Novel Name : You Dare

You Dare - Chapter 2

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“It’s just a rumor. There’s no evidence anywhere of my father’s death. He’ll definitely be back.”
Rahee shouted at Lawrence.
Who do you think you are to kill someone’s father and then pretend to save them.
“What is it?”
Lawrence’s eyes were twitching and the corners of his mouth were drawn curiously. He couldn’t take his eyes off the girl who stood up to me fearlessly.
When his cold eyes touched, Rahee hugged the pipa in her arms harder. A man sitting arrogantly as if it were his own house fixed his eyes on the sofa.
“It’s Pipa.”
Is he trying to take it instead of debt? For a moment tens of thousands of doubts filled her mind. Pipa can’t do it at all right?
“Not that wood, but you.”
“What? Oh….no, it’s not a price of wood. It’s a musical instrument called Pipa.”
When I was in Ryeoguk, it was a very memorable musical instrument that my mom played under the moonlight. But what a piece of wood!
“Yes, aside from that. Who are you?”
Pipa or a peice of wood, the foreign instrument was out of the question. The native products of the East are cherished by the rich aristocrats. Besides, it wasn’t exactly Lawrence’s taste.
“She’s my brother’s daughter.” Sofia replied instead of Rahee.
“There was another young lady in Salletor, wasn’t there?”
Lawrence asked Sofia back with a mysterious look. Again his gaze turned to Rahee back. He skimmed down Rahee from head to toe. You don’t look very young when you talk, but if I see her skinny body which is like her aunt and half-grown height, is she 15 years old or is she late to develop because of malnutrition?
Rahee felt weird about the blonde man looking at her like an object. I thought it was because I scared Sofia. Roughly because the debtor looks threatening with a fierce look. But what kind of debtor looks like a prince? But speaking out of appearance was very businesslike and hard.
“He’ll be back. Please. Please wait a little longer.”
Rahee was the most angry at Lawrence’s words when Lawrence said that her father had died.
“I also hope that the Lord Salletor will return.”
Lawrence smiled coldly at Rahee.
“I can’t give you a grace period without collateral.”
Lawrence’s gaze turned to Sofia. He flatly refused her request to wait.
“Mr. Banker, please give me a little more time. I’ll put this mansion up for security. The price of land here could rise significantly next year, right?”
Sofia asked Lawrence desperately again.
“I refuse. I’m a financier. I don’t believe in clouds. I know the land prices here can’t go up. So you’ll have to come up with another security.”
Sofia finally burst into tears at Lawrence’s savage answer. She cried sadly and then coughed again, and the gentlemen turned their heads, again frowning.
“I’ll pay you back for it.” exclaimed  Rahee walked right in front of Lawrence and shouted.
Sofia took Rahee’s arm in surprise. It was far out of etiquette for a child to get involved in an adult conversation. What’s more, that immature thing doesn’t know what she’s talking about.
“Are you going to pay off your debts?”
Rahee’s expression was very determined.
“How are you going to pay me back?”
Lawrence was amused with the daring attitude of the little girl.
“I’ll work hard and pay you back. Please accept me as a maid. I’ll clean and do the laundry. I can do it.”
Lawrence’s lips curled up and stared at Rahee fiercely.
However, I thought about this little girl for the first time, but her face was not unfamiliar. A mixed-race man who looked like Rahee was familiar with the eyes he met one day, even though it was not common in the Kosimo Empire. So while talking to Sofia, I was busy figuring out who Rahee looked like.
“Amber eyes, slim face, glossy black hair.”
Now it’s an incomplete look, but I can see what face the girl will have when she grows up.
I remember it now. It is now clear who the girl looks like. Lawrence’s eyes turned round and a smile rose on his face.
‘Katrine would love it very much.’2
“Yes, you pay it back.”
After finishing the calculation in his head, he accepted the girl’s bold request, and Rahee’s eyes widened, perhaps surprised.
“Are you sure?”
Lawrence nodded instead of answering. But Sofia hid Rahee behind her back.
“What are you going to do with this child? You’re not serious, are you?”
Sofia cried, with a white crab-tired face.
“I’m serious. I’ll take that child instead of debt.”
The promising tree is different from sprouts, and since Rahee has a unique beauty, what is it about her? Sophia was indignant. Isn’t it disgusting for adults to take children? Sofia managed to hold back her nausea.
“I know what you’re imagining, but it’s more than you can imagine.”
The fear begins with a doubt, and the fear is the fear that drives the other person into fear. If it was unfair, it was enough to pay off the debt.
“How can you take her instead of debt? Do you know how immoral it is?”
Fear and anger mingled in Sofia’s voice.
“Is there anything else immoral like borrowing someone else’s money and not paying it back for years?”
‘That’s not to let a child be taken away for debt and abused. The Devitch!”
Because he’s a vicious usurer. Whatever worries me, it was the worst. Lawrence is trying to use Rahee as his property instead of his debt. Whether it’s a government or a maid, Rahee’s ownership is handed over to someone else. Then, Rahee can become a slave to Lawrence without free will and live a miserable life.
“That’s a big deal. We’ll take legal action as soon as we do. I’ll see you in the court.”
When Lawrence gets up from his seat.
“A legal action?”
Sofia stood up in surprise and stumbled. A legal action was not a situation that could have been so complicated and burdensome right now. The cost of the lawsuit was high and I was not confident of staying mentally strong. No, I was afraid to stand in court with a huge opponent called Devitch.
At the end of Lawrence’s emphatic answer, his secretary began to inform Sofia of the reality she was in.
“Sallator’s debt to Devitch Bank totals to 50,000 Sallings.”
“50,000 Sallings?”
Sofia’s complexion was pale. Knowing the size of the debt exactly by numbers, I felt even more desperate and afraid.
“If you can’t pay your debts, you’ll be charged with fraud, and you could be sentenced to prison.”
Sofia shook her limbs at the secretary’s words. It was now impossible to keep the honor of the family. Just in time, Rahee approached Lawrence.
“How many years do I have to work as a maid to pay off 50,000 Sallings?”
Rahee asked Lawrence with sparkling eyes. She looks like a child, but she speaks very well.
“Ten years.”
Lawrence replied with a snap. In fact, 50,000 saling was not the money to pay back for ten years of working as a maid. But he made Rahee’s scarcity high.
“I’ll pay you back. But I also have a condition with the bank president.”
“It’s not a request but a condition?”
He doubted his ears for a moment. I thought it was a girl in front of me who was young, but it’s very refreshing that she knows how to roll her brains out.
“Yes, conditions. If I ask you a favor, anyway you’ll say no, right?”
“Yes, that’s right. Tell me what the conditions are.”
“Please lend me some more money.”
Look at this, it’s very ferocious. But it wasn’t without persuasion.
“My aunt’s disease is deep. She need to get the treatment as soon as possible. And we need to pay the cost of the treatment. And the cost of living.”
It won’t make a big difference if I get a little bit of debt anyway. Besides, instead of debt!There was nothing to be afraid of in the midst of being dragged away.
“You’re more realistic than your aunt, and you’re reasonable.”
Only then did Lawrence have a bright smile on his face. It was seen that Rahee, younger than Sofia, faced reality. When he lifted his long finger, the secretary next to him unfolded the papers.
“Sign it.”
Lawrence takes a fountain pen out of his arms and hands it to Rahee. It was clear that the brand name was gold plated to the shiny black body and the point of the pen. After holding the fountain pen firmly, Rahee signed where he pointed it.
“Is your name Rahee De Sallator?”
Lawrence asked after looking at the document.
Rahee, it was a unique and exotic name. I don’t know what it means, but it was certain that it’s a name that goes very well on her.
“Here you go.”
Rahee gave Lawrence the fountain pen, and he just blankly stared at it.
“It’s a gift.”
“What? It’s……okay. You don’t have to give it to me.”
It was an expensive item to receive. It’s a common calculation, but you don’t have to worry about three months’ worth of bread just by selling this.
“Now that we’ve had a successful negotiation, we should give you a souvenir.”
“A souvenir?”
Someone who can give me such expensive souvenirs. I don’t think so. The imprint that say you should not forget your debt by looking at the fountain pen.
“Let’s go.”
As Lawrence rose from his seat, Rahee’s head reclined on its own.
I didn’t know, but Lawrence was more overwhelming when he stood than when he was sitting. A strong energy that can’t be touched makes people unable to move. I believed that there was no man as handsome as my father in the world, but now I thought it my father might not be as good as him.
Lawrence looked down at Rahee from above.
The girl’s amber eyes were more amazing when I saw them up close. There was a mysterious magic that couldn’t be easily felt once I gave a glance. In addition, I was convinced. I’ve got a very big possession.
After Lawrence returned, Sofia was in worse shape. Rahee’s going to get yelled at by her aunt.
She was even prepared, but surprisingly she didn’t get angry or scold. I was shocked by Lawrence’s words, and I just cried sadly.
“Don’t cry, Auntie.”
“Rahee, what if the rumor is true?” If my brother died in another country……”
In this case, it is normal for her to comfort her when her aunt cries, but Sofia was a very soft-hearted woman. Rather, Rahee knew how to control her emotions maturely.
“Daddy, it’s okay. Don’t worry about father because he’s not dead.”
Sofia looked at Rahee with a curious look. I feel the same way, but Rahee was sure, not the wind. How nice would it be if we could avoid tragedy only with our ignorant faith?
“I’m more worried about my aunt than dad.”
“I’m sorry.”
Sofia gently hugged Rahee and soon sobbed her shoulders. Since I was young, I have been sick, so I could not get married and protected the Sallator. However, it was a tragedy that I had to sell my niece instead of debt.
Sofia cried on the child which quickly spread to a cough. She fell down on her bed and coughed her whole body to the point of perspiration.
Rahee ran right out of the door. It has been months since I had no money to buy medicine, so I endured it with warm tea whenever I had a cough.
Sofia sold her own jewelry to keep her employees’ salaries. Of course, the problem was that there were no more seven jewels left to dispose of.
So she didn’t even try to go to the hospital even though her illness was deep. Rahee returned to Sofia’s room with a teapot.
“Aunt, have some tea. You’ll cough less if you drink something warm.”
No matter how many times I called, Sofia didn’t answer. An ominous feeling, a moment of goose bumps rose all over the body like ice flowers..
Sofia vomited red blood.
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