Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 22.1

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GoT chp 22.1
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: Oer
Chapter 22.2: Round 16 #1
Translator: Pineapple
The first match of the day usually began at nine or ten in the morning. Even if the players played later during the day, they all showed up at the court around that time. It was possible that their schedule to play might be moved ahead of time. They also needed to get used to the atmosphere of the court.
Han Woo Jin was no exception. In contrast from yesterday, their small group of five shrunk down to three. They all watched the first match of the day in the corner of the stands.
‘Even though only two people left, it feels very lonely for some reason.’
They couldn’t help but think like that. Han Woo Jin and Shin Sae Yeon were both the types that didn’t speak that much so only Coach Jeon’s annoying way of speaking continued their conversation. It looked like Choi Yeon Hyuk’s positive personality and Choi Jun Sung’s lightheartedness really changes the atmosphere; that’s why their conversations were really easy.
But they’re no longer here. Their flight was early in the morning and so they didn’t even have the chance to eat breakfast before they left. They will meet again soon when they return to Korea but it was still a little lonely.
The feeling was enough. Han Woo Jin reached the top 16 in the tournament, which is why he can’t waste any energy thinking about anything else. Han Woo Jin was unwaveringly looking down at the court with a serious expression. If he were on the court what would he do?
“Hey, Woo Jin.”
Han Woo Jin who was doing a simulation match in his head was interrupted by Coach Jeon. Coach Jeon tilted his chin at a certain direction which indicated him to look over there.
Han Woo Jin listened to him and turned his head. The place that he turned his vision to had a tall black male and even though he was laying down with his legs bent, he still didn’t have enough room and looked uncomfortable.
‘He’s at least 190… or over 195?’
If he didn’t have his tennis racket next to him, then one would think that he was a basketball player. Although he was indoors, he was wearing sunglasses and was looking up at the ceiling. Han Woo Jin felt a lot of pressure due to his immense physical advantages.
After some digging, Han Woo Jin finally found out who that man is. A tall black player, Leonard Sweet. He is the player he will be playing against today. He has only seen previous recordings of his games and his profile picture. But coming into contact with him in real life made him feel slightly suffocated.
‘Should I check him out?’
He grabbed his racket and his opponent’s status showed up in his head.
[Leonard Sweet]
Strength 67 / Agility 62 / Stamina 62
Forehand: 12/20
Backhand: 10/20
Serve: 11/20
Volley: 8/20
Smash: 12/20
Dropshot: 8/20
Lob: 9/20
Special skill: ?? (smash)
“…this doesn’t make sense.”
His stats were on an incredible level. His stats were higher than Andrew’s except for agility. At the same time, Han Woo Jin could determine what kind of play style he used. Even the things he didn’t see in his recordings.
His strength was very high and his forehand level was excellent and furthermore his serve and smash levels were higher than his other skills. That means that his specialty was hitting strongly, and he focused more on forehand than backhand which showed that he was a power type player.
And even though he was such a large body, he can move very quickly with his 62 agility. His physical attributes were almost like he was cheating. It wasn’t complete nonsense when people complain about Africans having better physical attributes than others.
‘They’re a people that can do everything well except swim.’ (lol i googled it and apparently it’s true. Black ppl have higher bone density or something and so they are better literally every physical aspect on land but can’t swim as well. lmao wtf idk what’s true lol)
He had excellent muscles which gave him great elasticity which allowed him to excel in any area. The future female tennis champion, Serena Williams, defeated Sharapova with an unbeatable skill level.
The one thing he wanted to point out was the Leonard’s stamina was almost full. That means that he got past the top 32 with ease. Regardless, he was a seeded player so he wouldn’t have been too tired either way. This was like giving a tiger wings to fly.
“Game Mackra!”
Han Woo Jin was sneaking glances at Leonard while also looking at the match as he heard the ref’s voice who announced the winner of the game. Han Woo Jin came to his senses and looked at the game.
“What do you think? Can you do it?”
Coach Jeon asked him but his face showed his thoughts. Coach Jeon couldn’t see the opponent’s status like Han Woo Jin but he could read a player’s skill level. Leonard Sweet’s existence was unfathomable.
“… I heard he’s currently ranked 48th in the world rankings? Anyone might believe that he is in the top eight.”
Even with his amazing physical capabilities, he’s only top 48. He felt that the world was a large place. Han Woo Jin shook his head with a tense expression. He didn’t lose his will to win but he knew the difference between them.
Maybe, Leonard is even stronger than Andrew. Even though Leonard was the winner of the Metz Open, Han Woo Jin had no doubt.
He was a strong, straightforward power type. But even if Han Woo Jin knows where the ball will land, his body might not be able to follow through. Han Woo Jin’s mind spun furiously thinking about how to win against his opponent. He didn’t care about the current match on the court and his eyes were halfway closed thinking about his own match.
Coach Jeon didn’t talk to him because he saw how serious he was while thinking. The time went by quickly.
‘I have no answer.’
Han Woo Jin’s conclusion was that he had no way to beat him. Even though he thought of ways to fight for over an hour. Han Woo Jin’s stamina was good but compared to Leonard it was too lacking. Even his other physical ability were lacking compared to him. It was difficult to find any weakness in his skills.
Leonard’s volley was lower than other skills but it was the same level as himself. Han Woo Jin couldn’t even dream of winning against him. Eventually he couldn’t come up with a plan and stood on the court.
The black player was able to cover Han woo Jin’s body with just his shadow. Leonard extended his hand first.
“ [Hey, friend. Let’s enjoy this match.] “
His voice was very friendly. His intonation had a rhythm, so his way of speaking was kind of like he was rapping.
“ [Please take care of me.] “
That was pretty much all Han Woo Jin was able to say with his limited English vocabulary. But Leonard didn’t care. With a firm handshake, he went back to his side of the court and nodded at the referee. He was telling him to start the coin toss.
The ref was a little annoyed because the player acted like he was in charge. But that was it. He took out a coin and tossed up.
Leonard chose heads which left Han Woo Jin tails which left him slightly annoyed.
It was heads.
“ [Woo! Don’t feel too bad friend! I just have good luck.] “
His pleasant voice now sounded annoying. Han Woo Jin didn’t reply, and Leonard just shrugged his shoulders and received the ball. As soon as the two players got into position, the referee announced to begin.
“Leonard Sweet on my right! Woojin Han on my left! Leonard to serve!”
Leonard got into position. His 195 cm height was completely straight so he looked like a giant. If his arm is stretched completely upwards then he might be over two meters tall. He didn’t know what kind of serve Leonard will send him.
“Love all! Play!”
Even though the ref signalled to begin, Leonard didn’t move immediately. He first looked at Han Woo Jin up and down several times before tossing up the ball. If he was trying to confuse Han Woo Jin by messing with the timing, then he succeeded.
The ball that was hit from over two meters tall, created a loud sound where the timing of when the ball the racket and when it hit the ground was almost at the same time. That was how fast the ball flew. Before Han Woo Jin could even move his racket by ten degrees the ball was already flying out of the court. Even if you saw that serve from far away, you could see how high the ball bounced from that serve.
“Fifteen love!”
‘Crazy, just how fast was that?’
Not even Choi Yeon Hyuk’s serve was that fast. Even though Han Woo Jin missed the timing, he was capable of receiving a ball that was going at 220 km/h but he couldn’t react to this serve. He quickly turned his head and looked at the speed gun.
232 km/h.
It was over 230 km/h! This man was definitely a player ranked in the top 10 in the world when it came to serves. The fastest serve in the world was 240 km/h. The number of individuals that can hit over 230 km/h can be counted on the fingers of one’s hands.
A person’s skill level didn’t matter, this can only be achieved by great physical attributes and strength. Han Woo Jin grit his teeth as he was frustrated by the serve that could only be used by blessed individuals. He expected this game to go completely in control of his opponent.
His expectation became reality.
“Thirty love!”
The ball reaching a speed of 230 km/h was a heroic feat. Furthermore, with Leonard’s height, if he twists his wrist even a little, it drastically changes the direction of the serve.
Even though Han Woo Jin knew where the ball was going to land, a slight mistake was enough for Leonard to score a point.
“Forty love!”
This serve was faster than before. Han Woo Jin turned his entire body this time as he looked at the speed gun. 236 km/h. It almost reached 240 km/h.
He cursed under his breath. Even though he knows where to expect the ball, his body’s reflexes couldn’t react to receive it. Han Woo Jin’s agility which was only at 56 couldn’t hope to return a ball travelling over 230 km/h.
Leonard gave a smirk and dropped his shoulders. It was a completely different expression from the start of the game.
As soon as Han Woo Jin was about to move his foot, Leonard hit the ball. It was an underserve.
“Game Leonard!”
Han Woo Jin had a suspicion that he was about to do that but he reacted too late and by the time he realized, the ball already bounced twice. Han Woo Jin lost the first game completely by service aces.
But he thought that this was fine. With his opponent’s skills, it was totally natural for him to be able to do this.
But why was he acting like this?
“That son of a bitch…!”
Han Woo Jin muttered as he grinded his teeth. Leonard’s last serve was clearly provoking him. That last serve wasn’t serious at all. It was him looking down on his opponent.
Even if he didn’t use an underhand serve, he would have still gotten a service ace.
World ranking 48th, Leonard Sweet.
He was a player with terrifying skills. But his personality was distasteful.
“Game 2! Woojin Han serve!”
He wanted to hit his face with his racket who was smirking at him. His body was getting heated up from his anger. If he used his anger properly, then it is good.
He tried letting out his anger and calming down by taking a long and deep breath. Then he lifted his head.
‘Oh… he’s an interesting guy.’
Leonard was pleasantly surprised, seeing his opponent was able to calm down, when he fully expected him to burst out in rage. Even though he provoked him like that, it was rare for players to be able to calm themselves down.
At least, up until now in his career, no one has ever been able to do so. His opponent is able to control his emotions within 30 seconds.
Whether he admired him or not, Han Woo Jin didn’t care about what he thought and threw up the ball. Leonard recognized Han Woo Jin’s special serve from the weird way his body was position when he tossed up the ball.
But he didn’t know how to react to this. In the short moment that he paused, the Sparrow was used.
“Fifteen love!”
Compared to Leonard’s serve, it wasn’t as fast. But the Sparrow had a different strength that it used other than speed.
It was a bounce where you couldn’t tell where it will pop up.
‘This might be annoying.’
Leonard had a large body like a bear but if compared to animals he was more like a leopard. Leonard stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips. It was the expression of a predator looking at his prey.
He had a cold expression on his face and eyes.
It was like a fire lit up in his eyes as Han Woo Jin tossed up his second serve.
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