Novel Name : You Dare

You Dare - Chapter 5

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I was about to leave the master Office. Rahee’s eyes caught something stange. There was a doll in the oversized cabinet. A doll in a blue dress like me in a glass tube. It was gorgeous and pretty from afar.
‘Do you like dolls?’
It was a thing that didn’t go with Lawrence. Ra-hee wanted to go closer and see the doll, but left the office as it was. And as soon as I saw the car standing in front of the main building, the doll became a dot and disappeared. I couldn’t even ride a carriage properly, but I was looking forward to it just thinking about it.
“Bank President……….. No, Lawrence, it’s my first time riding a car.”
It was a more exciting moment than a tea party to ride in a car with the flag of a Devitch.
“In the future, we’ll ride countless times.”
It would be less embarrassing if you sat facing each other like a carriage, but sitting side by side, where should I look? Besides, I was nervous because I thought I would touch him even if I moved a little bit. Anyway, Rahee cared about everything in Lawrence all the way to the duchy. The profile, the movement of his fingers, even his sideburns, couldn’t just go over. When I glanced at him and blushed, my heart was pounding.
“Is that the duchy?”
An hour or so in a very awkward atmosphere, I could see a loud voice in the distance.
Far away, Pierre’s Duchy was seen. It was a pretty good old castle, though much smaller than Devitch’s mansion. However, Rahee’s voice was unstable as if she was very nervous.
“Are you nervous?”
The girl, who was bragging about her father’s not dead, disappeared from nowhere. Well, she’s bound to be nervous because she’s meeting friends of her age. Besides, she’s going to see the princess. In addition, there will be a lot of aristocrats in the capital. It was a situation that could be intimidated enough.
“Don’t be discouraged. The Salletor family is a prestigious family. No one in the Empire can ignore your family. And I’m behind you.”
“……..Am I?”
It was a relief that I couldn’t. I always craved for my dad, but he was like the wind. He often stayed for a while and leave, and I had to wait for my dad whenever the sun set.
It’s been years since I’ve been waiting for the promise that he’ll be back. However, Lawrence’s single word comforted me so much that I received from my creditors what my father couldn’t give me.
Suddenly, Rahee’s heart throbbed. No, my heart is fluttering.
“What should I do today, Lawrence?”
“Just be yourself.”
Don’t be afraid, don’t be intimidated, and be confident. Even I still don’t know what I am, but it was a simple but very difficult answer.
“I won’t let you down.”
Somehow I wanted to do well. Although I came to repay the debt, I wanted to be a useful being.
‘Yes, maybe Lawrence is a good man.’
It was best for aunt, who could be cured and her life be not tiring. And it’s Lawrence who made it happen.
Devitch’s car stopped in front of the magnificent ancient castle. It was impressive that the vine leaves were so small that the walls of the castle could not be seen.
Behind the old stone pagoda was a mansion and a well-organized garden. The Duke family has been a nobleman since the Middle Ages. Funny, just by looking at the stone pagoda and the mansion, it became possible to see how old it was.
The duke’s servants greeted Rahee politely, opening the car door.
“Welcome, Lawrence.”
Just in time the Duke of Pierre approached Lawrence.
The two gentlemen shook hands gladly. If Lawrence had a cold impression, Pierre had a gentle impression with brown hair and black eyes. He was tall and well-built. In comparison, Lawrence is a handsome man whom no one can deny, and Pierre is not an outstanding handsome man, but he has a refined and intelligent charm.
“Welcome, Countess Sallator.”
Pierre kissed Rahee on the back of her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Duke.”
As expected, he could not take his eyes off Rahee’s unique appearance for a long time. Soon he looked strangely at Lawrence.
ahee followed the butler to the place where the tea party was held. There was a trail beside a small lake, and I could see a well-organized lawn.
Under the shade, neatly-prepared tea tables and neatly dressed servants waited on the young children. Young children and their sharps were more than twenty people. At first glance, the young children in colorful dresses looked like flowers blooming on the green lawn.
‘Uh! I’m nervous.’
Rahee relieved the tension by sweeping down her chest with her hands. But as they got closer to where they were, it got worse, let alone less.
“The Lady of House Sallator is here.”
The introduction of the butler drew all eyes to Rahee. However, when the ladies saw Rahee, they whispered or whispered with a fan covering their faces. They skimmed through Rahee’s head to toe.
‘Why? Was I too much?’
It was a moment of worthiness. I wore whatever they told me to. I don’t know why they’re all so fancily dressed as me, and then they’re whispering when they see me dressed up. Ra-hee was embarrassed and awkward, so she only touched the hem of the dress with her hands. Just in time, a red-haired girl approached Rahee.
“Nice to meet you! Lady, I’m Katrine.”
The red-haired, brown-eyed girl is said to be a symbol of the Median imperial family. However, since the lady, who introduced me now, is exactly what she looked like, the princess was certain. Katrine greeted Rahee tenderly, holding her hand.
“Nice to meet you, Princess. My name is Rahee de Salletor.”
Ra Hee also greeted politely. I heard she’s sensitive, but apparently she’s just a pretty girl. Seeing how glad she was, she also looked cheerful.
“Oh, my God, can you do this? The president of Devitch Bank is a great man. How can a doll be alive?
Dolls? What are you talking about?’
“Oh, I get it now. The reason why the department store didn’t give me a doll.”
Katrine circled around Rahee and admired. Her expression now resembled the first time the Duke of Pierre saw Rahee.
“Rahee? What a unique name?”
“You look exotic.”
“You must be half-blooded, aren’t you?”
“What country are you from?”
As soon as Rahee introduced herself, questions poured from here and there.
“From the Ryeoguk of the East.”
The ladies seemed more surprised when she spoke. It was a series of surprises as to how to speak the Imperial language perfectly.
“Ryeoguk is not civilized yet, is it?” Or is it a colony of our Coscimo Empire? Is there a steam locomotive or a car there?”
“There’s no way there’s such a thing. My cousin’s been to the East Coast and they’re still walking a long way or riding a carriage.”
“What was your mother like? Are you a native there? The problem is that Imperial men go there and get women pregnant.”
‘Native! Get pregnant?’
There may be, but at least her father wasn’t that guy. Of course, her mother was not a woman who dated any man and had children. She was more haughty and dignified than anyone else.
Rahee was in a bad situation. Girls treated them with curiosity at first, but they gradually wary, and now they are disparaging because she’s a mixed-race. It’s nothing wrong, but prejudice and discrimination were evident.
“My mother was a princess of Ryeoguk.”
Rahee, who was listening calmly, looked at everyone and said. The girls were surprised and put down the teacup they were holding.
“Well, I heard that there are many large and small tribes in the East. So princesses are common, too.”
One of the ladies answered Rahee’s words as if she ignoring her.
“Lady Eliza, be polite.”
When Katrine, who couldn’t bear it, looked serious at the Lady, the friendly atmosphere of the party became cold. The pleasant, well-smiling princess was uncomfortable. Knowing that it was serious, everyone was careful, covering their mouths with their hands.
Kartrinne, holding Rahee’s hand, left the party, and walked together on the trail by the lake. She was followed by all her servants.
The sun poured down on the surface and glistened. It was a perfect day for a walk.
“Don’t be so upset. Because Janet is mean. They’re all wary of you, lady.”
“What? Why are they wary of me? It’s good to be close to each other.”
“That’s because the lady is so pretty. In the Kosimo Empire, they takes part in the debutante when they turn 20.”
I didn’t know what event it was. On the first day of each family’s entry into society, is that why they are wary of each other?
“I’m not interested in that.”
Rahee suddenly stopped and looked at Katrine and said. Actually, I didn’t accept Lawrence’s offer to attend the lavish party. Most of all, I’m not in a position to worry about debuting.

Is that so?”
Kartrine shooked her head as if she had thought Rahee’s answer was unexpected.
“I’ve heard that I’m going to serve the princess for three years. I look forward to working with you.”
“Rahee, do you really want to be my maid of honor?”
Katrine’s expression and voice changed completely. It’s like, she’s trying to open up a person’s heart.
“Yes? Yes, of course.”
I don’t have a choice. I have to do it even if I want to pay back the debt. The answer is fixed.
“Well, come here.”
Katrine smiled and held Rahee’s hand and headed for the water. Her hair looked redder because of the light reflected from the side of the lake. It was as if the hair was burning. But Katrinne smiled and approached Rahee gradually.
Kartrine drove her toward the water until Rahee’s shoes were dripping. If she stumbled in such high-heeled shoes, she might fall into the water, but she smiled nonchalantly and looked at Rahee.
“It’ll be hard if you become my maid. There’s also something to watch out for.”
“Lady Sallator, what’s your intention?”
“Intention? What do you mean?”
When Rahee was embarrassed, Kartrine looked up and down at her dress. Her tone was also distinctly different from before when she was friendly and kind. What on earth did she do to upset the princess, dressed up, or because she was born in her own country that the young people despised? At that moment, Rahee’s mind was very complicated.
“It’s shameless of you to come dressed up like this and ask me what I mean.”
Katrinne approached her with a cold hope for Rahee, and at the moment, Rahee guessed that something had gone terribly wrong. However, the results soon came out, and I couldn’t afford to think why anymore.
Rahee sensed danger in a situation where she had already been washed up to her ankles in the water. Soon Katrine pushed Rahee to the lake with all her might.4
Poong- The calm water rippled with a spray of water, and Ra-hee was stuck in the water and floundering.
“Would you be careful? You shouldn’t have worn that dress in front of me!”
Kartrine shouted savagely at Rahee. The girl, who smiled sweetly and was gentle, disappeared and soon she gave Rahee a scary look.
“You know what? You are the play that the bank president gave me.”
“He’s crazy to marry me.”1
Rahee floundered in the water. No matter how hard I tried to escape, it was not easy to move because of the heavy dress.
No matter how much I shouted for help, Katrine was just watching without any excitement. She didn’t even call the servant because she had no intention of getting Rahee out of the water. She turned around pretending not to know Rahee, who was floundering in the water.
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