Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1951

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"You've worked hard.” Mike nodded. This was the first time he acknowledged what she said. He hated
Rhea because she was vicious, scheming, and had no boundaries. Her heart was as black as coal.
However, she had indeed worked very hard.

Mike could see the efforts she had put in regarding experimenting. Regardless of whether he had
woken up early or gone to bed late, he noticed she was always in the laboratory, experimenting all day
and night.

Rhea was either reading books or looking up information. He had never seen another woman that was
as hardworking as her.

“Then, why is God so unfair?!" She slammed her hands onto the table, venting her dissatisfaction.

‘I worked so hard but failed, while Lily casually...’

"Hard work is nothing in the face of a prodigy,” Mike said.

"Huh?!" Rhea suddenly turned her head to look at him with surprise.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief before saying, "Yes, you're hardworking and talented, but there will
always be an inherent gap between gifted individuals. Although effort can compensate for the gap, hard
work is insignificant despite absolute talent.”

He had come to terms with this fact long ago. He was also someone who had gone through hard times.
He had worked harder in the business industry and could endure hardships better than anyone else.
Moreover, he thought his talent helped his business grow.

However, every growth would be met with bottleneck situations that were difficult to break through. He
had struggled for a long time and plateaued. He even almost regressed to where he started.

Later, he met Alexander. Just a few words from him could resolve Mike's confusion, and the latter
overcame his struggles immediately. Just like that, Mike managed to get out of his predicament.

He soon realized Alexander's 1Q was much higher than his own. That kind of thinking and vision for
Alexander was natural. It was not something Mike could learn by putting in an effort. Therefore,
Alexander's business landscape was also at a height Mike could never reach in his lifetime.

Now, Rhea was just like himself back in the day. No matter how hard she tried, she could never reach
Lily's level.

"Talent..." Unlike before, Rhea did not get angry. Instead, she stared blankly at her hands and, for the
first time, began to doubt herself. She had never doubted her talent. She even thought she was gifted.

However, this tricky experiment had always pushed her to her limits. It made her see she might be a
little smarter than ordinary people, but compared to a prodigy, she was nowhere close to beating one.

"Come on. Let's go look for the boss,” Mike said. Rhea continued lying on the table and did not move.
Mike noticed she was still lying there and was about to leave when he heard a cold sneer. “Why are we
looking for the boss? How long will you keep up this act? You should know where he is!”


"You kidnapped the boss.”

"You should watch your w—"

Rhea turned her head, which was still planted on the desk.

As Mike spoke, she looked at him with a darkened smile and interjected, “Drop the act! The boss is
physically disabled, so there’s no way he can leave this place.

“Plus, we're always around here. How can an outsider break it without a trace? We've checked all the
surveillance footage and found no outsiders around. No one else was around except you.”

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