Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1940

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Chapter 1940

"Which ancient medical texts say you can draw the symbiotes back into your body? Have you watched
too many movies or read too many comics?"

Dominic glanced at Austin and slowly continued, "You need a trigger to plant symbiotes.Likewise, you
need one to get rid of them."

"What's the trigger? I'll go get it now!" Austin said hurriedly.

Dominic lifted his hand slightly to calm him down before adding, "We don’t know what symbiotes they
are, so we can only eliminate them when we do.Furthermore, the more you agitate them, the faster
they act up."

"What do you mean? Are you saying what I did agitates them?" Austin thought about it and hated
himself even more.

‘I've not just brought this calamity to everyone but has made my granduncle suffer more and more"

"Not just this time.I also spurred the symbiotes' growth when I tried to draw them out by taking the
medicated bath."

Dominic smiled bitterly and said, "Even I made a mistake, let alone you.So don’t blame yourself, okay?
What bounds to happen will happen."

Austin wiped his tears, saying, "When did you become a fatalist?"

"Sometimes it's not up to us whether or not to believe in fate."

Dominic let out a wry chuckle, then turned to Alexander.

"Why are you still here?"

"If I go outside and cause the disease to spread further, wouldn't I have done humankind a disservice?"
Alexander smiled.He tried to lighten up the atmosphere with a jocular tone, as Dominic disliked them
acting so seriously.

"No, you won't!"

Dominic waved and frowned.

"The symbiotes won't spread so easily like a contagious virus.If it does, you would have gotten

He shook his head slightly and refuted such a possibility.However, Austin disagreed with him.

"No! Why would the servants, my parents, and my grandfather display the symptoms if that's the case?
If they got infected through contact with my blood, wouldn't Alexander catch it when he touched your
blood just now?"

"If the disease is not infectious, how come you and others are sick?"

"Well...I'm unsure, but based on what I know, symbiotes I can’t spread around so easily.If not, things
might've gotten much worse, don't you think?"

Dominic’s question stumped Austin.

Austin indeed jumped to the conclusion without much thinking.

Since the disease had seemingly spread to people around him, he believed he was the cause.

However, Dominic's words made him think.His eyes reddened after reading through ancient medical
texts for the past two days, but no record said symbiotes could spread through blood.

"But you said before..."

"I wasn’t thinking straight.I figured some things out during my waking moments for the past two days."

As Dominic was exhausted, he stopped after saying a few sentences and shut his eyes.

"So if it's not my blood.Then how does it spread?"

Puzzled, Austin held up his wrist and looked at the dried blood stain.

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