Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1949

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Rick's voice was cold, and the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped several degrees.

Rhea shrank her shoulders. Mike, on the sidelines, hurried forward to smooth things over. “Lily, don’t be
too hard on yourself. Since everyone thinks this experiment is a success, it must be successful. You've
done a great job. No one could do this until now.”

Then he turned to Rick and continued, “I believe the higher- ups must be anxiously waiting. Now isn’t
the time to argue about this. Anyway, let’s submit the experimental results to them first. What do you

Rick seemed to have loosened up after hearing what Mike said. He turned to look at the tubes on the
shelf beside him, then glanced at the computer again. “It’s those, right?”

Before Lily could speak, Rhea quickly responded, “Yes, those are the ones. I'll pack them right away.”

She feared Lily would say something untimely, so she took the lead. Lily watched from the side and did
not move a muscle. She observed Rhea seal the tubes carefully and put them in a proper container.

“Done.” Rhea handed the packed box to Rick. Rick took it and glanced at Lily again. “Do you have
anything else to say?”

She shrugged indifferently. “I have nothing to say, just one thing...”

“What is it?” He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“It was you who insisted this experiment was a success. If something goes wrong later, or the effect is
unexpected, you can't blame it on me. After all, I never said this experiment is successful.” Lily seemed
eager to shrink responsibility.

Her attitude made the others suspicious. It seemed like there might be something wrong with the
products, and it did not succeed. That was why she was eager to shift the blame and absolve herself of

“It's your experiment. Whether it succeeds or not, you can't escape responsibility!” Rick said coldly,
obviously disagreeing with her statement.

“Hey, how can you say that? Now, you're just trying to sabotage me,” Lily protested unhappily.

Rick sneered. “Drop the act. Come with me!”

“Go with you? Where are we going?” Lily lazily asked as she blinked innocently at him and shook her
arms. “I've been doing this experiment for so long. I’m tired. Now that everything is a success, I can
finally rest! I think you should go yourself. I won't accompany you.” With that said, she smiled and
walked away.

However, Rick grabbed her arm as she walked past. “You can't leave.”


Meanwhile, Rhea and Mike looked at Rick in puzzlement, not understanding what he meant.

Mike said despite himself, “Rick, you—”

Before he could finish, Rick shot him a stern look, and Mike immediately stopped talking.

The look in Rick’s eyes was too cold and stern, like a glacier. Mike suddenly realized the situation
seemed to have gone beyond their expectations. He did not know what Rick would do but vaguely felt it
was not good.

“It’s none of your business. You two can rest. If you're that bored, you can look for Spades King. As for
you...” Rick looked at Lily. “You have to follow me.”

“Why should I go with you? I’ve finished what you asked of me and must go home. You promised me

Rick interjected, “Whatever promises you discuss are made with Spades King. It has nothing to do with
me or the organization. If you want, you can talk to him or...find him first.”

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