Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1943

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"Hm? Are you sure?" Austin asked despite himself.

Although he did not have a good relationship with Lily, he was still concerned for her.

Moreover, he had escaped that place with great difficulty and knew what kind of hellhole that place

However, Alexander had lightly said Lily was okay, making Austin wonder if Alexander did not love her
enough or if he felt at ease with her being at the organization.

Austin also suspected that Alexander might not know how dangerous it was there.

"No, Alexander, I don't think you understand.Although you've been exposed to these viruses and know
about the organization, you can't imagine how dangerous the organization is.They are devils who feed
on people, and that place is a real-life hell.

"Heck, it might be even scarier than hell itself!" Austin gushed anxiously, afraid Alexander was not
worried enough about Lily's safety.

"I think it would be best for you to find a way to get Lily out of there as soon as possible.Also—"

Alexander interjected before Austin could finish, "When I say she's fine, I mean it.She's still safe, at
least for now."


Austin was startled and wanted to question further, but Alexander did not give him a chance.

"Of course, you know how scary it is.Trust me.Lily knows more than you do.After all, she was a part of
the laboratory when the experiment started long ago when they secretly lurked underground.Although
she did not know the true nature of the experiments then, she stayed there for quite some time.

‘On top of that, the laboratory needed her, not to mention Mike and.."

Alexander was sure his wife knew more about what was happening inside than Austin.

Of course, Alexander would worry.

Still, everyone had their roles to play, and Alexander could not just drop everything and sit around
worrying about her.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I believe in her and my ability to protect her," Alexander said with a
slight smile.

Just a look from him made Austin immediately swallow his words.

‘Yeah, they've been together for so long.They must know better.Maybe I'm just overthinking things"

Austin was anxious and worried because of his subconscious fear of that place.

He was frightened, scared to recall his days there alongside the suffering and torment he experienced.

Therefore, when he read ancient medical books, scary images of his bodily changes, pain, and
terrifying scars on his granduncle’s body would always fill his mind.

These things made Austin tremble with fear and terror, causing him to become timid and
subconsciously seek to escape or compromise.However, Lily, a 6-month pregnant woman, could face it
bravely while Austin almost collapsed and gave up—the thought of that humiliated him.

"I understand," he added, "I'm returning to work.Thank you for these few days."

"You're welcome," Alexander replied lightly.

Besides Lily's relationship with Dominic, Alexander did everything because Dominic had cared for
Galen for so long.

Alexander thought this was the least he could do.

Thinking of Galen, Alexander glanced at Dominic on the bed again.

When he noticed the older man was just asleep and seemed relatively stable for the time being, he left
the room and closed the door gently.

Everyone was swamped in the laboratory.

However, there were two figures in the innermost room.

Lily sat on the stool with her body slightly turned as she took notes with one hand while tapping on the
computer occasionally.

On the other side, Rhea stood there, holding a tray with both hands.She wore a heavy protective suit,
and her eyes under the mask narrowed as she stared at Lily.

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