Novel Name : Sealed With A Kiss

Chapter 12 - His Cute Nurse

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Mia's Pov:

I was getting tensed with the progress of time. He wasn't showing any progress in his health, his
forehead still burning as hot as lava.

I took a wet strip of cloth, dripping from the bowl, squeezed it and placed it on his forehead. His
porridge was turning cold but he wasn't eating it, saying his throat hurt.

"Jake, you gotta eat it otherwise I will be having trouble feeding you the medicines. They won't work on
an empty stomach, " I said, caressing his hair. He made no sound of approval, his nose was all red
from sneezing, his skin pale with fever and cold. I let him sleep. What else can I do besides nursing

I went to his kitchen, placed the porridge on the counter, covering it before going back to his room. His
room was a mess like World War III had actually taken place there. I shook my head, I never really had
problems with his room or cleaning before.

What, I had a problem with was his insensitivity!

I picked up a discarded book. Reading its title 'My mistress', my mind began searching for scenes
which could be in the book before collecting others and placing them carefully on his shelf. I took his
vacuum cleaner and started to clean every corner of the room, placing his discarded stuff to where it
belongs, and dusting his couch and table cloth.

He used to have a maid in the house, but since they all were still young, he gave them salaries early so
they could complete their education. Even if he was cranky and feisty from outside, I knew he had a big
heart, a very big one at that.

I smiled at the memory I had of him when we were 15, he had adopted a dog, much to his parents'
disapproval, just because he doesn't want it to live in the streets proving he had the soft spot for

And one time, when I actually fell from riding a bicycle, he scolded me a lot for riding it alone without
telling him about it and he actually pulled my pony in anger. When I started crying, he cooed me and
bought me ice cream, carried me on his back home, and I fell asleep while falling for him.

Yes. That day I fell for him.

I developed a huge crush on him in subsequent years when he was busy changing his girlfriend. I
always avoided seeing him with other girl but I always ended up seeing him bringing them to his house
or kissing them passionately. My tears would always betray me, even though I had made mental note
with myself never to look at him with those feelings again.

Unrequited love is always hurtful. The type of love I read in stories or watched in movies, I didn't know I
was living with that for more than ten years.

Though I am sure his parents know about my feelings for him as they once read my diary, I couldn't
help but fear the fact that they would be the one to tell him about it even before me.

I looked at him. He was sleeping soundly like a kid, curled up into a ball, his face showing evidence of
his sickness. I ran to change his wet cloth, once again squeezing it and putting it over his temple,
wiping his face with another wet cloth lightly.

He squirmed in pain beneath my ministrations; I caressed his hair to let him fall asleep again. I
completed the rest of the cleaning and put some music on to do some exercise while changing his wet
cloth in the process.

It was almost evening when he woke up, his face showing some freshness, lips less pale and his
cheeks less flushed. I was relieved to see the difference in him.

When he called me today to come over, saying he had to tell me something, I was excited. But noticing
that something was off about his voice, I quickly hurried from my bed, wearing my pyjamas to his
house, only to find him sick as hell in his bed.

I freaked out. He never was the one to ask for help. Even when his parents were busy with work, he
didn't ask anything from me or Emily Or Edward, always playing the bad guy.

One time I ended up smacking him badly when he refused to eat food which I made for him, saying he
didn't need any help to live but I promised his mom to take care of him..and I am a promise freak! Even
if he doesn't like me!

I opened his closet to find a huge mess of it, segregated them and put them in the laundry, making sure
to read the manuals to put some on dry cleans as well and he had heaps of clothes. I was partially
annoyed with his laziness but I just shook my head.

I sat on the couch, heaving from all the work and cleaning, preparing to take shower soon but I wasn't
willing to leave him alone as I am sure he might fall down from the bed one time or another!

I patted my chest, calming it down of all the worries. When I felt my breasts loose, much loose for my
comfort, I liked my collar of my pyjama shirt to see my chest naked!

Oh, my fucking hell!

I forgot to wear my bra, oh crap! I was so much in a hurry when he called me. I instantly looked at my
front and back to see if anyone had seen me like this. It was night time and I wasn't planning to leave
Jake alone to wear my undergarments from my house.

But who the hell am I worried for? He is half as dead in the bed, I am sure he won't even recognize my
face, I assured myself. I heard a grunt from the bed. I quickly ran to his side, seeing his eyes open
staring at the ceiling.

I looked at him. He looked at me and blinked.

"I am thirsty, Mia, " he said, groaning. Goodness, he recognised me. Hell, Mia, he had just got flu, not

I nodded and went to get him water, my hands subconsciously covering my chest. He drank it and tried
to sit on his bed, but failing miserably. I inserted the pillow behind his back to make him comfortable,
before running again to warm his porridge and some fruit juice, placing it on a tray and sliding it in front
of him. His face was scrunched up in dismay.

"I can cook, Jake. I assure you, you won't die from my food, but I can't say the same for my words, " I
said, making my sentence as cool and calm as I possibly could.

He looked up at me, his eyes emotionless as ever. Then, he took the spoon, his hands shaking and
started to feed himself, half of the porridge falling on his shirt.

I snatched the spoon from his hand, ignoring his strong grip in spite of his sickness, and stuffed food in
his mouth, carefully wiping his lips of remnants. After eating it, he drank the juice and I took the dishes
to wash them on the sink.

When I returned, he was already up from the bed, trying to change into some new clothes, but not
finding some as I put them on laundry.

"Here. I washed the rest of them. They required washing, " I said, placing a washed pair of shirt and
jeans on his hand. I folded his blanket properly after washing the dishes from the sink and preparing to

go before making a proper tea for him.

"I placed your tea on the table, I will be going now, so if you need anything, just ring me, " I said, with
my back to his side as he was still changing clothes. I waited for him to change, hoping he wouldn't fall
with weakness in the process. Hearing no sound, I figured he had changed his clothes.

I proceeded to go when someone grabbed my wrist, and I was suddenly thrust into something hard, my
back pressing against it. My eyes widened when I realised Jake was hugging me from back, his hands
curling around my shoulder.

My toes curled when his hot breath fanned my neck, his bangs producing a tickling sensation. My eyes
close involuntarily, though I made an attempt to move as his hands were dangerously close to my chest
when he gripped me even tighter, my cheeks now colour of the rose.

"Jake, " I whispered, trying to escape from his grip. I felt my neck loose from his grip and tried to
escape to some safe zone when he caught my wrist this time, swirling me around and my face landed
on his hard chest instead, quickening the pace of my heart.

"Just stay like this, " Jake whispered, his arms pulling me tighter, our chests now pressing hard against
each other.

What the-! Why did Jake have to hug me now of all time when I wasn't wearing safety?!

I tried to place hands in between our chests, making it look like I was trying to hug him which I would be
doing if it wasn't for protecting my innocence, but he caught them in the middle placing it on the back of
his shoulders, pulling me even closer, sucking the air out of my lungs. I could feel my heart beating
rapidly, and I could even feel his!

How embarrassing!

"Wait, I felt something...are you not wear-" Jake started but was cut off by my kick on his legs. He
stumbled for a minute

"Oww what was tha-" he started but I pulled him by his shoulders, my fingers wrapped tightly around
his neck.

"Shut up. Don't say anything..."I said, my face burning like a stove, placing my head gently on his
chest, not having guts to stare at his face which might not be as red as mine.

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