Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1946

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Rhea had never been jealous of anyone else besides Anastasia.

However, she only felt that way as a child and desired attention.She felt her mother had treated
Anastasia better than her and wondered why her parents favored Anastasia in her own home.It honed
Rhea’s feelings of dissatisfaction and unfairness.

Still, she was no longer a little girl who yearned for her parents’ love but an independent and confident

Rhea had always considered herself strong, capable, and somewhat of a prodigy.She knew she would
make significant career progress and impress the world with her knowledge.

However, this experiment’s repeated failure frustrated her.

Since the organization insisted on onboarding Lily, she had subconsciously hoped Lily would fail.

Everyone encountered obstacles when conducting this experiment, so Rhea thought Lily should not be
an exception.

However, reality gave Rhea a hard blow, letting her know she was not as special as she thought.

But now, she had gotten slapped in the face again and still suffered a setback.

The truth was before her eyes, even if she did not want to believe it.

Lily had succeeded.

Rhea looked back at Lily, noticing her face remained neutral, even slightly unhappy.

Meanwhile, Lily walked over unhurriedly and put one hand on her waist as she glanced at the

"Oh, I guess it is."

"What do you mean you guess it is?!"

Rhea jumped up.

"Lily Christian, drop the act! It’s just a fluke! Why are you so proud of it?!"

Rhea was already feeling terrible and got angry when she heard what Lily said.

If Rhea had succeeded instead, she would have told the world and let everyone know her masterpiece
was a success, framing it as her achievement.

However, Lily was calm about it.

‘Why is she so pretentious?!’ To Rhea, it seemed Lily was doing this purposefully to show this success
was effortless.Many had worked hard for so long, yet none succeeded.Still, Lily had seemingly messed
around and succeeded.Initially, Rhea was thrilled that the experiment was successful, but she could not
help but sneer when she saw Lily's attitude.

"You don't have to be so proud.No one has succeeded in this experiment so far.

"Even if the data on the computer shows it's successful, who can guarantee there won't be any
instability, fluctuations, or changes later on? You can regard this current success as a real one." Rhea
said these things out of anger.

She knew the experiment had come a long way, and for them to achieve this result was a great

As for the instability and possible problems, no one knew whether or not they would happen.

Nothing might even happen.

For now, they could consider the experiment a success.

Still, Rhea’s mockery did not trigger Lily.

Instead, Lily even nodded and agreed.

"You're right."


Rhea assumed Lily was only acting calm but celebrated inwardly, so she ignored what Rhea said.

Rhea gritted her teeth and stepped forward.She looked at Lily and spat, "I’m saying you can’t consider
your experiment a success.It's unsuccessful until you've seen it through to the end!"

Lily turned her head slowly to look at Rhea.

She seemed calm, with no signs of joy or doubt.

Instead, she nodded thoughtfully and said, "I said you're right."

Her agreement infuriated Rhea even more.

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