Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 19.1

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God of Tennis Chapter 19.1
Chapter 19.1: 3rd Round Qualifying #1
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: Oer_
Metz, France.
The preliminary was ongoing at the tennis courts of the Metz Open. Two players were moving their bodies across the court. One of the players, Choi Yeon Hyuk, hit the ball fiercely and got the point.
“Game Yeonhyuk Choi!”
Choi Yeon Hyuk’s game was played before Han Woo Jin just like yesterday.
He won the point easily and was leading the game. His opponent, a Nigerian player, couldn’t even touch Choi Yeon Hyuk’s feet.
Even though he was watching his rival play, Han Woo Jin was still thinking about yesterday. It was about ‘Slug’s’ power during their practice together. If it was just a casual skill then he wouldn’t worry about it that much.
‘It’s dangerous.’
That’s all Han Woo Jin had to say about that skill. It wasn’t dangerous to him. It was dangerous to the opponent that will be receiving the ball. It’s not a skill used for getting points but to injure your opponent.
A smash is when you hit the ball from high above downwards to the ground with as much power as you can.
The problem is the direction, not the ball’s power and speed. Usually a smash’s is supposed to be aimed where the opponent cannot return it because it is obvious to see the direction of the smash.
But ‘Slug’ was the opposite. Regardless of what kind of position and direction he sent it, the ball always landed right in front of the opponent’s foot.
He couldn’t help but let out a sigh.
After their meal yesterday, he practiced for a short bit and found out ‘Slug’s’ principle.
When Slug is used, after he hits it and before it arrives at the ground it changes its trajectory slightly due to the twist in his wrist. This meant that it will bounce up at an angle that is away from the opponent’s rackets sweet spot.
‘This is how they get injured.’
The speed of the ball that the player hits is over 180 km/h. Players have to return over 200 serves and smashes.
Although players have to hit the ball at that speed with only a 300 gram racket, that is all due to using the sweet spot of the racket. The center of the racket is made with very strong material which allows the ball to bounce back.
The center of the racket is what we call sweet spot and it is the tennis player’s job to make sure the ball hits that area.
This ‘Slug’ is a bad technique that can injure other people. Right before the ball touched the racket it diverges from its course as it bounces up and the player is unable to hit the ball in the sweet spot of his racket. If the ball hit the side of the racket then the person who hit the ball might experience sharp pain in their wrist and fingers.
“This technique is good but it’s a problem.”
Obviously this technique is very useful. If the player can read the direction of a smash, then they can return it easily. The player doesn’t need to wait for the ball to bounce because the player knows where it will land and aim it at their racket. That’s why most people will get injured by the slug.
And some players might fall on the ground in pain.
That is the reason that he was truly worried about. If he used Slug a lot, it wouldn’t be considered a foul, but Han Woo Jin might end a player’s career.
Because he only has two special techniques and was annoyed that he had to worry so much about it. He remembered the moment he saw his status the moment he obtained the Slug.
[You obtained two special techniques. You can obtain your next special technique once your forehand level reaches 15.]
He was wondering why no notification came up when his forehand skill was raised to level 10. He wanted to increase his skill levels as soon as possible but it was an arduous process. At that moment he heard the referee’s voice.
“Set won by Yeonhyuk Choi! Score 6-2!”
“He already won a set?”
It was so fast.
Han Woo Jin frowned. As soon as he finished his game, Han Woo Jin’s turn to play moved up. He was still tired because of yesterday’s games and he wanted to rest longer even if it was five minutes more.
But things don’t always go the way he wants. Choi Yeon Hyuk also won the second set 6-2.
After Choi Yeon Hyuk’s match was over, they needed to clean up the court. Choi Yeon Hyuk, who won easily, found Han Woo Jin and waved at him. His play time was moved up 20 minutes, so he really hated Choi Yeon Hyuk’s happy wave.
‘I hate how he’s acting, but he doesn’t have any bad intentions.’
Choi Yeon Hyuk’s always happy face made Han Woo Jin feel a bit tired. He waved back and stood up.
It was time for him to play his third match of the tournament.
When he arrived at his court, his opponent was already in front of the referee. Han Woo Jin gripped his racket and looked at his stats.
[Herbert Wesley]
Strength 54 / Stamina 55 / Agility 53
HP 1880/2200 SP 510/510
Forehand: 8/20
Backhand: 8/20
Serve: 8/20
Volley: 7/20
Smash: 6/20
Drop shot: 7/20
Lob: 7/20
Special skill: None
‘This is easy.’
Han Woo Jin evaluated his opponent. He was confident that he could beat Herbert. His stats and skills weren’t as high as Daniel’s and he also didn’t have much experience according to the system. He wasn’t a bad player but he wasn’t that good either.
Compared to Han Woo Jin who only looked like a rookie but had years of experience, Herbert is a true newbie. He was still a flower that hasn’t bloomed. Even though he won the first and second games.
“Player ready!”
Herbert won the coin toss.
Herbert made slight eye contact and decided to serve first. Han Woo Jin who had an unfriendly expression, this guy was very shy compared to him. His brown hair trembled uncomfortably.
Woojin Han on my right! Herbert Weasley on my left! Herbert to serve!”
The two players got into position. Herbert practiced tossing up the ball really high. He was obviously ready to do an overhead serve.
“Love all! Play!”
Herbert lightly nodded to Han Woo Jin and threw up the ball. Nobody would say anything if he did a surprise serve, but he took the time to see if Han Woo Jin was ready first before playing and was very courteous. An opponent who plays by the textbook wasn’t hard to play against.
He hit the ball exactly diagonal across the court. Han Woo Jin let out a big sigh because the ball landed exactly as he expected. It wasn’t fast and didn’t curve.
‘How in the world did he get this far? Were his opponents that bad?’
He hit the ball before it bounced. The ball the was returned with rising was a perfect return ace.
“Love fifteen!”
Herbert moved his shoulders back and shrunk down due to the surprise. Usually if an opponent sees your expression like that then their confidence rises. Han Woo Jin saw his expression.
He looks really young, and had freckles across his face.
He was probably 18 or 19 years old? This might be his first tournament right after he debuted. He definitely wasn’t used to this kind of tournament.
‘But I still can’t go easy on you.’
Han Woo Jin examined Herbert’s serve coldly. He might be perplexed after that return ace and he threw up the ball and used the same serve.
If a player moves without thinking, that is basically saying to ‘kill me’ in the pro world. He now expected to have an easy game and once again did a return ace.
“Love thirty!”
The reason that experiencing a tournament is very important is not just so a player can get the know-how and tricks that other players use. It’s also to harden their mental and make them mentally stronger regardless of the situation. This was something that Herbert needed badly.
His face turned pale right away after that second return ace. He looked as if he didn’t have any thoughts on what to do on his next serve. This wasn’t a problem about his physical abilities or technique. It was because of his lack of mental fortitude.
He didn’t know who his agent or coach is but how could they send this young boy and play in an ATP tour without any strategy?
Han Woo Jin clicked his tongue while looking at Herbert who looked like he was panicking.
This game from this tournament might traumatize him. As the tournament progresses more and more people will watch so he might also have stage fright and be afraid of holding his racket in fear of embarrassing himself.
“Herbert! Serve now!”
Finally the referee spoke to him to hurry up.
A vicious circle occurs. Regardless, Herbert’s mental wasn’t in a good place, and the referee’s urging didn’t help. Therefore, he hit the ball with a trembling hand.
His serve didn’t go over the net and dropped to the ground on his side. His bad mental made his serve’s precision go down. He tried to serve one more time but the spin made it hit the net once again.
“Fault! Love forty!”
This wasn’t Han Woo Jin winning this game.
It was Herbert destroying himself.
‘I can’t see this anymore.’
Han Woo Jin waited for his next serve. Thankfully, this time the serve went over the net.
Of course, his ball was returned easily.
“Game Woojin Han!”
The two players moved and changed sides. He saw that Herbert’s lips were blue while walking past him. He looked incredibly nervous which is why his blood left his face. What should he do in this type of situation?
Han Woo Jin kept on sighing and returned the ball. As soon as it was his turn to serve, Herbert got to take a break. There is no possibility of him breaking Han Woo Jin’s serve game.
Han Woo Jin didn’t go easy on him. He didn’t feel the need to use the Sparrow, but he still maintained his serve’s speed and direction.
“Fifteen love!”
You could only hear the ball hit the racket and then hit the ground. It wasn’t at a level Herbert was able to return.
Han Woo Jin didn’t realize his status, but his stats increased one level more than when he started this tournament. He was stronger than when he first faced Fabian and his agility increased from when he played with Daniel. Even if he was at his state from before the tournament, Herbert would have never been able to beat him.
The second serve bounced and curved downwards and hit the exact center of the court. It was a beautiful drive serve with a perfect spin. It had a perfect direction that was basically a textbook model.
“Thirty love!”
His service ace continued. The third time was a topspin serve. It looked like he was just practicing his techniques, placing the ball here and there.
If he focused just a little bit, he would have been able to return those serves but Herbert’s racket didn’t even come near the balls.
“Forty love!”
The game was almost over. Han Woo Jin didn’t even think about his opponent’s feelings he just concentrated on winning. If he breaks here then he would break somewhere else sooner or later. A person who pursues their dream can’t help but block others from their dreams as well.
The second game’s last serve flew at a terrifying speed.
It was a straight flat that was over 200 km/h.
The ball bounced up as if it was doing its best to avoid Herbert. He even calculated the direction of the bounce so it was a perfect service ace.
“Game Woojin Han!”
Score 0-2.
He thought that his opponent’s luck was good, but Han Woo Jin wasn’t in a good mood. Because if he beats an opponent with such a large difference in skill, then he will lost stats from the system.
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