Novel Name : Once Upon Series

Chapter CHAPTER 4

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“Katie, come on!” Cole called through her bedroom door. “I said that I was sorry.”

“You’re a gigantic ass-wipe, and I hate you,” Katie yelled back from her position on the bed. Why had
she thought that shopping with Cole would be a good idea?

Cole rested his head against her door. “Fine, I’m a gigantic ass-wipe. But please don’t hate me.”

There was a long pause, making Cole worried that she wasn’t going to respond. But then the doorknob
began to turn. “I don’t hate you, Cole. But you are never coming shopping with me again.”

Cole scooped Katie up with both arms. “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me!”

“Let go of me, you oaf!” Katie giggled, trying to wriggle out of his arms.

“Never! Not until you say I’m not a gigantic ass-wipe,” Cole teased, tightening his grip. He loved the feel
of her small soft body against his larger one. Something smelled amazing. He buried his nose in her

“Are you smelling me?” Katie asked in confusion.

It was then that Cole realized how close they really were. Katie’s long streaky blond hair was wrapped
in his hand. Her firm breasts were pressed against his chest. And her blue eyes were looking at him in
confusion. She was so damn beautiful, and her lips were closer than he could ever remember them

Katie’s heart was racing. She knew that Cole was hot, he had the whole tan surfer look down without
even trying. His blond hair was always perfectly disheveled. And his green eyes which always held
amusement were dark and focused. Katie felt a familiar stirring in her stomach. Her eyes glanced over
his chiseled jaw that hadn’t been shaved that morning. Cole was tall, at least two inches above six feet.
His body was built from constant sports and weight training. There had been more than one occasion

when Katie had to stop herself from drooling. And when Cole had walked around without a shirt on it
was like Christmas or her birthday.

But the way he was looking at her today, this was new. Was he going to kiss her? Katie knew that she
was breathing rapidly, but she couldn’t help herself.

Cole’s eyes were still glued to her mouth; all thought, and reason had gone out the window.

“Where are you, idiots?” Liam called out as he slammed the front door. “You better have a good

Immediately they sprang apart, Cole dropping his hold on her. He had barely sat down on her bed and
grabbed a pillow when Liam appeared.

Looking at the both of them, Liam knew that something was up, “What happened?”

There was no way Cole was going to explain his hard-on to Liam.

Katie frowned. “This ass-wipe decided it would be funny to try on maternity bras.”

Liam’s lips twitched. “On himself?”

“He got us kicked out of the store! The only maternity store in town! What the hell, Cole?” Katie focused
on her anger, not wanting to touch what had just happened.

“I looked damn good, and you know it.” Cole grinned, the amusement back in his green eyes.

Liam turned to Katie, “So, did you not get any clothes? Because there are several bags downstairs with
new things that I’m assuming are yours. Unless, Cole here is making an announcement, but I am going
to warn you both. I can only take one person pregnant in the house at a time.”

Katie huffed, placing her hands on her hips. “No, Cole went back and apologized. The woman finally
allowed him to buy the stuff I had set aside. But I am still very unhappy.”

Liam turned to Cole, “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Cole smiled, “Did you know that they have bras where the cups just unsnap? It’s genius!”

“They do?” Liam asked.

“Ugh! You are both ass-wipes, they are nursing bras—to feed a baby.” Katie rolled her eyes, “It’s like
talking to a three-year-old. And the comments he made about the tummy panels on the jeans were not
helpful either.”

Cole’s eyes lit, and he jumped from the bed. “Dude, you have to see these. You could eat a butt load of
food, and it wouldn’t matter, they just keep stretching. I am seriously considering coming out with
maternity wear for men. Women shouldn’t be the only ones with these perks.”

Katie looked at them in astonishment. “Some perk, squeezing a basketball out of my hoo-ha!”

The guys stepped back, grimacing.

“There is no need to use dirty words,” Cole said loftily.

“Hoo-ha, you are lucky I didn’t call it a vagina. But now, all bets are off. Not more special words for

Cole covered his ears, “You know I hate that word! It’s gross for such a fabulous place.”

“Vagina!” Katie yelled back at him.

“I’m out,” Cole bolted past Liam. Stopping in the hallway, he turned to Liam, “Mom wants you both for
dinner, but Katie can’t come if she is going to talk like that.”

“You freaking love vaginas—man up, ass-wipe!” Katie called out from her bedroom.

Liam shrugged, “You do have a track record that leans in that direction, she has a point.”

Cole rolled his eyes. “At least she isn’t locked in her room anymore.”

Liam went to walk Cole out. “Hey, you didn’t happen to get any of those magic bras, did you?”

Cole’s face lit. “Three!”

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