Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 26.1

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God of Tennis Chapter 26.1: Semifinals #1
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: ouroboros
Although the matches were now in the semifinals, there still weren’t that many audience members in the stands. There were only about 30 to 40 people. The players were slightly depressed that there were so few people to watch them play.
That’s why President Cho had the mission to popularize tennis in Korea. Han Woo Jin who didn’t care about the amount of viewers watching from the stands still felt a little disappointment from the small amount of viewers, and wondered how bad the other players thought.
While Han Woo Jin and Shin Sae Yeon who were waiting, heard someone’s voice behind them. It was a voice he’s never heard before.
“Oh, isn’t this junior Han Woo Jin? Why are you here so early?”
“… Player Yoon Kyung Soo?”
Han Woo Jin almost asked who he was, then he was barely able to remember the man’s name. If it wasn’t for the profile that he read yesterday, then he wouldn’t have known his name. Yoon Kyung Soo frowned at Han Woo Jin’s reaction but laughed immediately and raised his hand and patted his shoulder..
“Player? Why aren’t you calling me senior when you’re my junior? You’re acting so unfriendly.”(In korea they have this thing where younger people call older people Sunbae (senior) and its a cultural thing where they show respect, but imo its bullshit lol.)
Han Woo Jin glared at him because he put his arm around his shoulders. It was awkward when a person tried to act close, when they were strangers, but Yoon Kyung Soo took it a step too far. Han Woo Jin was already in a bad mood because a stranger wanted him to be called “senior”.
Han Woo Jin spoke as his arm was pushed down on his shoulder. Usually, these kinds of people don’t have kind intentions. He was way too friendly to begin with which was suspicious and awkward. It was the kind of voice that a person uses when they believe to be superior.
“Please move your arm.”
Yoon Kyung Soo’s smiling face faltered. Everyone suddenly felt tense as this situation turned heavy. Han Woo Jin looked at his opponent’s unsightly face without any expression.
Yoon Kyung Soo whose body was slightly stiff for a moment suddenly loosened. The change was so quick, so those watching the situation was confused. He suddenly began speaking in a cheery voice and took off his arm from his shoulder
“Junior, you don’t like being touched? I’m sorry, I didn’t know that, forgive me?”
“… Yes.”
Han Woo Jin still replied respectfully. Even though he didn’t like him, the tennis community in Korea was very small. He didn’t want to come into conflict with one of the top three players in Korea. He can let loose on the court and smash him without thinking about the implications of not being respectful to him.
“Is this junior’s girlfriend? Wow, you have good luck. You can play around with such a pretty woman.”
“Sae Yeon ssi…!”
[First match of the day, Player Han Woo Jin and player Carlos please get ready for your semi-finals match in ten minutes!]
The moment he was about to reply rudely back to him, he was interrupted by the announcer. Yoon Kyung Soo just smirked and touched his shoulder as he walked towards the waiting area. Shin Sae Yeon, who was just watching their conversation looked in disbelief.
“What kind of person is that?” (shes calling him a pos)
“I know, right?”
He replied normally. She was curious because Han Woo Jin didn’t seem to care. Even though he was only 23 years old and should easily get angered, he didn’t react.
But Han Woo Jin spoke calmly. He used to be criticized everyday in his past life so he was used to bad treatment like that so he didn’t respond to situations like that. He was actually angry about him talking about Shin Sae Yeon. But before he could speak he was already walking away.
“Player Yoon Kyung Soo is top three right?”
“Yes, his world ranking is 218 but his reputation isn’t that great compared to his rank.”
Han Woo Jin thought that ranking was everything.
“Although the ranking points portrayed how well the player played, points are just the result of a tournament. The amount of tournaments he’s played also impacts how many points he gets.”
“… So you can just get points by entering a lot of tournaments, if you have no financial worries.”
“That’s right.”
The two kept on talking and he thought that he would go up at exactly ten minutes. If he walked up to the court early, then he might run into Yoon Kyung Soo.
Han Woo Jin asked her a question. It was about how he could play so many tournaments.
“Then player Yoon Kyung Soo must have a lot of expectations from many people. Because his sponsors are supporting him.
“Nope, not at all.”
Shin Sae Yeon refuted him. Han Woo Jin didn’t expect her denial. How could he play so many tournaments without any sponsors and yet maintain his position in the top three? She looked at the waiting area for the players and continued speaking.
“Player Yoon Kyung Soo is the second son of the president of a medium sized corporation. He doesn’t have any goals for business so he debuted as a tennis pro when he started playing as a hobby, but it seemed like he has some talent for it.”
‘But that’s all.’
Han Woo Jin imagined that she said that last bit (he imagined she said that yoon kyung soo is only slightly good at tennis). His family was very wealthy, so he didn’t have any financial burdens when traveling abroad. He gains plenty of points by traveling to other countries, participating in their challenger leagues which is enough to maintain his position as top three in Korea.
“That means that his skills weren’t an actual representation of his rank.”
“That’s what you think but if you think like that then you will underestimate him. Right now you need to concentrate on your own play. It’s not too late to think about how to handle him after this match.
Han Woo Jin nodded at her serious tone. The ten minute mark was almost up. It was time for him to get ready.
“Then let’s see after this match.”
“I will get mad at you, if you play like yesterday.”
“Euk, alright.”
Although they spoke playfully, Han Woo Jin still took the hit. Only Shin Sae Yeon noticed condition and watched his back while he walked.
Regardless of how much he was used to provocation and contempt he was still in a bad mood. Yoon Kyung Soo’s earlier provocation angered him.
If someone looked down on him, he first needed the qualification to do so. That qualification was the difference in skill which allowed another to look down on his opponents.
Did Yoon Kyung Soo have the qualification to look down on Han Woo Jin?
That was still unknown.
Carlos was a player that was totally different from Han Woo Jin.
He used his physical advantage and used his agility to move quickly around the court. Han Woo Jin’s style was that of staying in one spot and trying to control his opponent, whereas Carlos did the opposite.
Although their strategies may be different, their skills will be the deciding factor on who wins. Han Woo Jin didn’t look at Carlos’ status but he didn’t believe that he was stronger than him.
Carlos sent him a smooth lob and Han Woo Jin smashed it down. The ball flew down at a frightening speed which ended the game.
“Game Han Woo Jin!”
Han Woo Jin won the game without changing his expression. Han Woo Jin just won his serve game and it looked unlikely that Carlos wins his own serve game.
‘He’s a passionate player.’
Carlos lost the first game and guessed Han Woo Jin’s skills. And then his will to fight burned even brighter. It was his turn to serve as he tossed up the ball.
There was a sharp sound as if a cloth was being ripped. With concentrated strength the ball flew and bounced past Han Woo JIn.
It’s crazy fast.
Han Woo Jin turned his head and saw the speed gun. It reached a speed that was difficult for most Korean players to reach.
204 km/h.
It was over 200 km/h. It was slightly slower compared to a world class serve but in a challenger league, it was quite impressive. Han Woo Jin unconsciously smiled. It was a serve that could make him lose a game because he needed time to adapt to the speed of the serve.
It was similar to a flat serve but it was slightly curved. The direction came out slightly different than Han Woo Jin calculated because of Carlos’s arm length and the angle he swung at. He was probably about five cm off from the ball.
He was getting used to the speed. Han Woo Jin had very good analysis abilities and if he is able to further analyze the opponent and study his skills, then it would be like giving a lion wings. His analysis skill that has improved thus far showed its strength.
This time he was able to barely receive the ball but he didn’t move at all because he just wanted to make sure his calculation was correct. This time he just watched the curve of the ball as it was hit towards him.
‘…he’s scary.’
That was Carlos’ thought as he just won his third point. The small oriental man in front of him gave him chills.
The look in his eyes looked especially dangerous. He felt that his eyes were analyzing and dissecting his skin and ripping off layer by layer. The Asian player stood tall as he continued to dissect his skills in detail. Just before, although his eyes were following his serve. If he was able to follow his serve, then he could easily return it.
But still, Carlos didn’t give up. He entered this tournament with the intention to win even though his opponent was strong. He will try his best to win.
Han Woo Jin didn’t move from his spot and looked at the fourth serve. He just wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss anything from this serve. He didn’t want to waste energy by scoring four more points and it wasn’t too late to break his opponent’s next serve game.
Han Woo Jin’s speciality was his cold calculations. If he didn’t need to waste energy/stamina, then Han Woo Jin will just let his opponent score the point.
“Game Carlos!”
The score was 1-1. But the players thoughts were different. People who could read tennis, saw the difference.
Carlos who lost the first game.
And Han Woo Jin who completely analyzed the opponent’s serve game in one game.
This difference will begin to show now. His face showed nervousness but he still wanted to fight as Han Woo JIn serve.
The serve was the skill that was Han Woo Jin’s highest level. It wasn’t a fluke that Han Woo Jin got service aces for the entire first game, except for one return from Carlos.
He once again got a service ace.
Carlos could feel the sweat on his back. It wasn’t a ball that he could return. It reminded of the serve from the ATP tours high rankers that he participated in.
Han Woo Jin.
Carlos ingrained that name into his mind.
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