Novel Name : God of Tennis

God of Tennis - Chapter 27.1

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Chapter 27.1: Finals #1
Translator: Pineapple
Editor: ouroboros
Although there was a net between them, the actual distance in between the two players was only about two meters. Han Woo Jin was clearly able to see Yoon Kyung Soo’s face that was red with anger.
‘Why is he the one mad when he is the one that caused it? I’m the one who should be angry not you.’
Han Woo Jin knew that he wasn’t good in social situations. It was because of his tens of years of being bullied in the past. That’s why he couldn’t imagine enthusiastic and laughing while chatting with someone. That’s why he always responded roughly.
Also this wasn’t even his fault to begin with. This began because Yoon Kyung Soo tried to force the senior-junior relationship when they were complete strangers and showed such a disrespectful attitude towards him. Han Woo Jin was firmly set on not being the one to stick his hand out first to shake hands.
“Players please decide on the side of the coin.”
The two players who were having a glaring contest with each other was stopped by the referee. Yoon Kyung Soo loudly spoke out his side he chose first.
“… Back.”
You could hear the coin being flipped from the ref’s hand. The coin flew into the air and landed on the back of his hand as he covered it with the other. The referee revealed which side the coin landed on and it was the front.
“Please Yoon Kyung Soo, serve first.”
Yoon Kyung Soo didn’t even say what he wanted to do as the referee just spoke and handed him the balls. Han Woo Jin was tightly holding onto his racket during the few moments as he was walking to the baseline on his side of the court. He couldn’t afford to underestimate his opponent as he was still ranked third in South Korea.
‘I should use it when I need to use it.’
There was no need to be reserved in times like this. Only an idiot won’t use his advantage during a critical situation. He didn’t want to make a huge loss over a small problem.
The status window that Han Woo Jin hadn’t used the entire Kim Chun Open finally popped up.
[Yoon Kyung Soo]
Strength 55 / Stamina 53 / Agility 57
HP 1750/2120 SP 540/540
Forehand: 9/20
Backhand: 7/20
Serve: 9/20
Volley: 8/20
Smash: 6/20
Dropshot: 7/20
Lob: 8/20
Special Skill: None
He had a weird variety of stats and skills. Han Woo Jin examined Yoon Kyung Soo’s back with a curious look. Right now, if his status is real, then his body is quite bad.
‘Does he not even take good care of his own body?’
That was his biggest question.
It didn’t matter how much HP he had left, his stats were weak compared to his appearance. Yoon Kyung Soo was 183 cm tall, weighing 70 kg and had a large physique. But his stats only amount to that?
None of his stats were superior to Han Woo Jin’s. The only decent thing about him was his agility which was about one or two points above his previous agility stat during the Metz Open.
That was it.
In the sports world, a professional needs to heavily exert their body. It’s hard to ask them to push to their limits but the player needs to at least maintain a certain level of physique.
Also, just because you’re a pro doesn’t mean that you can just wantonly drink, smoke, and eat greasy foods as you like. Rather, that will have a more serious impact on your body.
It’s because they always have to live a life of discipline. In order to create a tougher body to withstand the competition, they need to go through extreme training and suffering. They ignore their burning/screaming lungs while they run. They endure their hunger in order to get rid of excess fat. They don’t stop swinging their racket for a single day to not lag behind the competition.
Of course, the person who puts in all their effort doesn’t always win. But, those who succeed, all of them put in their full effort.
That’s what it sounds like. Talent is one of the most important aspects but just talent alone isn’t enough. Grit is a necessary ingredient for polishing their talent in order to transform a rock into a gem. And Yoon Kyung Soo was a player who didn’t put in the effort during that process.
“Player ready!”
The referee’s voice made their muscles tense up. At that signal, Yoon Kyung Soo tossed up the ball.
“Love all! Play!”
Before the referee finished speaking, Yoon Kyung Soo, who was mad with anger served. You could hear a sound similar to a whip.
It went in a nice direction. Even if he was lacking in strength and stamina. Yoon Kyung Soo’s serve was still top ranker’s serve. But the speed wasn’t impressive. The topspin serve curved as it passed the net.
It was decent.
Han Woo Jin admitted that his serve wasn’t bad. Yoon Kyung Soo was able to reach the top three in South Korea because he is able to do at least this much.
But Han Woo Jin wasn’t scared of that ball. If he compares this serve with the world, the top three rankers in Korea is just a frog in a well.
The second serve curved to the side. It was a combination of strength, control and snapping his wrist together. Yoon Kyung Soo made up for his lack of strength with technique. If his physique wasn’t so lacking because of his bad habits, then this serve would have been much stronger.
This time, Han Woo Jin didn’t stay still and ran towards the ball. The speed wasn’t fast to him, so he could easily react even if he was a step late.
Yoon Kyung Soo just stood still after serving. He probably expected another service ace. Han Woo Jin slightly tilted his racket and dropped the ball in front of the net.
He could see Yoon Kyung Soo’s confident face turned ugly because he failed to make another ace.
The referee announced Han Woo Jin’s point. Yoon Kyung Soo tossed up the ball with a face like he couldn’t believe that just happened. Han Woo Jin saw that his hand was gripping his racket too tightly from his anger.
‘He’s bad at controlling his emotions.’
Han Woo Jin coldly evaluated internally. He was born a high aptitude but he lived his life too carefreely.
If this is his limit, then Han Woo Jin didn’t need to drag this game out too long.
The first game went along with Han Woo Jin’s flow. Yoon Kyung Soo was unable to properly use his hands after his first point and lost the rest. This was his first time experiencing a possible break set during his first serving game.
‘I can’t believe this!’
Yoon Kyung Soo was in disbelief as he grit his teeth. To think the outcome of the first game would end up like this. His opponent was a timid little rookie. He was ranked number one in terms of accuracy and was confident that he was superior in this aspect compared to Kim Hyung Tae. To think that his serve that he was most confident in with his accuracy was defeated so easily like this.
However, the situation wouldn’t change whether he believed it or not. Han Woo Jin just looked at him with a condescending look and returned his curved serve. It was a perfect return that he hit without any hesitation.
‘Don’t make me laugh!’
He’s better than expected. Yoon Kyung Soo quickly thought to himself as he burst towards the ball and received it. The player that he thought so low of was able to push him this far already. Han Woo Jin didn’t expect the serve volley and the ball bounced back onto his side. The first game of the set that was about to end in a breakpoint was evened out to a deuce as Yoon Kyung Soo scored a point.
But Han Woo Jin maintained his calm expression. He at least expected this much skill from him. It would be extremely arrogant of him to underestimate one of the top three rankers in South Korea, whether his personality or effort is good or not.
“Should I see more?”
Han Woo Jin mumbled under his breath.
He fully studied Yoon Kyung Soo’s serve style. He continued to think about how to react to his serves due to the curves that his serve had.
The two players began to in a strange style.
Han Woo Jin returned the ball in which it was difficult for Yoon Kyung Soo to return it, as Yoon Kyung Soo used his secret skills to continue attacking him.
Han Woo Jin currently had the advantage in scoreline but the points kept on going back and forth.
The game was more intense than the spectators expected, so the viewers were getting more excited while watching the match. Shin Sae Yeon was also intensely watching the entire court.
‘Woo Jin ssi has the advantage.’
She was different from the regular audience as she had more experience. The score and the rallies might look the same but she could tell who was superior and inferior in terms of skill.
“Game Yoon Kyung Soo!”
The person who probably felt the most on who was the superior or inferior player was the player himself on the court. Shin Sae Yeon looked down on Yoon Kyung Soo who began breathing roughly.
At that time she suddenly received a phone call. She stopped watching the game as she took out her phone. She saw a familiar name.
“Hello, this is Shin Sae Yeon.”
[ Oh, you picked up. It hasn’t been long since the game started right? ]
“Yes it began about 30 minutes ago. The score is currently 4-3, with Woo Jin ssi in the lead.”
The person on the other side of the phone was Coach Jeon. She explained the current situation to him. Surprisingly, Jeon Sang Shik had no interest in the finals of the Kim Chun Open.
[That’s enough. His opponent is Yoon Kyung soo right?]
“Yes his opponent is top three in Korea.”
They were silent for a moment. But it was short-lived. Jeon Sang Shik knew the outcome of the game. He spoke as if it was obvious.
[Woo Jin will win. It would be different his opponent was Hyun Chul. He can’t compare to him yet.]
“Player Kim Hyung Chul? Ranked fifth?”
Shin Sae Yeon asked curiously. She checked the Korean top ten rankers every week. THat’s why she was surprised by the name of the player he spoke of. Because Kim Hyun Chul has never won against Yoon Kyung Soo.
Coach Jeon explained immediately as he knew she didn’t understand.
[Hyun Chul has a very weird style that is messes with the timing of the ball, so Woo Jin will have a difficult time. But all Kyung Soo uses are tricks. Those things won’t be effective against players who by the textbook.]
“So it’s basically like rock paper scissors? Ah, the odds are now leaning towards Woo Jin.”
She stopped speaking to Coach Jeon and looked down at the situation of the court which was at a turning point. It was the eighth game of the first set.
Compared to Yoon Kyung Soo who was running around haggardly around the court, Han Woo Jin didn’t seem tired at all. He just stood at his spot and kept on returning the ball. Even a regular spectator will know who is winning.
“Ah ha.”
[You understand now that you see it? Why do you think I said that before?]
“Yes, I understand now. If a trickster runs out of tricks then they will lose.”
There was a limit to how many points he can get with his serve. Yoon Kyung Soo reached his limit.
If Han Woo Jin missed a ball, then he quickly learned from the mistake and didn’t miss the next one. Every time Yoon Kyung Soo used a technique, his arsenal of weapons steadily decreased. Unless he had an unlimited amount of tricks then he will lose.
Finally, the eighth ended.
“Game Han Woo Jin!”
Shin Sae Yeon was relieved. Yoon Kyung Soo had no way of coming back from this. The balance they had in their rallies until now was broken.
[Ahchacha, I need to tell you about something. Can you speak now?]
Coach Jeon began speaking through her phone.
“Are you sure?”
Shin Sae Yeon’s eyes widened in surprise. She was shocked. Then in a few moments she was able to decide whether this was good or bad. This surprise could go both ways.
And then she smiled.
“That turned out good.”
It was good news.
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