Novel Name : You Dare

You Dare - Chapter 3

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When Lawrence got out of the car in the third episode, his secretary busily followed him. Not long ago, Devitch Bank opened a departmental store in the capital. The first country to have departmental stores in the continent was Elido Empire. People there were also divided over the opening of the departmental store. There was also a saying that it promotes luxury, and a strong protest was made to eliminate it as it threatens the livelihood of manual workers.
However, when it was opened, it was hot. It took months and cost a lot of money to fit a dress, but people could spend reasonable money on clothes ranging from low prices to high prices in departmental stores.
“Is Your Majesty here?”
Lawrence asked looking at his secretary.
“Not yet.”
Lawrence prepared since early morning for the announcement that the emperor of the Kosimo Empire would be visiting the departmental store.
At this time, he should show his potential and imprint in the emperor’s mind that he is the most influential family in recent years.
Lawrence went to each store to look at the location of the product. As he was walking, he stopped in front of a store.
When he looked closely at the item, the secretary came close to him and explained it.
“It’s two stores for noble families and wealthy ladies.”
The store was full of cute dolls. From accessories to shoes and prop dolls that young girls might like, there were so many pretty products that they couldn’t turn around once they saw them. Among them, there was one that caught Lawrence’s attention.
“Get me that.”
“Yes? That’s a doll.”
“Get it.”
Lawrence’s eyes glistened as he picked up the item pointed to him.
“This is a new Isabel doll made this year. The dress has been changed, too.”
“I know.”
After Lawrence cut off his secretary, I took a closer look at the doll in front of me. The body of the doll is made of wood that is finely trimmed at the epidermis, reproducing it like a person’s real skin. So I didn’t notice that the doll was made of wood. The black-and-white hairstyle was made by reducing the size of a real-life edition from dresses to shoes and even a fan.
He made the clothes of the doll in both ends, put jewels and pearls on the hem of the skirt, and made expensive lace.
There was no sign of sloppy work. But Lawrence focused on the doll’s face. A mysterious, mysterious face, spotless skin, amber eyes, and exotic beauty just reminded me of the girl. When I first saw Rahee, I thought of the Isabel doll. If you look closely, it wasn’t exactly the same. However, it is strangely similar to having the same vibe.
Above all, there was another girl who liked this doll. Maybe the girl will love it when she sees a living doll.
“Put a glass tube over the front of the display.”
“Glass tube? The jewels and pearls in the dress are pretty good.”
“No one can touch them.”
“No, take them to the mansion when the business is over.”
“Okay, Sir”
Meanwhile, Charles II, the emperor of the Kosimo Empire, and his sister Princess Catherine, and his uncle Pierre, the Duke has arrived at the department store.
Around them the Imperial Guard was heavily guarded. Especially by the emperor, there was also a minister.
“The size of the department store is bigger than I thought.”
The building, which was shaped like a temple, was made of marble from pillar to floor, and myths were elaborately carved on the wall. It is a stairway that rises, and there are many famous sculptures and paintings on display. Also, there is a large space for cars, and unicorn fountains spewed water at the entrance of the department store. When Emperor Charles was pleased to see the department store, the minister came close.
“The world has changed a lot. The son of a back-street usurer became the head of a bank and a huge financier.”
“Lawrence Devitch is a brilliant man. He’s very good at business.”
“Even so, I can’t help it. There are things in the world that can’t be made of money. No matter how rich you are, you can’t change your bloodline. A commoner cannot be aristocrats or royalty.”
When the minister quietly said, the emperor smiled only minutely and did not argue. It was also true that his words were not all wrong. It was not enough to make fun of the royal family just because they had money.
“Pierre, we have a department store in Kosimo. “I was so envious of you when there was a department store in Elido.”
Katrine, who was behind the emperor Charles, smiled at her uncle Pierre.
“Katrine, in the presence of His Majesty, call me uncle.”
“Oh, I forgot.”
Pierre looked at his 17-year-old niece, Katrine. A red-haired princess, a symbol of the Mediare imperial family, was famous enough to put in a proposal of marriage in every empire on the continent. She held Pierre’s hand tightly, but when she entered the department store, she unwittingly let go of her hand and began to walk ahead.
“Come on, brother! There are so many pretty things.”
When Katrine jumped like a child and liked it, Charles and his wife were both very serious.
“Princess, you must keep your dignity. You must keep your dignity, right?”
When the chief executive gave her a pint like a ventriloquist, she finally got her posture straight. Just in time, a group of gentlemen approached the emperor’s party. Pierre smiled at his friend Lawrence.
“Your Majesty, it’s an honor to take such a difficult step.”
Lawrence took an example by disobeying Charles.
“Bank president, the size of the department store is huge.”
“Yes, Elido has made it bigger than the Imperial Department Store.”
“Yes, I will. Everything has to be better than Elido. Come to think of it, you and Duke of Pierre has been close since he was in Imperial College, right?”
Charles asked, alternately, looking at Lawrence and Pierre.
“He was a perfect friend.”
When Pierre answered with a smile on his face, the minister opened his fan wide and took a step forward.
“A friendship that transcends status.”
The emperor’s confidence boosted his momentum over the minister. The mayor looked at Lawrence with a slight look down. It was a warning that no matter how much money he had, he would not be on par with the royal family.
In the world, some things don’t come with just money. When Lawrence didn’t even answer back to the mayor’s words, Charles looked at him with an interesting look.
Katrine screamed. Everyone’s eyes were on her and there was tension.
“What’s going on?”
“Look at that, brother. It’s so pretty.”
Katrine fluttered around, holding Charles’ hand.
The funny reason the princess screamed was because she was surprised to see the doll. Katrine looked at the doll in the glass tube. I couldn’t take my eyes off the half-spirited doll. How much did he want to cherish?
“It’s just like my mother who passed away. They’re brand-new.”
Katrine looked over everyone and wept. It was a silent pressure to buy it right away. My mother, who was from the East continent, was rumored to become the empress of the Kosimo Empire with her beautiful appearance,  with her father’s proposal.
“Isabel de Madiare, my mother.”
Charles was surprised, too, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the doll. What kind of father-in-law would have made my mother the same. It was just a doll, but my heart seemed to sink. The Empress abandoned the young Charles and Katrine in her death. She committed suicide after taking poison after taking care of her husband’s affair. Thus, Charles was left with affection and compassion, and Katrine with longing. But I never thought we’d meet again as dolls.
‘That’s a relief. You look happy.’
The doll was the most beautiful and happy look of her dead mother.
“The bank president will present it to the Princess. What are you worried about?”
The mayor broke Charles’s imagination. When he looked at Lawrence as if he were not taken for granted, Pierre took a step forward.
“Lawrence, I’d like to present that doll to the princess.”
Pierre has indicated his intention to buy it. Although the arrogance of the leader went too far, he knew his self-respecting personality better than anyone else because he was close to Lawrence.
  “First of all, I have to apologize. Our department store  has its own management rules. We will treat you equally if you find us as a customer regardless of our status. And there is a customer who ordered that doll in advance?”
Lawrence flatly refused.
“No matter how much the world has changed, there is definitely a status. So any customer can’t be prioritized over a princess.” added the minister.
“You don’t have to mention who you are in the free market economy to pay for your goods. Again, there is a customer who booked that doll first. I’m sorry to hear that. Could you make a reservation if you need it? At the latest, I’ll do something to help you with the back.”
“Three months? Hearing, when do you wait?”
Katrine grumbled as if disappointed. She ran to Pierre and made a fuss, but nothing changed. However, it is impossible to save the face of the emperor with a doll, and most of all, it is impossible to be snobbish with Lawrence as he said.
“The principle is yes, but there’s something I would like to give you as a gift.”
Lawrence approached Katrine and smiled.
“Yes, dolls are good enough to look at, but they can’t be friends. The gift that I’ll give you, you’ll probably like the princess.”
“Thank you. I’ll look forward to it.”
Only then did Katrine’s face brighten up.
“Oh, my God! I think it’s bigger and more majestic than the royal palace.”
After seeing the house of Devitch, Rahee was amazed. Of course, I’ve never seen a palace, but it’s nothing like one of the buildings that I’ve seen in my life.
Rahee came to the capital, saw the congested roads with carriages and cars, and struck a banner. While in rural seclusion, the world of books had changed a great deal. She suddenly became curious. How many employees do we have to spend and how much money do we need to have to keep this level of mansion?
It was wonderful, magnificent, splendid, great, and perfect place to put all the rhetoric that exists in the world. Rahee’s eyes were busy.
I enjoyed my eyes because there were so many things to see at every step. The well-organized gardens, flowers, and the fountain of rainbows. The artworks of famous artists caught the eye on every street.
Most of all, it was amazing how clean the green lawn and marble floors were, and how many hands I had to go through to maintain them like this way. Above all, red maple trees lined the way to the main building. The sight of the beautiful trees putting their heads together was indescribably romantic. It was as beautiful as a red insignia on the sky.
“It’s so pretty.”
Just in time, the black horse ran towards Rahee, stepping on the maple leaves in the distance. She stepped aside and waited for the horse to pass. But I soon found out who was riding the black horse.
Wearing a blonde, white shirt and equestrian pants, which were slightly scattered by the wind, looked different than before. It’s because he’s a handsome man who doesn’t have a hard way of speaking. Lawrence was surprised to see a little foreign girl standing in front of her house. I knew she would come, but I didn’t know she would be this fast.
Anyway, a fine smile rose on his face.
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