Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 9: The Peerless Duo

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Chapter 9: The Peerless Duo

A male classmate noticed her first, and subsequently waved at her. “Ah, Cheng Xi’s here.” He motioned toward a seat by his side. “Sit here with us. We left a seat open just for you.”

The others at the table turned around, looking at her. Normally, they acted like lascivious wolves, but on this occasion, they were reserved and smiling. “You’re here, Cheng Xi?”

Rou hissed at her, “Come join us instead. That’s a den of wolves, don’t go there.”

She hollered to the people at her table and finally cleared out a seat next to her for Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi had just sat down when she heard a mellow, gentle voice call out, “Long time no see, Cheng Xi.”

Cheng Xi’s heart thumped. She sucked in a slight breath, and looked directly at him. “Long time no see.”

“Do you still remember me?”

“Of course.”

“Lin Fan makes it sound as if Cheng Xi’s memory is quite poor, despite her being one of the top students in our class. She scored full marks on history and geography just by studying casually!”

“Lin Fan’s a top student himself. Remember when they were hailed as the peerless duo?”

Cheng Xi was struck speechless upon hearing these comments. “Was there anyone in our class who wasn’t good at studying?”

“Not half as good as you!”

Everyone began reminiscing about old times. Cheng Xi didn’t join in, and instead pulled at Rou’s hand to get her attention. “Why are you all acting like this today?”

She was quite unsettled by how well-behaved everyone was acting.

Tian Rou looked at Cheng Xi, her face clearly indicating that she’d remain single for the rest of her life if she remained this clueless. “My male idol is here; how long has it been since I last saw him? I have to leave him with a good expression.”

Soon, Cheng Xi received a text. She looked at her phone and found that it was from Rou, who was…... sitting next to her. “This is something that only happens in dramas, right? Having a reunion with my crush after a long period of separation, followed by us discovering a blazing passion for each other, and ultimately reconciling, right?”

Cheng Xi ducked her head. Tian Rou covered her face with a teacup, smiling at her devilishly.

Cheng Xi coughed lightly when she heard someone ask, “Lin Fan, were you abroad all these years?”


“All this time? Were you studying over there?”

“No, I studied for a few years and then worked for a few years after that.”

“Oh, work, huh? What business? Given your capabilities, definitely a Fortune 500 company.”

Lin Fan, smiling, replied, “Unfortunately not. But before I returned, I quit my job.”

“Quit—you’re not planning on returning?”

“No. My mom’s health is deteriorating, and I need to stay here to take good care of her.”

Upon hearing this exchange, Cheng Xi smiled. At this point, Lin Fan suddenly looked toward her, asking, “I heard that you’re now Dr. Cheng?”

Cheng Xi nodded.

“Wonderful, you really did manage to fulfill your dreams.”

Cheng Xi’s eyelashes trembled as she recalled the past. He had once asked her, “Cheng Xi, what are your dreams?”

“To become a doctor.”


“Because of my grandma.” Cheng Xi’s parents operated a diner and worked late hours, so Cheng Xi and her elder brother had been brought up by their grandmother. Cheng Xi’s grandmother was a classic housewife: kind, gentle, and maidenly. However, she had led an unlucky life by marrying a man as cantankerous and bad-tempered as her grandfather. While she was in middle school, her grandmother had gone mad from the oppressive, long-term mental strain. From then on, Cheng Xi’s dreams were to become a doctor, and, in particular, a psychiatrist.

Lin Fan was very envious of her clear answer. His high school life had been very difficult, their third year in particular. During that period of time, he would constantly ask her, “What’s the purpose of studying so hard? What can we do even if we get into a good university?”

He used to be clad in gloom and despair.

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