Novel Name : Sealed With A Kiss

Chapter 13 - He Is A Big Tease

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Mia's Pov:

I was preparing myself another cup of tea, as Jake refused to let me go alone to my house which was
just ten blocks away!

He was crazy! Totally crazy!

I sipped the last drop before entering the washroom to take a shower, taking my clothes which Jake
went to take from my house. He actually refused me smoothly not to even walk outside his house when
I was without my bra!

I couldn't even imagine what else he must have seen when ransacking my closet, my girl stuff mustn't
have gone unnoticed by his view!

I kicked the shower water in the air to ease my pent up my frustration. I almost slipped, a scream
escaping my mouth before I gripped tap to mobilise myself. I sighed in relief. There was a knock at the
door, muffled with the sound of water.

"Mia, are you okay? Did you fall or something? Should I come over?" Jake asked, coughing a little.
Worry was evident in his voice.

"No, I am fine, don't you dare walk a step out of that bed!" I threatened him, making sure to check that
the bathroom was locked.

"Yeah. Just make sure to come out in one piece. Girls these days have a habit of eating like a bird and
falling like a kangaroo, " he mumbled, the sound coming like he was going back to the bed. I sighed in
relief. I showered for a few more minutes before changing into a set of fresh clothes and then came
out, my hair tied up in a bun.

Jake was lying by his side, busy with something on his phone, probably messaging. I went to the
kitchen to make myself something to eat, after realising all I had in a day was a cup of tea, which I
more appropriately drank it.

Shaking my head, I made myself an omelette and veg sandwich, ground some juice before making
some fresh porridge for Jake, as he's still sick. After placing it on the table, I called for him. Just then I
heard tapping on the kitchen window. My head instantly snapped in the direction, my hands shaking.

Man, I really hate ghosts.


I took a frying pan, gripping it tighter with my fingers, my legs keeping a slow pace. I hopped on the
kitchen counter, opened the window and instantly swung it In the air. I felt a strong push, making my leg
lose balance.

I was beginning to fall when a black hand came from the window and caught my wrist rather tightly. I
stared at the hand, looked up to see it coming from the air and closed my eyes, screaming bloody

And I literally screamed out loud!

"Shut up, Mia! It's me, Jake, " he said, gripping my hands tighter, stopping me from falling on the tiled
floor. I opened my eyes to see Jake staring back at me.

"What the hell were you doing up there? On the roof? Have you signed a contract with hell to be the
death of me!" I yelled at him, seeing him climb from the window on the kitchen counter. He sat down on
the floor, pulling me down by my hand.

"I was just trying to feed Jenny. She got food little late today because I was sick, " he said and I looked
at him in bewilderment. He took his plate of food and started eating. He noticed me staring at him and
he gulped his food before asking me:


"You really have one of your girlfriends live on your roof just because they love you too much to refuse
it? How insensitive and selfish you can be?!" I exclaimed, pointing a finger at him.

Now it was his turn to stare. He looked at me with an 'are you serious' look before laughing out loud.
He rolled on the floor while laughing and I blushed, not sharing his amusement.

"Wow, Mia! You just earned my respect for reaching the infinite level of stupidity at such a young age, "
he said, wiping tears from the corner of his eyes

I glared at him. He sighed.

"Mia, Jenny is my cat which I had been taking care of for more than three months. I found her on a
rainy night on my trip to work so I adopted her. Since then she has been living with me, " he explained
with a smile.

Wow, Mia, you really like to embarrass yourself, don't you? I sighed and blushed again, laughing
nervously. I felt so guilty for making him a villain and even more humiliated for thinking such ridiculous
thing that someone can live on the roof. I stabbed myself mentally before turning up to give him a

"Oh, I knew that very well. I just wanted you to admit it with your own mouth. You know, old habits die
hard, " I said, giggling awkwardly.

I took a bite of my omelette when I felt something missing from my plate. Then I realised.

My sandwich! I looked up to see Jake eating my sandwich which he had taken from my plate without
my notice. That idiot!

However, when I looked at him eating it, I kinda melted. He looked so cute eating it. He almost looked
innocent. Almost.

Minutes later, he was wiping his mouth with a napkin. I poured both of us some juice. I would have
gone with wine but Jake was sick and I knew I couldn't drink it without sharing it with him.

"When you die tomorrow, don't you dare write in your suicide note that I offered you carbs to eat!" I
said, smiling, trying to have a conversation.

"I would rather die by your words than by your food. You said that yourself, " he said, raising his glass
of juice as a toast.

"Race you to finish this glass in five seconds. The winner gets to have five things done from the loser!"
I announced, raising my glass in enthusiasm. I would surely win this one. Now, it's my turn to boss you

He looked at me and narrowed his eyes.

"Deal!" he shouted and we shook hands.

"Cheers!" we clanked our glasses together.

I touched the tip of glass in my lips, taking a large gulp.

"I didn't know you were a 40 C, Mia, " he said out of nowhere. "Last Time I checked, you were a 35, "
Jake said nonchalantly, a hint of a smile on his face. I spilt the whole contents of juice back into the
glass and stared at him with shock and embarrassment.

Oh. My. God.

He knows my size!

"Time's up. I win!" he said, placing his glass on the table like some king, rather loudly. I broke up from
my trance to find I really lost only to realise that he cheated!

"What? I lost? No, you cheated!" I yelled, running behind him, trying to stop him from leaving the fight. I
ran in front of him and spread my arms wide to stop him from escaping. He looked at me like I had my
two heads grown on my shoulder.

"You lose my baby, Mia. I am sorry for your loss, " he said, not at all sounding apologetic. "Keep your
phone close to you. I might need to have my five wishes completed at night. I am a man after all, " he
said, stressing on 'night', making the blush on my cheeks more prominent.

He chuckled at my reaction, poking my cheeks like I was some baby. I slapped his arm which he
caught easily, placing it behind my back gently, before opening my bun with a simple tug. My hair fell
on my shoulder, water still present in them. I couldn't help but shiver from the wet droplets on my

I looked at him with an icy look, only to find him staring back at me, this time some kind of emotion
evident in his eyes. He pulled me straight on his chest, my cheeks collided with his, our chests pressed

Second hug in one day! Am I dreaming or am I dead and in heaven?!

He touched my fingers tentatively, entangling our index fingers and producing beautiful sensations in
my body. I closed my eyes involuntarily when I felt his hot breath on my ear, his mere breath increasing
my own. He sniffed my hair, touching them with tips, caressed them before bending his hot mouth over
my ear.

"I will make sure to make you complete best five wishes of my life, " he said, his fingers leaving my
own, his hands leaving my hair. I turned around to see him going to his bed before my legs gave up
and I leaned my head against the wall, slowly sliding down, my hands placed over my heart to leaven
my breath.

I looked once again at his door.

I shook my head.

What the hell did I get myself into?

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