Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 18.2

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Chapter 18.2
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: Festive_Oer
“Game to Daniel.”
It had been about 20 minutes since the game began.
Daniel won his serve game successfully and took the fourth game.
The score is now tied at 2 – 2.
It was now Han Woo Jin’s turn to serve and he let out a sigh. It wasn’t because the situation wasn’t good, it was because of the unique frustration that he felt, because rallying with Daniel was quite the battle.
‘It’s frustrating.’
He summarized the current state of events in those words.
Although he still has plenty of strength and energy left, he still felt the pressure on his chest.
It felt like he was walking through a swamp with the water up to his waist.
Han Woo Jin was able to return the ball whenever his opponent hit it to him but his opponent was also able to do the same and the rally kept on going nonstop.
He wasn’t given any chance to hit a decisive ball and they were in a deadlock.
Some of the other matches ended in 30 to 40 minutes but they had used 20 minutes for four games. The pace of their plays were too slow.
Daniel looked as if he was used to these types of long, drawn-out games in contrast to Han Woo Jin who kept on sighing due to the pressure.
‘He’s crafty.’ though Han Woo Jin who was complaining inwardly.
If they keep on playing like this then Han Woo Jin was sure to lose.
Their physical capabilities weren’t that far apart, it was just that Daniel was more used to and experienced with these long games.
This unpleasant deadlock was because of their equal skill levels.
If one of them showed even the smallest opening and let a point through, then the game would lean to the other player’s side.
They exchanged the ball over and over and slowly figured out their opponent’s style and ability.
‘I need to change something. I have to flip the board upside down.’
Han Woo Jin bit his lip slightly. At this rate he was sure to lose. After these four games the pace of the game was leaning towards Daniel.
His rough, barbaric look and personality completely camouflaged his true colors.
On the court, Daniel was like a cunning snake waiting for his opponent to self-destruct.
“Game 5. Woojin Han to serve!”
The referee’s voice announce the fifth game to start and after a short pause, Han Woo Jin tossed up the ball.
He didn’t know what kind of serve to use.
‘I need to save the Sparrow for now and use it sparingly, if I use it, then he will figure out how to counter it.’
No matter who special a ball might be, if you continue to show it then your opponent will figure it out sooner or later. You need to be able to confuse your opponent by switching things up.
He gripped the side of his racket.
If he just uses a normal flat serve then it is sure to be returned to him. Therefore, the only thing that he can use is a spin or underhand serve.
He used an underhand serve.
Han Woo Jin suddenly switched his movements from an overhand and swung his racket underhand which caught Daniel by surprise. He didn’t even attempt to move upwards to reach the ball as he just watched the ball bounce twice. He looked as if he got slapped in the face? Insulted? Something like that
“Fifteen love!”
He wasn’t satisfied although he got a point.
‘He’s completely unfazed. It’s really annoying, facing experienced players.’
After that underhand serve, Daniel took a few steps forward from the baseline, closer to the net. He put on an air as if it didn’t matter whether Han Woo Jin did an overhand or underhand serve because he will return them all.
Regardless, Han Woo Jin tossed up the ball once more. This time was an overhand serve.
No matter how his opponent responds, in regards to the serve game, Han Woo Jin had the advantage. If he wanted to get more points, then he needed to find a hole in Daniel’s style.
It was a formidable drive that went straight towards the net.
The speed of the bounce was very fast where most people would respond with a drop shot instead of a rising.
Daniel just casually returned the ball as soon as it bounced right back up with a drop shot. After he served the distance between himself and the ball is too far but if it is something that he expected then it’s different.
As soon as he returned the serve, Han Woo Jin ran up immediately and swung his racket. The ball swiftly traveled across the court like lightning and bounced out.
“Thirty love!”
Daniel lost another point due to Han Woo Jin’s perfect response after the drop shot.
‘To think that he chose to move up without hesitation to see what I would do first.’
Daniel’s evaluation of Han Woo Jin rose a bit.
This player who he has never even heard of and even had an inferior rank than him. The only thing that he achieved was winning one Futures tournament. His experience as a pro was only considered to be a rookie. Daniel began to recognize him as a truly formidable opponent.
‘If he was ranked according to his true skills, he would around the top 200. It’s annoying to play against someone as good as him in the preliminaries.’
As Daniel annoyed Han Woo Jin, Han Woo Jin also annoyed Daniel. Daniel was not used to these long, snail’s pace games. The two of their skills and styles were at the same level.
The viewers who were watching the game felt as if these two players were like two peas in a pod and were the same person playing each other.
Han Woo Jin hit the serve. This time he used a topspin serve and dropped right in front of the net. He kept on changing the rhythm of his serves which made his opponent unable to predict what he was going to do.
But Daniel was a great player. He was able to reach the ball and hit it back with a slice.
“Thirty fifteen!”
He took one and gave one back in return.
Han Woo Jin and Daniel’s game was where they continually traded points.
The first set soon ended and their first set took over 40 minutes.
The referee announced and the two players grit their teeth in anger. They didn’t even realize they got to deuce so quickly.
They didn’t expect to meet such a difficult opponent in the preliminaries. If they win, then they win and if they lose, then they lose. They never expected such a tense and pressure-filled game.
The match score was currently 5-5.
It was Han Woo Jin’s turn to serve again. The two players were already exhausted so they were breathing heavily. Han Woo Jin decided to use the Sparrow.
“Game 11! Woojin Han to serve!”
The referee was also interested in seeing the outcome of this match so he announced with more gusto. Han Woo Jin glared annoyedly at the referee and tossed up the ball.
His tired muscles twisted drastically with the assistance of the system as he served the Sparrow.
As soon as the ball arrived over his head, the racket sliced through the air.
“Fifteen love!”
His response was too late. The ball hit the court and bounced out before Daniel walked even a half step. Because of Han Woo Jin’s constant changing of style, Daniel couldn’t react to it.
‘Good, his rhythm is broken.’
Both of them were exhausted physically and mentally. Their strength to immediately respond to sudden situations disappeared.
Han Woo Jin expected that and acted accordingly.
Once again the ball flew into the air. Before Daniel could prepare, he hit the second attack.
Thirty love!”
As expected, Daniel couldn’t read the second Sparrow and lost the second point of the game. This was the first time he saw him unable to react to the Sparrow since the beginning of the match.
Without hesitation, Han Woo Jin used the Sparrow for the third time.
Daniel threw his body to the ball. He tried his best to read the direction of the ball’s bounce but his concentration was lacking.
“Forty love!”
The ball hit the frame of his racket which made Daniel curse aloud. This time he wasn’t acting. The referee gave him a warning for cursing.
Then Daniel indicated with his index finger to Han Woo Jin to serve again in anger.
His opponent was being rude so he no longer had to be polite right?
Han Woo Jin smirked at Daniel’s actions. Daniel’s eyebrows raised up at Han Woo Jin taunt and that was the moment when Han Woo Jin served.
“Game Woojin Han!”
If he didn’t have a firm control over his emotions the body would also be inhibited by it. Anger is something that can give you explosive power but it can also inhibit your control.
Daniel gave into his anger and lost the match point.
‘I got it.’
When they reach a deuce, a player needs to beat his opponent by two games. Han Woo Jin won this game, so his opponent needs to win three game consecutively.
Due to this single game, Han Woo Jin now had the high ground.
But now he had one more thing to do.
It was now Daniel’s turn to serve, so in order for Han Woo Jin to win this game, he needed to break his serve. Han Woo Jin was only able to break his serve once.
But because he was able to do it once, he can do it again. Because they were around the same skill level, it is more difficult to break during the opponent’s serve.
I have to use ‘it’ here.
‘I need to somehow make him hit the ball over my head so that I can use the Slug. If I don’t I will use up all my energy in this first set.’
Although, he hadn’t completely figured out how to use his special technique the power is sure to be great.
Han Woo Jin got into position to trick Daniel into hitting a ball overhead. Across the net, Daniel threw up the ball with an angry face.
The speed of his serve was incredibly fast due to his anger. Han Woo Jin ran up to the net and hit the ball.
And then he suddenly stopped his body because Daniel suddenly rushed toward him at the net. Serve and volley. It was surprising to see because DAniel has played at the base line the entire time.
‘Do I need to step back? Stay still?’
His current location was unfavorable. It was obvious that his opponent will hit the ball. The problem is that he can’t read where the ball will go. Han Woo Jin opened his eyes widely and followed Daniel’s movements. But his exhaustion interfered more than he expected.
Shit, Han Woo Jin just stopped where he was. He didn’t know about lobs but he was at a position where he could return drop shots.
Which direction will he hit?
Daniel swung his racket.
It was a lob. Han Woo Jin saw the ball move in slow motion with wide eyes. He might lose this point. If he loses the first point he won’t be able to break the serve.
Furthermore, Han Woo Jin’s physical strength is below half at this point. If they played the game like this it won’t matter who wins or loses, it will be too taxing on his body.
Even if he wins this game they won’t be able to play the next game.
He didn’t know what to do, but Han Woo Jin’s body naturally moved on its own.
The ball hit by Daniel flew smoothly over Han Woo Jin’s head.
That’s what Han Woo Jin wanted to happen
Han Woo Jin’s body began to move automatically without his will.
The ball was higher than expected. As soon as he thought that, his knees bent in half.
He let out a surprised sound and his body independently jumped up into the air. It looked like a heroic jump from a movie. At that moment, Han Woo Jin could see the ball.
The system moved knew what he wanted to do and moved his body for him and hit the ball with all his strength. And the ball flew at an amazing speed.
The thing he was most surprised about wasn’t the speed of the ball but the direction of the ball.
‘Why is it going there?’
Usually the smash means that the ball will hit the ground in an area where the opponent is absent. Because the fast speed and high bounce will make it so that the opponent won’t be able to return it. However, the slug hit the ball exactly toward where Daniel was standing.
The opponent looked perplexed but had the air of a veteran and was already positioned to return the ball. He was prepared to hit the ball with an understroke. It was the perfect response.
‘Shit, this was a mistake.’
If it’s like this then the ball will return to him before he reaches the ground.
Before he could curse aloud at this skill’s uselessness, the ball suddenly hit the ground and bounced to Daniel’s racket.
It was an unthinkable sound.
Han Woo Jin who reached the ground looked over the net with a confused expression.
He couldn’t comprehend Daniel’s expression and the noise that he let out and his racket that flew away from his hand.
However, he knew one thing.
“Love fifteen!”
He got the first point of the 12th game.
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