Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 25.6

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Chapter 25.6: Kim Chun Open #5
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: oeroboros
In the end, the game ended with Han Woo Jin’s victory. Although Han Woo Jin’s state of mind wasn’t at its peak, the skills between the two players was large enough to make a difference. Wang Chen felt regretful but he was content with the outcome. They shook hands at the net. Han Woo Jin had no expression, compared to Wang Chen who had a smile.
‘This is annoying.’
Why do I need to think about those things?
Han Woo Jin let go of Wang Chen’s rough hands and left. He was even annoyed the by system’s notice. He didn’t like his wavering determination because he wanted to fight his best until the end but he was wavering even before the match. He needed to do something. He needed to get rid of these useless thoughts.
[Average play! The skills that you used will increase in experience due to your victory in the top eight.] [Correction. You already made achievements in a higher level tournament so your rewards will be decreased.] [Your total rewards will be calculated at the end of the tournament.]
His level didn’t level up this time as well. Furthermore, he heard that his play this time was just average due to his state of mind and the end result. Han Woo Jin couldn’t help but frown and wrinkles formed on his forehead.
He couldn’t continue playing like this in this condition. The next game, his opponent will be even stronger than Wang Chen and if he plays in this condition, then he won’t even be able to play in the finals.
He left the court with a tired expression as Shin Sae Yeon followed him. She looked at Han Woo Jin with a cold expression as usual. He was walking while looking at the ground as he saw Shin Sae Yeon standing in front of him.
“.. Sae Yeon ssi?”
“We need to talk.”
She didn’t intend to take no for an answer. She didn’t play on just watching her player continue playing below his usual condition. Han Woo Jin just nodded. He just needed someone to talk to.
“Let’s go somewhere we can talk.”
The two people walked over to a nearby cafe. As it wasn’t a franchise cafe, there wasn’t any customers. They sat in a corner spot, so that they couldn’t hear any of the music.
Shin Sae Yeon came back to the table with an americano and lemonade as she placed it on the table. To Han Woo Jin, this felt like a familiar situation from the past and couldn’t help laughing.
“Why are you laughing?”
It was her normal voice but he felt it had a colder tone than usual because of her expression. Han Woo Jin went back to his usual expression and drank his lemonade. After that, the two people began speaking.
“You know you messed up today’s game right?”
Han Woo Jin didn’t deny it, as he couldn’t deny it. Anyone that watched his game for the first time could point out his mistakes. His serve speed and direction was weaker and of inferior quality than usual. His play standard that was normally as accurate as a machine wasn’t like that this game.
As soon as he agreed, she lifted her cup and drank nearly half of her coffee before putting it down. You could hear the cup hitting the table throughout the entire cafe.
“I didn’t ask you this morning. But I have to ask you now. What exactly is the problem?”
Shin Sae Yeon genuinely didn’t know. As she watched him at the Kim Chun open, he didn’t have any problems in the beginning and there shouldn’t be any reason for his poor condition .His physical fitness wasn’t the problem as it was perfect.
Han Woo JIn was worried for a moment.
‘Should I tell her what Kim Sang Pil told me? Do I have to keep this story from her? Because he already left? No.’
He opened his mouth. This wasn’t something that he should hide from her. He can’t ignore his agent who takes care of him even late at night. As soon as Han Woo Jin opened his mouth, she began listening with sincere eyes. He spoke to her without stopping for nearly ten minutes.
But he couldn’t talk to her about his inner troubles/demons. Also, he couldn’t talk about Kim Hyung Tae’s future achievements according to his previous life. Therefore, his respect should disappear as that hasn’t happened yet in this timeline. How could he explain, how something glorious could possibly not happen because of one little act of his?
Of course, Han Woo Jin couldn’t guarantee that he could beat Kim Hyung Tae. Han Woo Jin’s technique and skills increased dramatically after every match. It’s obvious that his skills will increase by a level after the Kim Chun Open.
It didn’t matter to Han Woo Jin whether he won or not at Seoul Open. Unlike Kim Hyung Tae who was at the peak of his career, Han Woo Jin was just beginning. Han Woo Jin could never guess that Coach Jeon wanted him to attend the Tokyo Open.
Han Woo Jin stared intently at Shin Sae Yeon as he was curious about what she would say.
She spoke back to him with the same expression as usual.
“You’re talking about Kim Hyung Tae in your story right?”
Han Woo Jin unconsciously swallowed his breath. Shin Sae Yeon pointed out the story’s main point with accuracy even though Han Woo Jin spoke in circles. She explained to him in an unsurprised tone.
“I received a call earlier. I was told about your Seoul Open participation and you possibly not entering.”
“Let’s talk about this later, it’s too complicated. That kind of problem will be handled by the president. Our only problem right now, is to fix your condition.”
Her cold attitude was like a knife stabbing him. Shin Sae Yeon ignored the outside problems of the tennis organization and the president. Her primary focus is Han Woo Jin, who was currently not playing up to his full potential. Han Woo Jin just closed his mouth because Shin Sae Yeon was correct.
Shin Sae Yeon continued speaking.
“Would you like to think backwards?”
He didn’t understand what she was saying. He tilted his head and she continued talking. It wasn’t anything complicated.
“Let’s think about if you were in Kim Hyung Tae’s shoes. You prepared a lot for many important games this year. You accumulated many points through those games and you polished your skills.”
He just nodded because he still didn’t know where she was going with this.
As she continued speaking, Han Woo Jin’s realization came to him like a lightning bolt. He was shocked at what he worried about.
“How would you feel if a junior of yours told you that he would change his schedule because he didn’t want to ruin your future? There, how do you feel?”
Han Woo Jin’s mouth widened. Han Woo Jin quickly closed his mouth as his lemonade was about to come back out. Luckily, she didn’t see that he almost spat out his drink. He was fascinated by the sudden change in the point of view that occurred. To think that he could think like that?
What would happen if Han Woo Jin were Kim Hyung Tae?
Could he gracefully accept that his junior would yield for him?
“… I would feel dirty.”
Shin Sae Yeon calmly drank the rest of her coffee with a satisfied face. The hot and bitter coffee was drained empty. She got up from her seat to order one more cup of coffee. In the meantime, Han Woo Jin realized how arrogant he was being.
He spoke to himself in a quiet voice.
“Am I a fool?”
Respect is not an emotion that can be expressed through words or pretend. But he almost went that direction.
Han Woo Jin felt a refreshed clarity that was troubling him since yesterday. The dust that has accumulated for years has been cleanly mopped up and was now clean and tidy.
He needed to play his best because Kim Hyung Tae was a player who deserved his respect. If you are a sports athlete you must compete against others for victory and risk being defeated. If he beats Kim Hyung Tae, then his future accomplishments will be gone but that will be the right thing to do. Also, Han Woo Jin was curious as to when he started to worry about other players.
Athletes can only respect one another after facing each other when they were playing their best. He was foolish to think that he could easily beat Kim Hyung Tae and change the future outcome. It was a very conceited.
“Have you cleared your thoughts?”
“Yes, thank you, Sae Yeon ssi.”
“It’s nothing.”
Shin Sae Yeon shrugged her shoulders lightly cooly and sat down. It smelled like she ordered a caramel macchiato this time as it smelled sweet. She gulped down her coffee and stared at Han Woo Jin. She was curious whether he came to his senses or not.
‘It looks like he’s back to normal. That’s a relief.’
It was hard to read Han Woo Jin’s mind because he normally didn’t show his expressions. But if he does show his expression then that means that something is wrong. The reason she was worried about him this morning was because of that.
But now, he looked fine. His dark expression came back as usual.
Shin Sae Yeon put down her coffee along with her worries. His confident voice also returned.
“Alright, let’s get back to work.”
Han Woo Jin looked back at her in a stunned expression. Work? She didn’t bring him here to talk about his poor condition?
Shin Sae Yeon interrupted his thoughts. She took out her A4 paperwork and notebook from her bag as Han Woo Jin raised his hand and touched his head. She was serious about the work.
“First, should we go over the final four players?”
Han Woo Jin couldn’t help but obediently listen to her as she always got excited while working. He also couldn’t find a reason to get out of this.
The tennis in Korea is small. It is very easy to obtain information about where the player trains and who trains them. It is the same reason why the news about Choi Yeon Hyuk and Han Woo Jin spread in such a short time.
However, there are many players who are still unknown. Player Yoon Kyung Soo is an undiscovered player who was one of the top three players in Korea, ranked 218th in the world.
He asked his agent in an uncomfortable voice.
“That Han Woo Jin or Woo Jun fellow that played today? He wasn’t that great.”
“I believe his condition wasn’t good today.”
Yoon Kyung Soo was a son of a wealthy family. That’s why even without a sponsor he was able to participate in tournaments and even hire an agent with his own money to continue playing as a pro. That’s why his agent’s attitude was more respectful to him than a regular agent would treat his player.
“Condition? Bullshit. He’s just a young pup.”
It wasn’t something that Yoon Kyung Soo should say as he was only 25 years old. But his agent didn’t reply. He has been with his player for six years already, taking care of his bad attitude.
“Hyung Joon hyung, be honest. Am I better or him?”
Yoon Kyung Soo’s agent, Park Hyung Joon closed his mouth. It was evident that he believed that if he said that it was Han Woo Jin, then he would get yelled at for upsetting him. Of course, Han Woo Jin’s play was disappointing today. If he played like today during their match, then it’s possible for his player to win.
“If he plays like today, then you will win.”
“Right? But why does the newspaper only talk about him?”
He believed that his agent took his side and complained to him. He had an inferiority complex that he didn’t see. He was always in the shadow of Kim Hyung Tae among the Korean rankers which made him like that.
If he got angry at Kim Hyung Tae, there was nothing he could do because of the gap in skills and experience between himself and Kim Hyung Tae. Also because of the two newbies were becoming rising stars, he couldn’t help but be jealous. Park Hyung Joon knew what his player was thinking.
“If you take away his one victory at the futures tournament, then doesn’t he have a pretty bad record at the ATP tour? It’s funny how they’re making such a big deal over that poor record.”
Park Hyung Joon wanted to tell him, that that was still pretty impressive for a newbie. Luckily, Yoon Kyung Soo continued speaking so he couldn’t interrupt.
“Who do you think will win tomorrow?”
It was here. With a dry mouth, he licked his lips and answered. He needed to be careful with his answer in order to not upset him. He answered with a short reply.
“… Six to four about.”
“I win by six? Alright, I’ll trust you because it’s you hyung.”
Yoon Kyung Soo believed himself to be the superior player so he instantly in a better mood and went to eat. Park Hyung Joon swallowed the end of his sentence with difficulty.
He meant to say that Han Woo Jin was the six.
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