Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1948

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Rick glanced over quietly, looking at Lily beside him.

"If the experiment is successful, why didn't you second it?"

Lily looked disappointed as she leaned back and moved her wrist around.

"I just finished, and we can consider it completely successful."

"What do you mean by that?" Rick questioned suspiciously with a frown.

"After all, these are just computer data.I haven't verified if there will be any errors.On top of that, I can't
guarantee the end product's stability.Therefore, I can’t completely regard it as successful,"

Lily sighed and said, "It's not a success."


Rhea had said those words just now, and Lily used them to explain things to Rick.

Rhea did not understand what was going through Lily's mind.

‘As researchers, aren’t we supposed to hope for successful results when experimenting? The joy in a
successful experiment is indescribable"

Rhea would not be standing there calmly if she had succeeded.

Instead, she would be shouting it from the rooftops.She initially thought Lily was deliberately mocking
her and behaved as such.

However, Lily repeated Rhea’s words to Rick.

‘Does she already know what the experiment's final step is?’

"Really?" Rick asked.

"If you don't believe me, ask her,"

Lily solemnly replied as she gestured toward Rhea.

Rhea was speechless.

Faced with Rick's fierce gaze, she subconsciously gulped and said, "Yes, such a possibility exists.Still, I
think we can consider the experiment successful at this stage."

She did not know why Lily would push the responsibility on her like that, but she had no choice but to
explain herself.She could not say the experiment was unsuccessful with the current progress.

"That's not what you said just now,"

Lily said with a look of surprise, "We must be rigorous in our experiments.You should know even a little
deviation will cause a huge difference.As you said, I haven't seen how stable or how it'll perform, so we
can consider this a complete success.I think you're right."

Rhea finally realized Lily was trying to frame her on purpose.

Lily’s words made it sound like Rhea had suggested such things because she was simply jealous of

"No, that's not it! I wasn't thinking clearly just now.I've thought it through.We've done so many
experiments before, and they all failed.It’s the first time it reached this point.The experiment is
successful.Lily, your experiment was a success!"

The last sentence was tough for Rhea to say.

However, she could not let others assume she was discrediting the experiment's results out of jealousy.

Therefore, she would much rather bow and give in.

"No, no, I still think what you said makes sense," Lily continued to refute.

‘What kind of demon is this woman?!’ Rhea wanted to shut her up, but a second later, Rick said, "

Enough! I don’t care how stable it is or how it'll perform.

It’s a success based on current results! "Don't forget.I told you I want a result today, whether a failure or
a success.Are you sure you want to give me a failed result?" He asked in a deep voice.

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