Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 50: Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

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Chapter 50: Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

A familiar voice and an equally familiar style of speech.

Lu Chenzhou’s friend, Baldy, loved to appear in extremely unconventional means.

When Cheng Xi suddenly saw him appear in her house unannounced, she was naturally very surprised. As she struggled to climb up, she turned around to look at him before dealing with her current situation. “How did you get in?”

After Baldy had finished jumping and yelling in shock, he immediately took out his phone to take some pictures as evidence. Kacha kacha, photo after photo was saved. When he was satisfied, he angrily shouted, “Your front door was open wide; I just walked in, of course!” He narrowed his eyes and looked at the two of them. “I really didn’t expect you to be like this, Dr. Cheng. You’ve got some guts! You’re quite arrogant, aren’t you? Engaging in intimate acts without even closing your door!”

The words that he used were really disgusting. Cheng Xi frowned, and ignored him to focus on Lin Fan. He seemed a bit more clear-headed now, as he was no longer messing around now that he realized that someone else had entered; he just lay there on the sofa, silent.

Feeling his grip loosening, Cheng Xi quickly moved away from him.

Baldy said, “It’s useless even if you get away from him. I’ve already collected all the evidence I need.”

Cheng Xi continued ignoring him, and walked over to her kitchen to get Lin Fan a glass of water. “Do you want any?”

He curled up and shook his head, then covered his face with his hands, as if he were an ostrich. Cheng Xi sighed lightly, putting the glass of water to the side. “Then rest a bit first.” Then she took out a blanket from the side cupboard and covered him up. “Rest well, and you’ll be fine once you wake up.”

After saying this, she gently caressed his hand. His finger moved slightly and returned the motion.

When her fingers touched his face, he couldn’t help but tighten his fingers into a grip, and Cheng Xi silently endured him rubbing his face against her fingers.

Her fingers suddenly encountered a warm dampness.

Cheng Xi was a bit surprised, but he didn’t try to struggle this time. Instead, she patted Lin Fan’s back with her free hand. These intimate actions between the two people, carried out as if nobody else present, annoyed Baldy very much. “Hey, do you two have any sense of decency? I’m right here! Originally, I thought that it might have just been a misunderstanding, and I wanted to give you a chance to explain yourself. However, now, it looks like you don’t have to explain anything.” He picked up his phone and called Lu Chenzhou, his voice unusually serious. “Come quickly. Yes. You have to come over right away….. Yes, something came up. It’s big.”

On the sofa, Lin Fan’s body suddenly stilled. Cheng Xi rubbed her forehead out of annoyance, let go of Lin Fan, and then dragged Baldy to one side. “Can you be quiet for a minute? And stop looking at me like that, First of all, I already broke up with Mr. Lu. Secondly, I certainly haven’t been doing anything as intimate as you think. And finally, I’d like to ask why you’re here to see me.”

She said a whole bunch all at once, but Baldy only focused on one sentence. “What? You broke up with Zhou? Heh, then were those ghosts that I saw last night? Were the people who mocked me for being a third wheel ghosts, too?”

Cheng Xi looked at him exasperatedly, not knowing where to begin her explanation. In the end, she could only push it onto someone else. “At any rate, Mr. Lu understands what our relationship is now. If you want to know why, then go ask him.”

After hearing her words, Baldy actually believed her, and he scratched his head as he muttered, “How quickly the world changes! You two already broke up? You were even getting intimate all last night.” After glancing briefly at Lin Fan, who was lying on the sofa, he became bold and confident again. “Then it has to have been your fault. At the very least, I thought that you and that guy were quite intimate last night.” He turned and pointed at Lin Fan as he said, “He’s the man who was with you last night, wasn’t he? With a man like Zhou, you can’t just judge him by his cold outer exterior. I’m telling you, he has a raging fire inside, and he’s a clean freak through and through. There’s no chance he’d want you if you were messing around with another man late in the night!”

……He was certainly very skilled at endlessly pestering someone. Cheng Xi looked at him and couldn’t decide whether to smile or to cry, but her impression of Baldy had actually improved slightly.

At least, given Lu Chenzhou’s terrible personality, it couldn’t have been easy for Baldy to defend him like this.

So despite his guesses being far from the truth, and despite his flinty gaze that left Cheng Xi speechless, she didn’t get mad. Instead, she calmly asked, “Did you find me for a reason?”

“Originally, yes. But now, no,” Baldy said with a supercilious look. “No wonder he wouldn’t come even after I shouted at him for half a day. But actually…” He couldn’t help but click his tongue as he looked Cheng Xi over again. “You’re quite something, able to act normally even after dumping him a day ago.”

“But your eyesight must be terrible, since it looks like you picked up a sesame seed by dropping a watermelon in the process.” He laughed coldly. “I’ll see how you fare in the future!”

Cheng Xi looked at him, her interest somewhat piqued.

Baldy fiercely replied, “What are you looking at? Are you trying to seduce me, too?” He was actually very mad, really, very mad. He had been friends with Lu Chenzhou for many years, and naturally understood how difficult it was for someone like him to like someone. Originally he had even been quite happy for him, but this… this had been the result.

Thinking of this made Baldy feel as if someone had lit a fire in his soul. Besides his stuffy personality, what aspect of Lu Chenzhou wasn’t ideal? And she had even dared to dump him! Was she blind?

As Cheng Xi looked at his changing expression, she became very worried that he would go on a rampage to vent his frustrations, given how much like a gangster he talked and acted. However, he only paced back and forth in a few circles before he stopped and pointed his finger at her before saying, “You, you better not appear in front of us ever again!”

And then he flicked his sleeves dramatically and prepared to leave. But, just when he turned to face the door, he stopped once again.

At some point, Lu Chenzhou had arrived, and he was now standing at the door with a cool expression on his face. In the soft lamplight, he cut a fine figure with his straight body emanating elegance from every inch of it.

When he saw the two people look at him, he finally knocked on the door, and even amiably asked Baldy, “Why did you get so angry? You’re being somewhat unreasonable.”

Cheng Xi was still fine, because the only impression she had of him was that he was a bit too cold. However, Baldy looked like he had seen a ghost, and his mouth was opened so wide that he could have swallowed an egg whole.

It took quite a while, but after Lu Chenzhou took off his shoes and entered the house, Baldy finally recovered. He walked in front of Lu Chenzhou and closely examined him over and over again. “Is this really the Lu Chenzhou that I know?”

Usually, when faced with a joke like this, Lu Chenzhou would have ignored him. But today, he was surprisingly tolerant, and answered with a grunt.

It made Baldy feel like he should leave and go clear his mind. For him to be this calm, this easy-going, even after being dumped…… Perhaps he should consider letting this guy get dumped several more times.

But all of this was nothing compared to his attitude towards Cheng Xi.

Cheng Xi asked, “Did something come up? Why are you guys here?”

“I’m hungry.”

Cheng Xi froze for a moment and then turned around to look at the time. “Oh, it’s already 5:30. I guess we can eat now. If I have to make food, it’d take too long, but I do have some beef jerky, meatballs, and dumplings that my mom made… What do you want to eat?”

“It’s up to you.”

And so Cheng Xi rolled up her sleeves and said, “Then I’ll get you a bit of everything.” After saying this, she headed to the kitchen.

Lu Chenzhou was very pleased. He followed behind her and sat down at the dining table, waiting for the meal, almost as if he hadn’t seen the man lying on the sofa in the living room.

Baldy merely watched him, open-mouthed.

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