Novel Name : Sealed With A Kiss

Chapter 5 - My Wedding Life

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Emily's POV:

I was tired. My legs were numb; they were probably swollen and my posture was not anymore erect.

The ceremony had ended hours ago. I just wanted to lay down and rest but the first big thing was to
remove this enormous gown from me, which was clinging like a second skin to me. I waved at Edward.
He was on a call.

Edward's parents actually gifted us a sweet apartment. It was huge for the two of us, but I knew it was
actually for the three of us, including Lara as she would be a frequent member of our house.

Our house. I sighed. In other cases, I would have jumped with joy by that thought.

I smiled at Edward when he helped me get in the car. The ride was silent, a comfortable silence that
always had been there between us. He asked me about my parents and if I had the difficulty in
convincing them howsoever of our clever lie.

That was good. At least he made it very clear to me that I was married to him for a purpose. And I am
supposed to fulfil that purpose, not mourn over my feelings.

The house was so beautiful, the one you can only dream of. It had seven rooms, a separate veranda, a
nice porch, one kitchen and a large lawn.

It was way too big for both of us. I took one step and slipped but Edward caught me by my wrist.

"Hey, are you okay? You seem a bit out of it today. Are you sure you are not on drugs or something?"
he said, and I saw a faint tired smile playing on his lips.

I smacked his arm and lifted up my gown.

"I had to walk like caterpillar just because of you! If it weren't for this gown, I would be racing you to the
bedroom, " I said, words slipping before I could manage to control. I bit my lips, anticipating his reply.

"Oh. I can always carry you, you know. You should've said it earlier. I didn't know you were so eager to
go to the bedroom, " my not so real husband said, a sly smile on his face.

I blushed thousands shades of tomato and went to my room. Our room, to be exact. It was decorated
with petals. Bright candles adorned every corner, curtains embellished with flowers and strong aroma
of mint as well as something sweet surrounded the room.

It was much beautiful. I never knew a room could be decorated like this as well. I made my way
towards it and dumped my suitcase, zipped open and took out a pair of pyjamas, and went to the
washroom without a single look at Edward.

I removed all the accessories, including the veil. I tried to pull the zipper down but it wouldn't come off.
My attempts being in vain, I peeked out at the door, seeing Edward already in his sleeping clothes,
busy on his phone.

I came out, my head hung downwards, thinking of thousands of ways to ask such an outrageous
question in a less suggestive way.

"Hey, Ed?"

He looked up, his eyes showing tiredness of the day.

"Can you open the 'thing' holding up this gown, I tried a lot but it won't go down."

"You mean the 'zipper'?"

I nodded meekly.

"Sure! Wait a minute." He came to me and I shifted a little.

My senses came into alertness as soon as he touched my hair to bring them to my side. The way his
calloused fingers touched my neck quickened my breathing and I held down a shiver. I closed my eyes
to calm down my heart.

Shut it, he would hear it. I said to myself.

I tried not to squirm when the tips of his fingers accidentally touched my back while pulling the zipper

"Here, " he said. I quickly thanked him.

I was going back when he said, "Hey, Emi, are you feeling uncomfortable? If that's the case, I want you
to know that you are more of a best friend to me than my wife, " he ended by winking at me.

Yes. Best friend. That suits me best.

Now I can die in peace.

"No way! Why would I be uncomfortable with you, of all people? Trust me, that's the last thing I'd be
with you, " I said, holding my gown in position, fiddling with its frill in nervousness.

"The feeling is mutual. How about we go down and play video games? I've got Call of Duty too!" he
suggested. At the name of the video game, my ears perked up and my lips twitched in a smirk.

"Okay. If I beat you this time, you are gonna have to shave your head, " I said, laughing out loud, my
gown hanging loose on my arms.

I saw Edward staring below my eyes. I looked down and my eyes widened, my top had fallen off my
arms and he might have seen my more than enough cleavage which was willing to spill out any

moment. I quickly collected myself and my remaining dignity, pulling the strip back to my shoulders.

How embarrassing.

"I will prepare for the game. You can change your clothes, from your gown, not that I mind the view I
am getting now, " he said, winking at me, his cheeks slightly flushed.

I threw a pillow at his smiling face and went to change.

I entered the room again and saw that the game had been turned on. I lost in the video game which I
was so willing to win and Edward actually laughed like crazy at the thought of me shaving my head off.
He had mercy on me and I had to make his favourite cheesecake as a penalty. I was tired but I made it
anyway, which he ate like a hungry animal.

I was tired, I was planning to sleep on couch like always but Edward wanted to win award of I-am-a-
born-gentleman so he kept on refusing it and we never settled on anything possible.

"Eddie, This is crazy. You know I can sleep on the couch so why make me look like some wailing girl? I
can perfectly be fine without it."

"But still, Lily-"

"No, I want to sleep on the couch. It makes me feel like an adult."

He rolled his eyes at my comment.

"I can't let you sleep on the couch. It makes me a villain!"

"No, it makes me a hero, " I said making a hero pose.

"It's the same thing!"

"No. It's the opposite. A villain is someone who-"

"I know what villain is, Emi. Okay, we'll make a pact. You can sleep on the couch for 2 hours and then
we will switch, " he said, coming to a conclusion.

"Aye, aye, captain!"

I walked to my side and laid on the couch. It was surprisingly comfy. If a couch was that comfortable,
how good the bed must be. I shook my head and stared at the ceiling.

It was a long and challenging day, but it was okay. I should get used to being this tired as I was going to
my job in weeks. I can handle this, I decided to myself. I am 25 for crying out loud.

I looked at his side, soft snores coming from his side.

Forget about switching beds, I guess, I smiled to myself and shook my head.

"Good night, Edward, " I said and closed my eyes.

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