Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 3.2

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Chapter 3.2
TL: Pineapple
Editor: Isalee
“Are you ready?”
“You can start whenever you want.”
Hwang In Soo answered very energetically, and Han Woo Jin hit the ball softly. It wasn’t a serious game so he didn’t go all out. His serve level was 10, so Hwang In Soo wasn’t at a high enough level to return it.
‘He’s not bad.’ Han Woo Jin thought as he easily rallied back and forth. He swung his racket comfortably but he was consistently hitting the ball near the service line. If Mr. Hwang was just a little bit late he would have lost points and he was playing well. After hitting the ball back and forth ten times, Mr. Hwang finally made a mistake.
The ball slowly flew up and it bounced in front of Han Woo Jin’s foot. If he couldn’t return this, he’d be a fool. The ball bounced slightly above his waist and he swiftly swung his racket. The ball quickly went back to the other side of the court.
“Now it is 15:0.”
“Wow, I couldn’t even see it. It wasn’t a joke when I heard you became a pro. You’re so good.”
Mr. Hwang smiled and laughed as he complimented him. According to Hwang In Soo’s perception, it was impossible for him to hit the ball.
Han Woo Jin realized his body was getting better whenever he used his racket, so Han Woo Jin began to try harder. He began experimenting with volleys that he’d never done before and also tried some drop shots, thus losing some points.
“Woo Jin, are you practicing drop shots these days?”
“Yes, but it’s really hard to control my strength.”
Han Woo Jin just put on a bitter smile. He didn’t have to be able to use every skill in tennis. However, drop shots were necessary for him to learn because learning that would allow him to easily develop other skills.
The score was 40:15. If he wasn’t experimenting, he would have had a perfect game. But his personality wasn’t so bad as to go all out against a neighborhood ahjussi.
It was Hwang In Soo’s turn to serve. He tossed the green ball high up into the air.
‘This time I will use Rising.’
When the ball bounced up to the height of his eyebrows, Han Woo Jin twisted his body in an exaggerated manner.
The racket crushed the ball with so much force and speed that Mr. Hwang wasn’t even able to react to it. Mr. Hwang, who couldn’t even hit it, just laughed.
“I’m no match for you, haha!”
“No, it’s because you’re good that I’m able to rally with you.”
Han Woo Jin spoke modestly, and at that moment, he heard a pop up sound.
[In return for winning the game, you gained experience in your smash, volley, and drop shot skills.]
[You failed in using the drop shot. Therefore, you have not gained the drop shot skill.]
[You have gained experience points for successfully using the smash skill.]
[For using a volley for the first time, your volley level has risen by one.]
‘It works like this?’
It seemed like skills were only recorded if they were successfully performed. Moreover, since Han Woo Jin already had the volley and smash skills because he used them in a game, they gained experience.
[Han Woo Jin]
Strength 48 / Stamina 45 / Agility 40
HP 1760/1800 SP 325/340
Forehand: 9/20
Backhand: 4/20
Serve: 10/20
Volley: 4/20
Smash: 7/20
Special skills: Sparrow (Serve)
He felt that he gained a level in volley because its skill level was too low. Han Woo Jin learned another fact about the system.
‘If a skill level goes up, then SP goes up by 10.
The SP total amount is the same as the skill level total amount multiplied by ten. So if I raise my skill level, I can increase the number of times I can use Sparrow.’
Han Woo Jin also thought that he had to learn how to do drop shots and lobs. He picked up the ball on the ground.
“Can I serve this game?”
“Sure, do whatever you want. This Mr. Hwang isn’t dead yet!”
Mr. Hwang shouted energetically across the court and suddenly a green streak of light appeared.
He felt sorry for Mr. Hwang but he needed to use the full extent of his serve skill in order to level it up. Hwang In Soo who had no idea about what just happened smiled blankly.
Mr. Hwang’s face died as he saw the tennis ball still spinning on the net. Han Woo Jin threw up the ball again. Once again, there was a streak of green light.
This game took longer than he thought it would.
Because this wasn’t a professional game, Han Woo Jin experimented by trying out new skills. So he lost several points.
In the two sets that they played, he had lost four games so far 6-1, and right now it was 5-3, 40:30. He lost three games in the current set because he was practicing lobs and drop shots. It was match point and the final rally began.
Han Woo Jin was thinking about what serve to use and threw up the ball.
‘I should end it with Sparrow.’
He wanted to show Mr. Hwang the Sparrow. They had a friendly relationship so he wanted to show him something. It was also because this would be his last time playing here.
Han Woo Jin’s serve was so incredibly powerful that he was scared and the ball dug into the ground, causing the dust to fly everywhere. Because the ball traveled too fast over the net, the net itself was twisted and tangled up multiple times.
Mr. Hwang had a blank look on his face while he stares at him because he couldn’t even see the ball due to the speed of the serve.
The game was over. Han Woo Jin spoke as he put his arm over the net.
“You worked hard.”
“Oh, okay. But what was that you just did? It looks like something only pros can do.”
Han Woo Jin just smiled in front of Hwang In Soo who said the word ‘pro’.
“I became a pro yesterday. I’m a player for NK company.”
“Really? Are you serious? Wow, so I played with a pro? I’m so lucky. Do I need to pay a game fee or something?”
Mr. Hwang playfully asked this while shaking his hand and Han Woo Jin shrugged it off. He teased him back.
“Aiee, what are you talking about? You can just buy me a drink or something like that.”
“Ah, is that the price for the game?”
They chatted for while before separating and Han Woo Jin drank the drink that he bought for him. Looking at the setting sun, he grabbed his racket.
[Han Woo Jin]
Strength 48 / Stamina 45 / Agility 40
HP 1540/1800 SP 330/360
Forehand: 9/20
Backhand: 4/20
Serve: 10/20
Volley: 4/20
Smash: 7/20
Drop shot: 1/20
Lob: 1/20
Special Skill: Sparrow (Serve)
Han Woo Jin’s status now showed the lob and drop shot skills and because of that he gained 20 SP. This was the result of his hard work and effort which he was unable to achieve in his past life due to his lack of talent. Now he can get skills and level them up through achievements and effort.
‘Let’s just go at this pace.’
Slow and steady.
Even if he didn’t advance quickly it would fine with him as long as he was progressing and getting better bit by bit. Doing 100 baby steps was better than not improving at all.
If Choi Yeon Hyuk’s talent was like having wings and being able to fly, Han Woo Jin didn’t even have legs to walk on in his previous life. But now he had legs. Two special legs that were different from everyone else’s.
“So you’re going to start living in the player’s dormitory starting tomorrow?”
“Yes. Maybe.”
His father suddenly asked Han Woo Jin and he answered with a terse answer. Han Woo Jin told him about his special contract. His father, who had more knowledge about tennis than the average person, nodded with satisfaction.
Only his mother was worried about her son living far away and her eyes were red from being sad.
“Aigoo, you only recently came back from the army and now you’re leaving already. Can’t you commute?”
“Dear, once a man makes a decision he can’t change his mind. Woo Jin is now an adult. He needs to find his own path in life.”
“He’s not even going that far. He’s just going to be around Sung Pa Goo, why are you worried about that? It’s good that whenever he has a game, we can go to him, right?”
‘My father normally doesn’t speak a lot but once he gets going he doesn’t stop. That’s why he always wins whenever my parents fight or argue.’ Han Woo Jin laughed at his parents’ bickering and couldn’t help but remember the last he saw this. Han Yoo Ra, who was watching TV, looked at her brother.
“Yoo Ra, what?”
His sister shrugged as if nothing was wrong and said, “Nothing. I just think you changed a bit.”
“… what changed?”
‘Did she notice something?’ Han Woo Jin thought that it would never happen but he couldn’t help his nervousness. He knew his sister was very smart.
“You looked really anxious before the entrance exam, but now you look very confident.”
“Do you think so?”
“Yeah, you look a lot better. Watching you live so exhaustingly was tiring.”
Han Yoo Ra mumbled to herself so her parents wouldn’t hear and went to her room.
She had been observing him play tennis longer than he thought. Ever since he was a junior he never won anything, and yet he did nothing but practice. He didn’t sleep well and just watched pro games and studied. Even with a nosebleed, he just plugged nose with tissues and kept on swinging his racket. That’s why Han Yoo Ra was always worried about his racket.
Even when she begged her older brother to rest while crying, he refused.
Because he constantly neglected her, she stopped talking to him.
Finally, Han Woo Jin realized that the thing that made the relationship between him and his sister wider.
‘It wasn’t just tennis. It was messed up from the beginning.’
He smiled bitterly.
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