Novel Name : Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money

Forget My Husband, I'll Go Make Money - Chapter 53

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Episode 9: Not An Ordinary Wedding (1)

But right then, Mukali’s face brightened, and he asked.
“Why? Did the Princess seem different than you expected after you talked to her?”
His reaction was not what Dionna expected. He seemed happy and even relieved for some reason.
Dionna faltered for a bit then she shook her head.
“No, that’s not it.”
Her eyes scanned Mukali’s face like she was searching for something.
“It’s just, seeing Brother Durante protecting the Princess like that…I can see everyone likes the Princess so maybe I’m just creating unnecessary trouble.”
Hearing the word ‘Princess’, Mukali’s eyes trembled a little.
When she saw his disgusting left eye twitch, Dionna controlled her expression as much as possible to avoid offending him.
“Brother Mukali, you’ve met the Princess too. What do you think? The princess is a good person, right?”
For a moment, Mukali was at a loss for words.
Naturally, he should say no. There’s no way the Princess of Silvanus could be a good person.
《 Isn’t it stranger to like a Silvanian when you don’t even know what schemes they are cooking up inside?》
《 Don’t lose your mind just because she’s a little pretty.》
《 What about her is much better?! Don’t submit so easily. 》
The words he said to his fellow warriors choked him like a whip.
‘I, I haven’t fallen…!’
He was not the kind of person that was swept away by small and delicate things because they stimulated his protective instincts.
“I don’t trust the Princess. I can’t possibly believe a woman who has eyes on another man before her marriage.”
“Brother Mukali…”
“I have a plan to catch her red-handed. It is a fearsome plan; not even a cunning Silvanian can escape.”
Mukali looked as if he was determined to reveal to the world exactly what kind of person the Princess was, and seeing that, Dionna smiled.
‘He’s so simple that he’s easy to handle.’
Dionna knew that the princess wasn’t really having an affair, but that didn’t matter.
If Mukali went digging around, rumors would definitely spread.
‘Today is the only day you will be able to hold your head high in front of me, Princess.’
Her sea-blue eyes gleamed insidiously.
* * *
Tarkan stood in front of the hall, waiting for Aristine.
No matter where he looked, the atmosphere was filled to the brim with the high of a wedding celebration.
He had known he was getting married for a long time, but now that he was really getting married, he felt uneasy.
But regardless of how he felt, the marriage had to be done. Aristine was even a pretty decent marriage partner.
‘If it weren’t for her, I mean.’ [1]
Perhaps Tarkan was satisfied with Aristine. To him, she was an unusual woman that he couldn’t figure out but that was not a bad thing. Sometimes, she even felt pleasant.
She was the only woman, no, the only person who could draw out such feelings in Tarkan.
However, he still couldn’t forget the girl he saw 10 years ago. A young girl who suddenly appeared in the demonic beast plains. She looked much younger than him.
He still couldn’t figure out why that little girl was there alone in the demonic beast plains. But if it weren’t for her, Tarkan would have died that day.
His keen hearing picked up the sound of small footsteps.
His golden eyes, which had been withdrawn, turned towards the path leading to the bride’s waiting room.
The afternoon sunlight flooded in through the huge windows. The crystals that were hung everywhere scattered the sun rays, covering the floor in a brilliant array of colors.
In the middle of that dazzling path, Aristine was slowly walking towards him.
Tarkan’s pupils shook slightly as his eyes widened a little.
She was already a beautiful person but her appearance today mesmerized people with just a single glance.
But that was not why Tarkan was agitated.
For some reason, the appearance of the young girl he saw in the demonic beast plain overlapped with Aristine.*
His eyes met Aristine’s in the distance.
Her purple eyes curved softly. Her eyes shone brighter than radiant colors reflected onto her dress by the jewels in the hallway.
With one step at a time and no hesitation at all, Aristine walked up to him.
Her small and delicate face looked more vibrant than any flower.
They were not alike at all.
Not even in the slightest.
Aristine’s voice sounded like it was from a dream.
Her soft hand placed itself on his firm arm. For some reason, his muscles tensed, and his arm stiffened.
The bride and groom stood side by side, looking at each other for a moment.
Both of them were expressionless. No excitement, anticipation, or nervousness could be seen on their face.
But strangely enough, the court servants at their back could not take their eyes off them. Their faces flushed red as they forgot what they were doing and stared at the couple who stood there like a painting.
“Please take care of me in the future, partner.”
Aristine whispered to him.
Tarkan looked away from her face.
“Let’s go.”
Just as his voice fell, the doors to the ceremonial hall opened.
Translator’s Corner:
[1]  He doesn’t seem to be referring to Aristine in this sentence.
*Oh my, is that a familiar plot I sense???
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