Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1947

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“I can’t consider this experiment a complete success,” Lily said lightly. Her reaction was so bizarre that
Rhea did not know what to say. She wondered why Lily did not react how she typically would.

As Rhea remained stunned, she overheard Lily say, ‘ Didn’t I tell you not to move?”

That one sentence immediately returned Rhea to her senses. She took it as an outlet to vent her
emotions and ruthlessly threw the tray aside. The contents on the tray clinked and knocked into one

“Why can’t I move? What temperature are you talking about? You’re toying with me! Who knows, you
might’ve cheated on this experiment too?!” Rhea’s arm was sore from holding the tray. Plus, Lily’s
reaction was unexpected, making Rhea both angry and jealous. As a result, she spat out a string of
incoherent words.

Then Lily’s answer almost sent her off the handle. Lily nodded and seriously said, “You’re right. I’m just
pulling your leg.”

Rhea was speechless.

‘There’s no such thing as constant human body temperature. You’ve studied medicine for so long and
have done many experiments. How could you not know we can adjust temperatures at will?

“We could’ve created a vacuum environment, too, so why should I need an actual person to keep the
temperature constant?” Lily’s rhetorical question left Rhea speechless.

Although Rhea doubted Lily’s words, she knew nothing about perfumery. Hence, she only did as Lily
said. After all, the organization had put more importance on Lily than Rhea. So, Rhea had to endure
Lily to continue working for the organization and be involved in this project.

However, at this moment, Lily’s solemn questioning made her look stupid. Rhea wondered how she
could have been so oblivious and gullible. She could not help but retort, “But you said-“

Unexpectedly, Lily interrupted her, “So, you’ll believe everything I say? If I said you have a low IQ and
aren’t suitable to stay here, let alone study medicine, would you have believed me?”

Rhea was so angry that she almost slapped Lily. However, she held back because Lily had hurt her
twice before, so she let the thought flash in her mind but did not take action. Instead, Rhea stood
rooted with clenched fists. She stared at Lily fiercely, wishing to kill the latter with her eyes.

Meanwhile, Lily did not care. She smiled and continued provoking Rhea,* You’re so silly. You’ve studied
medicine almost all your life but don’t even know something so simple? I tricked you into believing me.

“Also, you couldn’t even complete such a simple experiment. What’s the point of your studies? You
should try being a waitress instead. I think you’re pretty good at holding trays.”

Every word she said was a jab at Rhea. At this point, Rhea’s fear of Lily’s kickboxing skills could no
longer hold her back. Lily’s jabs hit her weak spots, and the unabashed mockery profoundly
undermined Rhea’s self- esteem.

She had always been proud and arrogant, thinking she was brilliant. However, her continuous failures
had already dealt a blow to her. With Lily’s added mockery, Rhea finally lost it. She could no longer
bear it and viciously threw her clenched fist toward Lily.


A cold yell stopped Rhea’s movement in mid-air. She froze and subconsciously hung her hand in the
air. She snapped away from her almost out-of-control consciousness and abruptly returned to her

She turned around and saw Rick and Mike entering the laboratory. Then she hurriedly put down her fist
and reported, ‘The experiment is a success.” “I know.” Rick’s reaction was dull. It seemed like he
already knew.

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