Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 2.3

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Chapter 2.3
TL: Pineapple
Editor: Isalee
Han Woo Jin actually couldn’t remember anything they talked about after he signed the contract. He just listened to the NK president speak and signed the contract that was laden with amazingly good conditions. Han Woo Jin’s head was full of those events.
Just all of that made it feel like his head was about to burst. He couldn’t remember his responses to the president when he asked him questions.
Coach Jeon noticed the players’ conditions and decided to send them off first.
“You two head down to the parking lot first. I have to speak with the president for a bit longer.”
The two men stood up like zombies without souls, bowed to them, and carefully left. The president looked at them leave through the door with a cheerful face.
“Are you satisfied?”
“Well, they’re good. Very good.”
The president nodded his head a few times at Coach Jeon’s question.
“President, how do you view those two?”
The president’s eyes narrowed as he thought. He was the president of such a large scale corporation like NK, and he was able to see in a different perspective compared to Coach Jeon. It was because of this special view of his that he was able to make good friends in the harsh business world.
What did the president think of those two? Coach Jeon Sang Shik wasn’t as experienced as the president and couldn’t pinpoint the personalities of those two players; thus, he was curious about what the president would say.
“Choi Yeon Hyuk. The young man is undoubtedly a genius. He was born with tall, long and strong limbs, so his physical attributes are excellent. He has amazing technique and skill that already surpasses the domestic professional level but is still lacking compared to western athletes. You should raise him properly, and you should have fun getting him within the top 100 in the world.”
His gaze was that of a tennis fan, not that of the president of NK company. Up until this point, what he said was correct and that was expected.
“What about Han Woo Jin?”
“Han Woo Jin… Yeah, that was his name.”
The president’s smile faded and changed into something else as if he was looking at something interesting.
“That child is interesting. He’s not very talented. His skill is at a level that anyone can reach but he was able to reach it very quickly. Don’t you think so? Until I saw his serve that is.”
“… I think so too. I also understand that he’s hardworking.”
But what was his serve like at the end? It had incredible speed and a ridiculous spin. Also, the spin could drastically change the degree in which it bounced back up. Coach Jeon couldn’t believe that a person with no talent was able to pull off that serve with pure effort.
“How fun. He was born talentless, yet he tries to live stronger than anybody else. Usually, when someone tries to live like that they break, but he has something special in him.”
“Han Woo Jin. Han Wooo~~ Jin~~”
The president said his name and sang it once. Then he tightly grabbed his armrest with a grip that didn’t look right for someone of his age. The excitement that he displayed that made his blood boil certainly didn’t match the temperament of someone his age.
“You did great Coach Jeon. Even I think they’re great.”
That was how their discussion ended.
Coach Jeon Sang Shik drove them to a nearby subway station. He tried to drive them all the way to their homes but both Han Woo Jin and Choi Yeon Hyuk refused to let him do so.
Han Woo Jin parted ways with Choi Yeon Hyuk and absentmindedly walked to his one-room studio that he previously lived in. He realized that he didn’t have the key to his one-room studio in his pocket and came to his senses.
‘Ah, was I still living with my parents during this time?’
In his previous life, he was able to move out of his parents house three years after the examination. At that time, he was overjoyed that he was a pro tennis player and he was optimistic about his career. However, thinking about it now seemed like it was a sad and naive memory.
His one-room studio wasn’t too far from his parents’ home. It was ten minutes away by bus and about a thirty-minute walk.
He looked up at the sky. The sky was already dark and the streetlights lit up the sky. Han Woo Jin just decided to walk home.
After he joined the company, he visited his parents only once a month. Three years into his career, he stopped visiting them because he felt bad. His career wasn’t advancing and he could do nothing for them. Sometimes they sent him money and he was depressed.
‘It’s different now.’
Han Woo Jin stopped in front of the door. The apartment complex was named Sung Woon Apartments which was located on Gang Book Gu Street. How many times had his family moved to raise him as a tennis player?
‘This time, I’ll make you happy.’
‘Young body, an unknown power, and a special contract. I will show them that I will be different from the past me who put in endless amounts of effort with no talent and achieved nothing.’
Han Woo Jin stepped inside the building.
He entered the elevator and went up to the eighth floor. Han Woo Jin arrived at the front door, but he was reminded of the one thing that he had forgotten.
‘What was the password again?’
It had been seven years since he moved out from his parents’ home. His memory wasn’t that great. He did his best to combine the numbers but he failed so he finally decided to ring the doorbell.
It was that basic bell sound. He remembered asking his parents to change the sound to something that wasn’t so generic. As he stood there, his chest tightened and the door suddenly opened.
“Why didn’t you put in the password? Why did you ring the bell?”
“Ah, I was thinking about something….”
He was speaking nonsense. He was about to make up an excuse when he saw his mother.
Her face was still young. Her face was one that showed that she always stayed up all night worrying about her children. A face that looked like it was from the past but was actually in the present. Han Woo Jin’s eyes began tearing up.
“What’s wrong?!”
After he calmed down, Han Woo Jin abruptly hugged his mother. He felt so emotional because all he did in his past life was give them hardships. However, he couldn’t tell them anything about it because they wouldn’t understand.
So he decided to just tell them the good news.
“Mom, I passed the NK exam and I’m now a pro.”
“What? Are you serious?”
His father heard the commotion and came out to see what was happening. He pushed aside his mother, went up to Han Woo Jin, and told him to say it again.
“I became a pro at NK company.”
“Are you serious?”
At least this moment was the same. He was reminded of the past when he told them the joyous news. They all cheered and had a group hug. It was a deja vu that wasn’t actually deja vu so he couldn’t help but face this ironic situation.
Hearing his answer, his parents hugged and laughed.
“Aigoo, my son truly became a pro player!”
“I told you. I noticed his talent since he was young!”
“Talent? What are you talking about? He was really dumb because he got it from you.”
His parents made some light jokes and teased each other. Then a girl walked towards them with sleepy eyes.
“What’s wrong..? Why are you guys so loud?…”
Han Yoo Ra was Han Woo Jin’s younger sister who had no interest in tennis at all.
When she was a toddler, the family took her to the tennis court and gave her a ball. She bit the ball and cried because her tooth came out. Whether it was a traumatic experience or not, their parents never took her back again. So whenever her parents watched tennis on TV she always went into her room.
Han Yoo Ra was like the opposite Han Woo Jin. When he was an unsuccessful player, she graduated from a good university and got into a good company.
His face froze when he saw her.
“Oppa, is something wrong? What’s wrong with your face?”
“Ah, Yoo Ra is still in high school.”
Due to the fact that she was sick of the parents who were crazy about tennis and the brother that wasted his life because of tennis, she moved out as soon as she graduated from university. He couldn’t say anything in front of her parents. His parents said that it was their fault because they didn’t pay enough attention to her, but he felt sorry because he knew that it was all his fault and his tennis.
She was wearing pink checkered pajamas. Her eyes were half-closed. She had a pretty face but her hair was a mess. Seeing her messy face, he couldn’t help but laugh.
“I was shocked at your appearance. You should take a look in the mirror. It’s not a joke.”
“Of course, I just woke up…”
Han Yoo Ra treated it as if it was nothing and turned away to go back to sleep. However, she came in at the wrong time.
Her mother’s hand stopped her as she tried to go inside her room. Her movement was like an eagle snapping up a rabbit’s neck.
“Uh? What are you doing?”
“What are you talking about? Your brother became a pro today. So put on some clothes. Let’s go eat some sushi to celebrate.”
“It’s so late, what are you talking about?”
Their parents ignored their daughter’s cry and began putting on clothes. Knowing that they would act like this, Han Woo Jin didn’t take off his shoes. He stood in the doorway and looked at Han Yoo Ra’s eyes.
‘It’s easier if you give up.’
Han Yoo Ra understood his message and slumped her shoulders. Her body language showed that she had given up.
The family quickly got ready go to out in ten minutes. They left the apartment and faced the cold night air.
‘What did we eat last time?’
He couldn’t remember because his memory was still fuzzy.
‘I don’t think it was sushi last time. Well, it doesn’t matter. As long as it tastes good.’
Han Woo Jin lightly thought about it and moved on. He suddenly turned his head.
His mother kept on chattering next to him and his father was bragging to his friends on the phone. His sister was reluctantly following along while complaining. He unconsciously smiled at this scene.
‘This was the last time.’
‘I ranked the lowest among our companies players, and I continuously had bad rankings.’
Han Woo Jin’s best rank was fourth place at a Korean tournament.
They all sat around the table and ordered one big plate of sushi. He was eating the grilled fish appetizer with chopsticks and said, “Next time, let’s go eat some grilled eel. I know Dad likes it.”
His father always said that grilled eel was the best side dish with alcohol. Han Woo Jin talked about what to eat next time before the sushi had even come out. His family members stared at him with wide eyes but he just smiled. He put his hand underneath the table and gripped an imaginary racket that wasn’t there. You could see his veins and muscles popping up from his forearm.
‘I will pay for the next meal.’
That’s what he decided.
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