Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 52: No Such Thing as an Inseparable Relationship

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Chapter 52: No Such Thing as an Inseparable Relationship

Lu Chenzhou got up almost immediately, and then walked out of the room without turning back.

Baldy and Cheng Xi were both somewhat startled. The two looked at each other, and then the former quickly ran out after him.

Cheng Xi was slower than both of them, and by the time she put the tea set down and rushed out, they had already gotten into the elevator. As the doors closed, the only thing she glimpsed was Lu Chenzhou’s expression, calm as water, his eyes like two cold stars.

He was exuding an unusually cold atmosphere. Ever since Baldy had met him, he’d only been like this once before, when someone had thrown a woman onto his bed.

It was so ominous that it felt as if misfortune was about to strike. Baldy felt a sudden exhilaration. He believed, with unusual self-confidence, that the unfortunate person wasn’t himself.

But when Lu Chenzhou’s feelings became particularly intense, anyone nearby could be implicated. Baldy didn’t want to be that person, so he hugged his chest with both hands and made a pitiful trembling motion. “So cold, so cold!” He curled up into a corner of the elevator, looked at Lu Chenzhou, and with a cautious tone, asked, “What made you so angry all of a sudden? It wasn’t me, was it?”

Lu Chenzhou glanced at him indifferently.

Baldy patted his chest in relief. “Thank goodness it’s not me.” He guessed again. “Then was it Dr. Cheng who made you mad? Gosh, I’m not happy either. My stomach started hurting right after I ate her food. Ouch, it really hurts—”

He wasn’t exaggerating when he said this, because his stomach really was hurting—the food was simply so tasty that he had overeaten!

Baldy moaned as he clutched at the elevator wall. But this time, Lu Chenzhou didn’t even spare him a glance. Once the elevator stopped and opened its doors, he took the lead and walked out without a look behind him.

Baldy followed him out in a rush, and successfully climbed into the driver’s seat before Lu Chenzhou—when he was unhappy, you definitely couldn’t let him drive. This was a lesson that Baldy had learned after an uncountable number of bloody tears.

Luckily, Lu Chenzhou didn’t fight for it, and casually sat down in the backseat. After he entered the car, his head drooped down, and he looked at the two hands on his knees.

Baldy asked, “Where to?”

“The Mei manor.”

“Okay. Ah, the Mei manor?” The manor was where they had agreed to meet Xu Po. Lu Chenzhou had been disinterested in the whole affair, and it was only Baldy had pleaded with him relentlessly that he had finally exited his house.

This time, when Baldy heard Lu Chenzhou directly ask to go of his own accord, Baldy was really very surprised.

But Lu Chenzhou didn’t seem to want to give him an explanation. He kept staring at his hands, his expression a profound mystery.

Baldy was afraid that Lu Chenzhou might suddenly have an outburst during the drive, so he didn’t dare to provoke him any further, and drove around honestly. In his heart he was thinking, What on Earth happened to this guy? He got mad at the drop of a needle. He was clearly fine before, even when he saw that man lying on Cheng Xi’s couch, and he was even acting coyly with Dr. Cheng right before that.

That’s right, the tone that Lu Chenzhou had used to tell Cheng Xi he was hungry, was totally just him acting coyly.

And even after they had finished eating, the man on the sofa was still just lying there motionless. Since Lu Chenzhou hadn’t paid any special attention to him even when he was hungry, he surely wouldn’t after he was full and satiated.

And, as for Baldy himself, he had just been sitting there, waiting for tea, so it couldn’t have been him either.

Out of the three of them, after eliminating two parties from the list of possible offenders, it could therefore only have been Dr. Cheng. What was she doing then? Taking out the tea set. After she touched the tea set, Lu Chenzhou had suddenly left without saying a word.

Could it be that the tea set had been given to her by that guy?

Baldy immediately thought that he had stumbled upon the truth, and his pity for Boss Lu deepened infinitely. His reactions seemed to be a bit strange; he didn’t care at all upon seeing a stranger sleep there, but when he saw a gift that he had given Cheng Xi, his reaction had been so extreme!

Baldy was still wallowing in his self-delusions when he suddenly heard someone ask from behind, “Baldy, was your love with Xiao Qianyu one-sided?”

Baldy was so surprised by the question that the car swerved in a huge S-shape. Luckily for them, there weren’t any cars on the road just then, or he’d have caused a big accident.

Baldy quickly pulled over by the roadside, turned around, and fiercely yelled, “F*ck, who would love that wench one-sidedly! Can you not speak of trash like that?”

Lu Chenzhou stared back at him calmly, asking, “What does it feel like to have that kind of relationship with someone?”

Baldy stared at him, his face looking like it was about to burst like a balloon, but then his anger deflated in a quick puff. He took out a cigarette, gave one to Lu Chenzhou as well, lit both of them, took a few deep puffs, leaned against the car seat, and finally said with a somewhat sore tone, “It’s a terrible feeling, and you want to just forget about it. However, you won’t ever be able to let it go, because aside from her, you’ll never find another woman who can enter your gaze.”

After hearing his words, Lu Chenzhou fell silent again, as if he were thinking hard about something.

Baldy glanced at him superciliously, and then maliciously said, “What, have you finally felt the taste of unrequited love after being dumped?”

“I’m not at that point yet.” Lu Chenzhou thought about it for a moment, and then replied, particularly truthful, “But I do very much want to have sex with her.”

Baldy choked on his own cigarette, to the point that tears were streaming down his face. He pointed at him in disbelief. “You……”

Lu Chenzhou looked at him curiously.

Baldy finally stopped coughing and wiped the tears from his eyes. “You walked away so suddenly. Could it be that…” He clambered onto the back of the seat, paying special attention to a part of Lu Chenzhou’s body, and then was speechless for a period of time. “F*ck, do you have to be so exaggerated?”

Baldy could understand his physical reaction when someone was wearing something sexy or making overly flirtatious moves, but Cheng Xi had been dressed very conservatively. Her clothes were both plain and thick, and her actions were plain and modest. What on Earth was Lu Chenzhou reacting to?

“You’re not built like other people, are you?” Baldy couldn’t help but roast him a little.

Lu Chenzhou ignored his jab, looking through the car window with dull eyes.

He was indeed different from others. If he wanted something and didn’t get it, he would easily become irritable. As a result, he had never repressed himself, and this was the first time that he had done so.

It was a very unfamiliar sensation, so unfamiliar that he almost didn’t know what to do.

Sensing his unusual loss for what to do, Baldy chuckled, motioned with his jaw towards Lu Chenzhou’s bulge, and then asked, “Do you need me to find someone for you?”

Lu Chenzhou turned his head around and looked him in the eye, giving Baldy a warning glance to stop saying any more nonsense. But after they had gotten back on the road for a while, Baldy couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity, “So, Zhou…… did you really break up with Dr. Cheng?”

The headlights of a car gleamed from afar, flickering in Lu Chenzhou’s gaze. The light was so white it was blinding, making him think of Cheng Xi’s fingers again. They were so white and slender, like a flame burning in the depths of his heart.

He calmly corrected Baldy. “Not a breakup, but the end of our relationship.”

“How is that any different?” Baldy didn’t understand Lu Chenzhou’s words at all. “Given that you’re acting like this, how can you be willing to let her be together with that man?” That’s right—he was certain that Cheng Xi and Lin Fan had gotten together. Even though he did eat her food, it was only because Lu Chenzhou didn’t mind; if Lu Chenzhou had minded, then he would have immediately vomited all of it back out even after eating it all.

That’s right—Baldy was this shameless of a man!

Upon hearing this, Lu Chenzhou smiled coolly. There was no such thing as an inseparable relationship.

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