Novel Name : Once Upon Series

Chapter CHAPTER 5

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The repetitive sound of a basketball being dribbled just outside her open window woke Katie from her
dream. Yawning she looked over at the clock. It was two thirty in the morning.

After their parents died last summer, Liam had spent many sleepless nights shooting hoops. With a
sigh, Katie got up to use the bathroom and then headed down the steps to see why Liam wasn’t

Only when she opened the door, it wasn’t Liam standing shirtless with some low hung basketball shorts
that showed far too much of his amazing body. Suddenly Katie’s mouth was drier than the desert.

Cole had to have been out there for some time. His hair was dampened with sweat. It should have
been gross. On Liam it would have been. But for reasons Katie had no wish to evaluate, on Cole it was
one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

Just then Katie saw Cole turn and catch her standing there watching him. A wide smile broke across
his face.

“Are you still mad at me?” he asked with a cocky smile.

Katie folded her arms and glared at him. She had intended to look stern. But the playful look in his eyes
had faded. It was replaced by an intense gaze that was zeroed in on her. But it wasn’t her face, Katie
could tell that. He seemed to be looking… Realization dawned on her and she glanced down to see
that her nipples were doing their damnedest at being seen through the thin tank top.

Folding her arms had only framed her breasts and helped them to stand up more prominently to be
seen. With a horrified gasp, Katie covered her nipples. But that only made it worse. Cole’s eyes had
darkened and he dropped the ball in his place and started to stride toward her.

Katie wasn’t sure if she had ever seen him looking so intently at something, certainly not her. A part of
her wanted to run. Perhaps that was the animal inside that knew when it was being hunted by bigger

Cole stopped right in front of Katie, he was breathing hard and she didn’t think it was from playing ball.

“You have two choices, Katie,” he said in a low voice that had her pussy throbbing with need. “You can
go inside and lock the door and we will pretend that you never came out here.”

“What’s number two?” Katie asked. For a moment Cole looked confused, so Katie rushed on, “You said
I had two choices. What is number two?”

Cole reached out and yanked her against his chest. Her hands landed on his pecs and her breasts
were smashed against his rock-hard body. Despite the fact that she had a on thin tank top, it felt like
they were skin to skin. Suddenly she desperately wanted it to be skin to skin.

“Oh!” Katie exclaimed with wide eyes.

“Tell me to stop,” he growled.

Katie had no intention of telling Cole to stop. She rose up on her toes, causing the front of her body to
rub against his. She felt his thick erection and knew that he wanted her every bit as badly as she
wanted him.

“Katie,” Cole warned.

But Katie wasn’t listening. She leaned over and gently bit his nipple.

With a grunt, Cole’s hands came around Katie’s body and firmly grabbed her ass. The next thing she
knew, he was lifting her, and she was wrapping her legs around his waist.

A part of her was embarrassed. Without his shirt, Cole was sure to know that her pussy was completely
wet for him. Her pajama shorts were thin, and she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Fuck,” he cursed, “You are driving me crazy. Your perfect tits, they haunt me. We need to stop Katie. I
can’t be doing this with you.”

Hurt pierced through her and he must have seen it in her eyes because Cole said quickly, “No Baby, it’s
not that I don’t want to. I want you so fucking badly that my teeth hurt. It’s only, what about Liam? I
can’t fuck his pregnant sister while he is asleep right upstairs.”

Katie winced. Cole did have a point. But she wasn’t about to let him go. There had to be another
answer. In an instant it came to her.

“The treehouse,” they exclaimed at the same time. With a laugh, Cole put Katie on her feet, and they
raced across the lawn, past the pool, to their old abandoned tree house.

Scrambling up the steps, they were panting and laughing as they both hit the floor. Turning on his side,
Cole grinned at Katie. She was certain that she had never seen anyone as beautifully handsome as he
was. He had always been her idol. But now, everything was different now.

“The right thing to do would be to climb back down those stairs. If I was honorable or even a good
friend, I would have had you back inside the house by now. I know that this isn’t good timing. Fuck,
what am I thinking?”

Katie worried for a moment that he had changed his mind. Her heart was screaming no! She had
waited her whole life for him to finally see her as a woman, as someone he would want to be in his bed.

Cole reached out and tucked her hair behind her ear. She didn’t dare say a word to him for fear that he
would do just as he said. Was she dreaming again? Had this all been cooked up by her imagination?

Just as she was about to pinch herself when Cole leaned even closer.

“You are so fucking beautiful. Did you know that?” he whispered.

Katie knew what she looked like. She had never been a light sleeper. It was more than likely that her
hair was sticking up everywhere and she had pillow crease lines on her face. Her baby bump was
starting to show, and she had a new zit on her forehead.

She had no idea what would induce Cole to look at her the way he was currently looking at her. But the
more he stared the hotter she became. Until she finally blurted out, “Are you going to kiss me or what?”

Cole laughed, the familiar good nature that she was used to suddenly lighting his eyes.




She had ruined it. Katie knew that by not being able to keep her mouth shut she had gone and ruined
the mood. Now Cole could say that he never meant to kiss her in the first place. She was such an idiot.
She tried to turn her face away, but Cole was faster.

One moment he was beside her and the next he was hovering over her, smashing his lips down onto

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