Novel Name : Sealed With A Kiss

Chapter 14 - He Cares Now When He Knows I Can't?

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Mia's POV:

I woke up to the sound of something crashing on the floor. I hurried to Jake's room, too afraid to check
my own.

"Are you okay? Did you fall?" I asked, worried about him. "I told you not to walk two steps out of that
fucking bed of yours and you- AH!" I cried, instantly groaning in pain when my legs landed on
something sharp. I sat on the floor with pain, water seeping into fibres of my jeans.

"Don't come here, Mia! I think I broke-what the hell! You stepped on the broken glass vase!" Jake said,
hurrying towards me cautiously, immediately pulling me upwards by arms to make me sit on his bed.

He looked at me, his eyes red, indicating his lack of sleep, gripping my legs to put them on his lap.

"I told you not to- What should I do with you? You never listen to me and see, this is what happens!" he
said, getting annoyed with each passing moment, his hands gentle with my wound, though.

He pulled the first-aid kit from his drawer, picking bits of glasses from my wound. I covered my mouth to
stop myself from making any sound; it was paining too much to handle.

He looked at me, slowing his ministrations before applying antiseptic on my cleaned wound, gripping
my legs tightly when I whimpered and bandaged it firmly before picking me up gently and plopping on
his bed. I stared at him, like he was some werewolf, wincing with pain on my heels, massaging the
wound myself.

"What? Don't stare at me!"jake started defending himself. "I am not going to eat you. I don't eat
humans. So for this night, let's just have a nice sleep, " Jake said while yawning, cleaning the mess of
water he created when he broke the jug.

I was confused. He was asking me to sleep next to him? No way! It can't be. I am just delusional.

He turned off the lamp, before sprawling on his side of the bed. After some time, I looked at his back
which was not moving.

I threw a pillow on the wall strong enough to produce a 'plop' sound to test if she really was sleeping.

Still no movement. He is asleep!

I nodded to myself, putting my toes shakily on the floor. I tiptoed, avoiding anything that may fall or I
may fall upon before I successfully made to the door. I leaned my head for some time on the wall,
grabbing my knees which were starting to pain from the wound now. I turned the knob. It made a soft
'click' and opened. As soon as I was going to run outside, someone grabbed me by my waist.

I screamed loudly in terror. Must be the roof ghost!

A hand came over my mouth, muffling my scream and I found my body lifted and thrown once again
into the bed. My eyes widened to see Jake awake. He came to my side, poking my forehead and my
head plopped on the pillow, pulling the blanket over me before going back to his side to sleep.

"If you were awake, why didn't you move when I threw the pillow on the wall?" I asked, curious about
his antics. He turned to look at me, fully tuning to my side.

"I wasn't awake but did someone tell you that you walk like an elephant? I thought you were walking
like that on purpose!" he said, smiling brightly, offending me more. I smacked him on his forehead,
earning a glare before closing my eyes and drifting into sleep.

It was 7 am when I woke up, feeling heaviness on my chest. I looked at the ceiling of the room when I
felt something moving, I looked down to see Jake's hand cupping my right breast, his face nuzzling on
my neck, his lips blowing hot air over my pulse. My eyes widened on their own accord.

A blush rose to my face when I felt his palm pressing on my breast more, making my nipples hard due
to friction. I quickly shot up, throwing Jake over the bed, on his pillow rather harshly. My body also lost
balance and I fell on my side of the bed, with my back straight on the hard floor. I muffled my mouth to
cover my pain but Jake still ran over to my side.

"Mia, are you okay? Did you have a bad dream?" Jake said, helping me up. I sat on the bed, not
meeting his eyes, my cheeks on fire.

"No. I mean yes. I did have a nightmare, " I said, thinking whatever makes him go away for now!

He looked suspicious but left the topic.

About half an hour later, we were munching on our breakfast. Jake helped me do my daily routine like
brushing my teeth. I felt like a weak and wailing girl who needed him each time I needed to drink water
or I needed to walk somewhere.

The whole day had passed. I was lying on my bed when my phone rang. I picked up, after reading it
was some unknown number.

"Hello. Who's this?" I said, running fingers through my hair.

"Hello baby, this is James, your future husband, how is my darling?"

I immediately shot up, my spine cracking in the process. I pulled the phone from my ear and stared at

No way! This cant be!

"How the hell did you get my number?" I barked at him after putting the phone over my ears again.

"That's my worries, darling, for now, be ready to be my bride soon as I just inherited my father's
company and they couldn't wait for more for their daughter-in-law, " he said smugly and I felt like
smashing his head against my wall.

"What do you want, you stalker?", I yelled at the phone, hearing him giving a loud, obnoxious laugh.

"Just be ready on the 29th. I will send over your wedding dress soon. Don't make me wait. You know I
hate waiting, " he said. I could picture him smirking to himself.

I hung up, my mind in mess.

Theo James, the nightmare of my innocent life and the bane of my existence. I met him at college
when we became lab partners. He was infatuated with me: no it was more like an obsession. He
painted my name all over the boards of cultural festival send me birthday cards with our children names
on it, followed me till my house, tricked me into thinking he had changed his mind.

But it wasn't even close to that.

He called me on his 20th birthday party where he announced in front of every student that I was his
future wife and even distributed wedding invitations which were dated 29 March 2018. That time I
thought he was delusional but when he told me about it so firmly today, I couldn't help but stare at the

He had just left me 9 days! That's horrible! He is just a stalker. He won't be able to do anything!

He can do much worse, my inner side said.

I still had goosebumps at the thought of his level of creepiness. He even was a pervert who used to
crawl over my window just to get my shorts stolen from, evidence was recovered by Jake when he
went to play over his house.

Since that day, Jake had hated him. He started to stay under 1-mile radius of mine, accompanying me
to college, to the mall, to shop, to any convenient stores, to parks and even to my room.

I smiled to myself. I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to reveal Jake. He came with two plates filled
with noodles and ketchup. I quickly grabbed one, pouring a large amount of ketchup over my food. I
started to stuff myself.

Jake's mouth was open with awe.

"What?" I said, stuffing myself more, his reaction growing shocked more weirded out.

"Nothing. Here, take mine too, " he said, sliding his share towards me.

"Why? Won't you eat?"

"I was but seeing that someone needed it more than me, I might as well offer some charity, " he said,
laughing at his own stupid joke.

I took a large spoon of noodles and stuffed it in his open mouth.


I was on the balcony, inhaling some fresh air to ease up my mind about this James. I spread my arms
wide, letting the cool air of spring hug my insides, my toes curling to the mild coldness. I put my ankles
over the railing of the balcony to get more air when my phone rang. It was from my dad.

"Hello, dad!"

"Hi, sweety. How are you?"

"I am fine dad, just getting some fresh air. What about you? Why did you call?"

"Well, I was hurt at first when you didn't inform me but nowadays children are like this I know. So when
were you going to tell me that a boy proposed to you and you are already getting married on 29?" he
said, excitement evident in his voice.

What?! When?

And then it dawned upon me.

Oh, that sneaky son of a bi-!

"No, Dad! That's not-"

"Oh, don't worry sweety, we like the guy more than he likes you. He visited us yesterday evening and
seeing his manners and his love for you, we were just getting happy when he informed us that you two
have been dating for years now and have decided to marry by this 29th, " he said, cutting me off.

Oh no, this is not happening.

"No dad, James is just trying to make you two happy -" I started, this time cut off not by my father but
by someone whom I never wanted to know about all this ridiculousness.

"You are marrying James?"

My head instantly snapped around to see Jake standing on the door, his fingers gripping the coffee cup
stronger than usual, which he ended up snapping into two, hot coffee spilling over his hands.

Oh, shit.

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