Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 20: Is This for Real?

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Chapter 20: Is This for Real?

At this point, perhaps only Cheng Yang’s catchphrase could truly express her feelings: “I’ve had it with this asshole!”

Her premonitions from a few days ago had finally manifested into reality. Had she known earlier that giving her winnings to Lu Chenzhou would have spawned such ‘inspired’ actions, she… she would have taken all the money and left. And she definitely would not have let the club attendant send such a message.

As expected, not thinking carefully was her ultimate downfall.

There was a sudden commotion by the clinic door. It was the nurse who was on duty along with Cheng Xi. When she had seen the doorway filled with people, she had assumed that the patients had finally come. So, she had quickly returned, but right after entering, she had heard Baldy’s eye-boggling announcement and almost tripped over her own feet.

She knew that Cheng Yi’s beauty would definitely lead besotted men to chase after her. However, even she didn’t expect that these men would be so intrepid as to book all her appointment slots like this… Was this for real? This gossip was so juicy that she had to share it right away!

But after Cheng Xi noticed her, the nurse tried to dampen her excited expression. She hiccupped once before resetting her mentality into something more earnest. “Dr. Cheng, are the patients here?”

“Yes.” “No.”

Two voices spoke out at once, giving contradictory responses. Baldy peered at Cheng Xi as he smiled, and then gave the nurse a flirtatious glance. “Dr. Cheng’s partner is worried about her workload and has booked all her appointment slots for the next couple of days. Congratulations on your luck—enjoy your few days off.”

Upon hearing this, Cheng Xi’s forehead veins started throbbing angrily. The nurse, meanwhile, stared at Baldy with an open mouth. “Dr. Cheng’s partner… But, but Dr. Cheng’s a doctor……” She looked over at Cheng Xi. “Is this really compliant with hospital policy?

Cheng Xi remained silent for a brief moment, and then looked at the nurse who had clearly been shocked dizzy by the caliber of this gossip. She calmly said, “Why don’t you go out first?” But before the nurse could fully exit the room, she loudly asked, “Where’s Mr. Lu? Playing such an obnoxious prank really makes things difficult for me. So, can you let him know that I’d like to have a word with him.”

But her statement was useless; after just a single hour, the whole department had heard that she had found a very rich boyfriend who had booked up all her appointment slots. And by the afternoon, even Cai Yi had found out, and had called her for this very reason. “What’s going on? Who’s causing this kind of trouble? Cheng Xi, this is a hospital, not some place where you can fool around.”

Evidently, she didn’t know that the perpetrator of this event was the very man she had introduced to her, Lu Chenzhou. Cheng Xi massaged her forehead as she replied, “Professor, the man responsible for this is Lu Chenzhou.”


Cheng Xi sighed. After Baldy left, she had tried to contact Lu Chenzhou. But unfortunately, he didn’t want to see her, and he wouldn’t even pick up his phone.

She didn’t try to hide this from Cai Yi. After hearing this, even Cai Yi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. “This man… Fine, I admit that this is my fault. I’ll let him know for you. As for the hospital… After such a big fuss, has the administration made any trouble for you?”

“Well, the silver lining is that the director of the hospital isn’t around. But unfortunately, the department head told me to meet him after work.”

Cai Yi couldn’t help but laugh. “You must be the first doctor that’s been forced into such a situation by a patient. Alright, don’t worry too much about it. I’ll help you deal with your department head.”

Cheng Xi instantly found the cause of her headache dissipate and she clasped her hands together in gratitude. “Thank you, professor.”

Cai Yi tended to work quickly; before Cheng Xi’s shift was even over, she had been notified that the department head wouldn’t be inviting her over for tea.

And then, after work, she even saw Lu Chenzhou.

It was drizzling lightly outside then, and he had sent a chauffeur over specifically to pick her up. After driving around for awhile, the car pulled up at an indoor tennis court.

As she pushed the car door open, his ball swerved toward her face; if Cheng Xi’s reflexes had been even a step slower, the ball could have blinded her in one eye.

But instead, the yellow-green ball brushed against Cheng Xi’s temples, hit the doorframe, and bounced back onto the court like a bullet.

Cheng Xi couldn’t help sweating. As she looked at Lu Chenzhou again, he didn’t seem flustered at all. Instead of greeting her, he merely lifted his racket and continued to practice his brutal, fast serves.

Cheng Xi breathed out, trying not to disturb him. Only when he was tired did she finally walk over.

“Mr. Lu, can we talk?”

He wiped the sweat off of his head with a towel, and peered down at her from above. “Are you willing to accept my proposal?”

Truly a machine that won’t stop before reaching his goal.

Cheng Xi stopped going around in circles with him, and directly addressed the issue. “Mr. Lu, I think that you clearly understand that my professor introduced you to me not for us to go on a blind date, but rather for me to assist you as a doctor.”

Lu Chenzhou’s hands stopped moving. He threw down his towel, wiped his smile off of his face, and walked toward her. As he approached, his imposing manner pressured Cheng Xi so much so that she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

He pushed her against the wall, maintaining just a slight bit of distance between them, and placed his hand against the wall. “As a doctor?” He sneered. “Don’t think you’re special just because you’re a doctor. Here’s a question. Do you believe me when I say that I can make your title of “doctor” disappear?”

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