Novel Name : Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money - Chapter 47

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Who asked about the lovey-dovey story between the two of you? (4)
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Sensing that the atmosphere was not bad, the young misses grew more excited and chattered on.
“When I see the two of you, you look so good together…”
“And His Highness Tarkan only lets Dionna-nim stay by his side, right? And you know so many young misses would love to serve His Highness Tarkan.”
“His Highness seems to be fond of Dionna-nim as well…”
Dionna allowed the immature young misses to keep talking while enjoying it to the fullest.
It was only when the young misses were starting to run out of things to say, that she finally opened her mouth.
“I am thankful that Your Ladyships think so highly of me. But I don’t think we should talk about this on their wedding day.”
“Ahh…I’m sorry.”
“No need to be sorry. I know very well that Your Ladyships speak with good intent. However, this marriage was decided by His Majesty.”
The King decided this marriage, not Tarkan.
That was what Dionna wanted to emphasize.
“Ah, I see. Of course, we can’t discuss something his Majesty has decided.”
“So that’s why His Highness Tarkan too…”
The gazes of the young misses looking at Dionna were tinged with sadness.
They were unfortunate lovers who were forced apart by the King’s command.
Even though arranged marriages were inevitable in the aristocratic society, Dionna was someone who was fully qualified to marry Tarkan.
The young misses squeezed Dionna’s hand tightly.
“Dionna-nim, we’re rooting for you.”
“Cheer up.”
Dionna looked at the young misses with an expression that said she didn’t understand why they were suddenly acting like this.
“Haha, thank you. It feels nice to be cheered all of a sudden.”
Her tone seemed to say, ‘although I don’t know what for, being cheered on is nice’.
The young misses sighed, feeling even more sorry for her when they saw her react as if it didn’t even cross her mind that they were talking about her relationship with Tarkan.
‘Her heart is so clear…’
‘If only she was a little greedier…’
Seeing Dionna like this, they couldn’t help but hate the Princess.
Dionna gave a bright smile.
“It was lovely talking to Your Ladyships for the first time in a while. I would love to talk more but I have to go see the Princess.”
“The Princess?”
The young misses asked in surprise.
Why in the world was she going to see her love rival? On the other’s wedding day, at that and while the other party was wearing a wedding dress.
“Imagine how lonely and anxious the Princess must be; after all, she came to Irugo to get married and this place is unfamiliar to her.”
“I understand that but why Dionna-nim?”
“I’m the only lady around her age that she knows. And I don’t think the princesses will take care of her…” [1]
As Dionna said that, her gaze turned distance for a moment. Her eyes looked sad.
“Either way, I think the Princess will be more comfortable with me too. Besides, I also met her on the first day she arrived at the Palace.”
Dionna smiled as if to hide her sadness.
The young misses frowned.
Does that mean the Princess called Dionna first?
Dionna didn’t say that for certain but considering her expression, that’s what it sounded like.
‘Don’t tell me she called Dionna-nim on purpose?’
‘Knowing the relationship between His Highness Tarkan and Dionna-nim…’
They didn’t want to think too badly of the Princess, after all, it was a political marriage, so it wasn’t like she stole Tarkan away on purpose. Even though they grumbled because they felt pained when they saw Dionna at Tarkan’s wedding, they didn’t think the Princess herself was a bad person.
But now…
The young misses exchanged glances with each other.
“None of the Silvanus royals even came so she’s getting married without any family around.”
Dionna mumbled as if she felt sorry for the Princess and let out a small sigh.
Hearing Dionna’s consideration for the Princess even under such circumstances made the young misses feel heartbroken. And they hated the princess even more.
‘If no members of the Imperial family came, then she must not be treated well in her home country.’
‘For someone like that, what part of her is better than our Dionna-nim…’
The thoughts of the young misses were clearly reflected on their faces and Dionna had to hold in her laughter.
Since there were so many young misses with low status like these, they could be used to spread rumors.
Dionna glanced at the clock on the wall, then at the waiting room of the bride.
‘Shall I go now?’
Right now, the princess was alone in the bride’s waiting room. She knew because she had been watching and waiting for a chance to be alone with the Princess.
The court ladies who helped dress the Princess had returned to their original duties, and the four handmaids who stayed with the Princess for a while had rushed out for some reason.
Judging by the grave expression on their faces, there were likely not going to return for a while.
If she went in right away, it would seem like she had been waiting for the princess to be alone, so she wasted some time outside.
‘I think this is enough.’
“Then I shall take my leave now. See you next time, Your Ladyships.”
Translator’s Corner:
[1] I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but in Irugo, the princesses are called [Gongju] while Silvanus is [Hwanyeo]. Both words mean princess in English so there’s not much I can do to show the difference. Hopefully, context should tell you whether they’re talking about Aristine or the other princesses.
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