Novel Name : Sealed With A Kiss

Chapter 15 - Silent Rejection Hurts Even More

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Mia's Pov:

I was devastated. No, that shit was not happening with me. His company was way more precious to me
than my own feelings, which he had been crushing since the day I met him.

I quickly told dad I would call him later and cut the line.

Ignoring my own pain, I ran towards Jake, grabbing his hands which were red from the hot coffee which
was spilt over them just minutes ago. I blew air on his burning hand, making sure not to touch it when
he pushed me not-so-gently.

"Don't touch me! I don't want anyone's help!" he growled at me, prying me off even far away from him. I
stared at him, my eyes welling with tears. I quickly wiped them off with the back of my palm.

What did I do to deserve such a life?

"Jake, that's totally ridiculo-" I started, only to be cut off by his sharp intake of breath. He raised his
palm at me, his bangs covering his forehead and eyes.

"No, don't say anything. Let me complete my question first! So you're marrying Theo James, the one
who stalked and was so infatuated with you that he stole even your shorts?!" he said and shook his
head. He walked past me, standing near the railing of the balcony and turned over to me. I could
clearly see his eyes which had many emotions present in them, pain, anger and hurt more evident.

Then he spoke again.

"Oh, Mia. I thought so much better of you and your freakish brain!" he said, his anger evident in his
eyes. He took one step towards me making me take another of my own.

"No, Jake that's totally wrong! Please, listen-"

"Well, why the hell are you explaining to me? Who am I to ask such questions?! I never was worthy
enough for your company Mia, let alone for your answers, " he barked at me.

"Jake, at least let me-"

"Congratulations on getting married, " he said with heavy sarcasm. "I would make sure to drop by your
wedding if I had the time off with my work. See you around then, " he said conclusively before he
walked out leaving me still in a daze.

That's so not good, I need to talk to Emily soon.

I met Jake in high school when my parents changed the neighbourhood. They were never actually
around except for times when I was sick or I had to submit my school report.

My father is the shareholder of the Shipbuilding industry, always busy in his work. I never saw him
much, not even for my birthdays. When I had first developed a crush on Jake, I was horrified to death
because he was a playboy. It didn't matter that he himself came from a rich family.

His father is the CEO of the Automobiles industry, the reason he changes his vehicle each week. He
had got his cocky personality from his father but a kind heart always comes from a mother. His parents
used to me well as 'Chipmunk' when I visited them once to correct my innocent name.

They actually know my feelings for Jake as his mom once visited me to offer me gifts on Christmas and
when I went to make her some coffee, leaving my unprotected feelings on the table, she made no
attempt to leave it unrevealed.

I had thought that all was over, I would have to break my friendship from Jake.

But the reaction I got was opposite one, she was rather happy and collected after reading my feelings
saying me to keep it with me for years until he'd propose to me. I laughed and waved at her comment,

saying I wasn't that lucky in love knowing very well about the heap of love letters lying on my cupboard.

But I wanted only one person, the one who didn't love me back. I sighed. Our classmates were almost
all married; I had attended the wedding of some whom I still have connections left with, the rest I just
received information from Rose.

With my heart aching, I decided to sleep to stop my haywire thoughts.

I woke up from my nap a little later, feeling thirsty as a fish. I walked lazily, striding my crocodile feet on
the carpet like a snake to the kitchen. I poured myself some water and lapped it down my throat.

I didn't know if Jake had returned or not. Hell, I don't even know why I am still at his house.
Nevertheless, I tiptoed quietly to his bedroom, turned the doorknob stealthily only to find it empty.

Where could he be at this time of hour?

I looked outside the window. It was raining cats and dogs, in spring! I was worried sick if he had taken
the umbrella or not, hell he recovered from his illness just a few days ago.

I paced the room, limping in pain due to my own injury when I heard the screeching of a car. I jumped
from the sofa, reaching for the door when it opened itself and in surprise, I hid behind the sofa where
from I peeked at the intruder.

I gasped, putting hands over my mouth immediately, my eyes wide as saucers when I saw Jake kissing
Victoria as if his life depended on it, his hands gripping her thighs which were wrapped firmly on his
waist. Her hands were roaming through his perfectly gelled hair, thrusting her tongue in his mouth.

I almost gasped loudly when Jake pushed her against the desk, sliding the stationery down the floor
which ringed rather loudly to my ears, his hands now under her half-naked chest, massaging them and
his tongue invading her neck, eliciting a loud moan from Victoria, who was rubbing him over his jeans.

I instantly looked down, my mind clouded with several emotions when I found my cheeks with
something wet called tears. I quietly slid down the floor, avoiding the discarded stationery on the floor,
my eyes now a well of tears when her bra and his shirt fell in my way.

I lifted my feet up a little which were heavy with all my crushed feelings, running hastily to my room. I
slumped on the bed, my heart heavy as that rain which was seeping into the soil to provide us

I opened the drawer and found condoms lying above. I quickly closed it. Of course, there would be
condoms only, its fucking Jake's house for God's sake! I need to get out of here! Now! Otherwise, I was
afraid I might end up dead with something ridiculous as they call rejection.

I packed my still wet clothes, opened the front door, to walk out hurriedly, not wanting to hear more of
her moans and mewls. And most of all, I didn't want Jake to see me in such a state when he had no
idea what I was going through. I didn't want to give him much fodder to make fun of me.

They both didn't notice me leaving which I was grateful for. I ran towards my car, turned the ignition on
and sped off to my house.

I closed the door of my house behind me, resting my head against it only to hurry up immediately to my
room because of the pain shooting badly from my heels. I opened the wound to found it badly swollen;
must be because I walked in rain, the doctor had advised me to avoid water. I laid on the bed, taking
sharp breaths before closing the lamp, and drifted to sleep.

We didn't talk to each other for the next four days, not even glancing at the other. That was the first
time in the history of our friendship!

I missed him so much but I controlled my heart for the single drop of dignity that I had left in my veins. I
would not even dare to cross his path until I had my thoughts assorted. I had majored in MBA, my

father was willing to let me go to States and like a good daughter, I would do that. I made myself coffee
when I heard a doorbell rang. It was a courier boy.

I was confused. I didn't order anything!

"Ma'am, Mr James wanted me to deliver this to you. Congratulations and thank you for choosing us for
your hospitality, " a man with a burly look said, bowing at me little lower than usual.

I stared at the box which was wrapped in red colour, striped with white ribbons. I pawed at the box,
opening it with my hands and my mouth hung open to see a beautiful wedding dress, a white gown
embellished with tulle, curling down at the end.

I lifted the dress up to see its floor length and a veil with tiara embedded with pearls! I was mesmerised
by its white reflection, my mind already imagining myself in the dress.

How much happy I would be if it weren't sent by some devil!

I packed it back up, sliding it under my bed carelessly. My phone rang and I saw the caller ID. I
checked it and saw my dad's face. I knew why he was calling. I put it on vibrate and when my phone
buzzed for the 10th time, I picked it up, it was my mom. I was happy to talk to her finally.

We both have been busy lately that we haven't talked to each other for almost a year. I missed her so
much. But my expectations were forced into the gutter when she showed enthusiasm in my forced

I tried to talk to her into it but she waved me off saying how much she waited to see me in a wedding
dress and scolding me for hanging on to my feelings for Jake so long, threatening to snap his neck off
next time she meets him.

I nodded meekly, my soul flowing out of my body. I went heavy-hearted to bed that day, thinking about
what else was left to happen with my crushed life now.

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