Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1942

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Helpless, Austin lowered his head and appeared particularly dejected.

"We must have confidence in the old man," Alexander comforted him after noticing his gloomy mood.

"We also need to have confidence in ourselves."

"I'm not confident in myself."

However, Alexander's words did not seem to have any effect.

Austin turned around and stood up, walking straight to the window.He looked downstairs.

The initially quiet manor looked even more lifeless now.He remembered a few days ago when he
tossed around in here.He even dismantled the balcony and destroyed many things.

Although Dominic scolded him, the older man still cleaned up after his grandnephew and cared for him.

Dominic did a lot for Austin, even if the former would never admit it.He also taught Austin everything he

Austin used to think his second granduncle was biased.

Later, Austin realized he was just overconfident.He was not capable enough, and Dominic had long
seen through him.

Still, Dominic did not openly target his grandnephew— instead, Austin was the one who always had his
head in the clouds.

Now, when Dominic needed help most, Austin could do nothing.

The latter even harmed Dominic because of his own actions.

With these thoughts in mind, Austin wished to jump out the window and exchange his life for Dominic’s.

However, Austin knew he could not.

Although he would free himself from condemnation by jumping, he wondered what would happen to his
granduncle then.

‘What can Uncle Dom do with such a mess? What about my parents, grandfather, and the others who
have gotten hurt because of my actions?’ Austin held the windowpane with both hands as he took a
deep breath, forcing his tears back.He had not cried since he was a child.However, it seemed like
Austin had shed all the tears he had not shed over these past few days.

‘L can’t continue living like this"

Although Dominic told him not to move around, he could not just sit and wait for things to happen.He
knew he should consider the essential things and tend to the greenhouse.

After all, the rare and exotic plants needed his care.

These thoughts immediately triggered a spark in Austin as he turned to Alexander with a determined

"You're right.We should be more confident in ourselves.They studied the virus, but so what? I refuse to
believe there’s a virus in this world we can’t overcome, especially artificial ones.Even if it's a symbiote,
there must be a way to destroy it."

He slowly clenched his fingers as if he were talking to Alexander and himself.

"We can't admit defeat and let them win.We will never lose to them!"

Alexander noticed Austin’s determination and knew the latter had pulled himself together.

Alexander nodded lightly.

"You're right.The word ‘defeat’ isn’t in my dictionary."

The two men, who were mere acquaintances, reached a consensus.

Regardless of whether one knew any medical skills or if one was good at it, one must try their best to
protect those one cared about.

Austin stood up straight and looked at Alexander.

"By the way, what's happening on Lily's side?"


"Sorry, it's just that I overheard you on the phone once.Isn't Lily in a dangerous situation now?"

Although Austin did not ask much, he had heard a lot.

In addition, Lily never showed up despite everything happening there.It meant she had more important
things to do.

Considering the current situation, nothing could be more important than the mysterious and evil
organization they had to destroy immediately.

Alexander did not mind that Austin had eavesdropped.It was not like Alexander did not know Austin
was around during the conversation.

However, Alexander did not need to tell Austin what he and his wife said on the phone.

"She's fine," Alexander answered after a moment of thought.

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