldn’t give just to be near her.
When she crossed her legs, and that tiny white micro mini rode up on her thighs, Liam thought he had
gone to heaven.

How girls managed to wear high heels every day, Liam would never understand. But damn, it was
doing something for the man downstairs. Liam adjusted himself. It would not be cool to get a hard-on in
class. He had to think of something else.

Where in the hell were Cole and Katie? They hadn’t been there at lunch. Liam didn’t think that buying
pregnancy clothes would take that long. But knowing Katie, she probably had to try on everything in the
store. Undoubtedly, Cole was bored out of his mind.

But then again, Cole seemed to like hanging out with Katie. Liam wasn’t stupid enough to think that his
best friend wouldn’t develop feelings for his sister. He saw the way that Cole watched her. But as far as
he knew Katie had no idea, and it was probably for the best.

Cole Andrews was a great guy. They had been best friends since kindergarten. The Andrews lived next
door, and Mrs. Andrews had been a life saver on more than one occasion. Cole didn’t have any
siblings, though, so he had adopted Katie as a little sister from the start.

Liam just worried that Katie didn’t feel the same way. The last thing he wanted was a wedge between
Katie and Cole or himself for that matter.

And then there was the baby.

It pissed Liam off to no end that Katie wouldn’t tell who the father was. He wanted to punch the
bastard’s lights out. But what worried him most was that Katie might not even know.

Katie had gotten into the party scene, and there was more than one night he had to go after her before
she killed herself. Either from too much to drink, or flat out stupid choices. Liam was terrified that child
protective service was going to take her away from him. They were already breathing down his neck.
But again Mrs. Andrews had been there, throughout all the investigation after Katie turned up pregnant.

They offered Katie a few different programs, but she opted to stay with Liam.

CPS also strongly recommended therapy, and this time Katie couldn’t get out of it. Liam just prayed
that she would get the help that she desperately needed. He also hoped that she would consider the
options for the baby. He would never tell her what to do, but he was scared.

He could barely parent Katie. What would happen if she fell back into her partying ways?

Letting out a huge sigh Liam rested his head on his hands; he was almost nineteen, but he felt thirty.

When the bell rang alerting the students that it was the end of class, Liam started putting his things in
his backpack.


He turned to see who had called him and saw Mitch from the baseball team. Getting up and throwing
his backpack over his shoulder he replied, “Hey man, how’s it hangin’?

Mitch grinned. “Large my friend, definitely large.”

Liam laughed, “You wish! What’s going on?”

Mitch raised a brow. “Where is Cole? That douche was supposed to help me give an oral report in

Liam grimaced; Cole had said he had nothing going on. “He stayed home to help take care of
something for Katie. I’m sorry, man.”

Mitch shrugged, “No big, just making sure that he wasn’t skipping out on me. He usually sleeps through
the class but somehow aces every test. Senior Rodrigues is going to let us present tomorrow. But when
you see him make sure to mention that I let the class know he was out with a bad case of the crabs.”

Liam busted up laughing. “You are such a dick! That is awesome. He’s going to kill you.”

Mitch’s eyes were alight with laughter. “I can’t wait until someone asks him about it. Hey, is Katie

Liam appreciated that his friends had rallied around Katie. The same couldn’t be said for hers. “Yeah
man, she is good. Should be here tomorrow.”

Mitch nodded, “Cool, well I better head to Chemistry. You coming to the party at my place this

“Wouldn’t miss it! See ya, man.” Liam turned to go towards the gym; he had Weights class next.

Not watching where he was going, he ran right into someone. Sending their books and papers flying all
over the hallway.

“I’m sorry!”

The moment he heard her sweet voice, he knew who it was. Not wanting to look like a bigger idiot, he
kept his eyes on the floor, trying to help gather her things.

“It was my fault,” Liam’s voice was deeper than usual, and he fought the urge to clear his throat.

Handing over the things he had gathered, he took a chance, glancing at her face.

Heidi smiled shyly at him. “Thank you.”

Liam just stared at her. Why was she so damn beautiful? The man in his pants started to stir again.

“I had better be going.” Heidi blushed and tried to walk around him.

Liam knew he was blowing his chance. “Wait!”

When she stopped, he felt like an even bigger idiot because he had no idea what he wanted to say to

“Did you need something?” Heidi tucked a lock of hair behind her perfectly shaped ears.

“You have beautiful ears.” What the hell? Where had that come from? What kind of moron talks about
someone’s ears?

Heidi ducked her head. “Umm, thank you.”

“That’s not what I meant to say,” Liam blurted out.

Heidi looked confused. He was making a mess out of it.

“You do have beautiful ears. You have beautiful everything. But I was going to ask if you were going to
Mitch’s party this weekend.”

Heidi wrinkled her nose. “I’m not really a party person. I always feel out of place at parties.”

Liam felt like he was sinking. “I understand, sorry I got in your way.”

He was such a numb nut—beautiful everything? Who says that?

Just as he turned to go, Heidi caught his arm. “But maybe if you are there?”

Liam felt a burst of happiness in his chest. “I will be there. We could go together if you would like.”

Heidi smiled. “Okay.”

They exchanged phone numbers and settled on a time. Liam knew that he was late for class. Usually,
that would have him worked up, but nothing could ruin his day now.

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