Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 66: Cheng Xi, Do You Want to Die?

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Chapter 66: Cheng Xi, Do You Want to Die?

Cheng Xi felt like her hair was standing on end. She looked at Lu Chenzhou, tightened her hand into a fist, and prepared to punch him again as she calmly asked, “Have you ever had this sort of feeling in the past?”


“Sexual desire.”

Lu Chenzhou shook his head. “No.”

“Never? Or yes, but never as uncontrollable as this? Or has it been so long since you’ve had any sexual activity that these urges have become uncontrollable? You’ve probably had some experience with sexual activities in the past, right?”

She immediately reverted to a doctor’s perspective and handled his response in a practiced and proficient manner. Originally, her plan had been to delay until she could formulate a more comprehensive strategy to deal with him. However, Lu Chenzhou’s response to her prepared questions was entirely unexpected. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What does this have to do with the fact that I want to have sex with you?”

As he said this, he even tugged at her so forcefully that Cheng Xi had to grab onto the edge of the sofa with all her strength to avoid being dragged any closer to him.

Right now, Cheng Xi felt that Lu Chenzhou and Baldy were truly meant to be friends; they both shared the same tendency of saying things in a direct and unpleasant fashion.

She frowned and replied, “Of course they’re related. Only after understanding your specific situation can I help you control these urges of yours. If we approach this from the perspective of animal behavioral studies, then we start with the assumption that all uncontrollable urges are bestial. Thus; the best thing you can do, Mr. Lu, is to learn how to control your body better so that a situation like what happened last night doesn’t happen again. You might not have realized it, but what you did last night was in fact very dangerous. Driving at high speeds while in that sort of condition could have, at any point—”

Cheng Xi’s tone was particularly sincere, and everything she said was to help him. However, Lu Chenzhou didn’t have the patience to listen to another word. While she was still in the middle of talking, he suddenly pulled at her body with one hand while holding her waist with the other, and Cheng Xi fell onto his body.

Luckily for Cheng Xi, there was a thick quilt between the two of them, sufficient to cushion her fall. But while she was still feeling thankful, Lu Chenzhou’s hand moved as though it were about to snake into her clothes.

That was the last straw. Resigning herself to the fact that she wouldn’t be able to reason with him, Cheng Xi decided to use the same strategy she had last night and tried to punch him to calm him down before talking with him any further. But this time, the clearheaded Lu Chenzhou reacted quickly; just as her punch was about to land, he tilted his head, almost sheerly through instinct. Peng! Her fist landed on his jaw instead.


Lu Chenzhou fiercely sucked in air through his teeth. Because the sudden spike of pain was so strong, his eyes teared up, but he also let go of her.

Even Cheng Xi couldn’t help but exclaim in sympathy. It must really have hurt because even her hand hurt; her fingers almost felt like they were broken!

This was all because her punch had applied force incorrectly and in the wrong position.

“Hey.” She quickly extricated herself from the sofa, and watched on from a few paces away. “I didn’t intentionally try to hit you there. Are you alright?”

Lu Chenzhou glanced at her as he rubbed his jaw, his gaze becoming more lucid with each passing second. Evidently, the pain had caused his urges to wane.

Cheng Xi relaxed, releasing a long breath. “If you feel like something’s wrong with your body, I recommend that you go to the hospital and get a diagnosis. Now, are you finally going to leave?”

She was even chasing him away. Lu Chenzhou was angry enough that he started laughing, no longer caring about the pain. He looked at her dimly. “You’re actually chasing me away?”

“You can think of it that way. After all, given your condition, it isn’t suitable for you to remain here. I already have a boyfriend, so you doing those things to me is unethical.”

Boyfriend… if she hadn’t brought it up, Lu Chenzhou would have forgotten about it. He’d really taken precautions against that too late, given that she even knew to use it as a warning against him.

How exasperating!

And his lower jaw was pulsing with pain—no, his entire face was pulsating. Thinking back to last night, he said, “You punched me twice.”

Cheng Xi was stunned speechless by his rebuttal. “……”

She watched him return to lying down on the sofa. When he stretched his hand out to pull the quilt back over himself, he noticed that his shirt sleeves were shorter than usual, so he lifted his arm and looked at it quizzically. “Whose clothes are these?” He smelled them gingerly and his frown deepened. “Where are mine?”

The expression of disdain on his face was so evident that Cheng Xi couldn’t help but suspect that the clothes that her mother had found for him were ones that Cheng Yang had worn but hadn’t washed yet.

And then she saw him, without hesitation, start to unbutton his shirt and remove his clothes. Cheng Xi instantly turned away. “My mother’s coming back soon.”

“Oh.” Lu Chenzhou continued unabated after already having removed his shirt, which revealed his pale and well-toned upper body. He looked at her, and then a rustling sound coming from within the quilt; he was obviously taking off his pants too.

Cheng Xi couldn’t bear it anymore. “Can’t you wait even a minute? Let me see if your clothes are dry.”

She walked to the balcony and saw that Lu Chenzhou’s clothes were indeed hanging up there. But since they had been hand-washed, they were still dripping wet. Her hardworking mother couldn’t stand having piles of dirty laundry in the house, so she must have washed them in the morning before she left.

But she had forgotten to dry them… so was he going to end up naked in front of her mother again? Cheng Xi already felt a headache forming.

It was precisely this sort of thing that Lu Chenzhou didn’t care about at all. It wasn’t that he was shameless, but rather that he just didn&#apos;t care at all about what other people thought, because his own comfort was the most important thing to him—from this perspective, the fact that he had been able to suppress his urges for so long was amazing to Cheng Xi.

And last night, all of his repressed desires had probably exploded forth, his actions no longer under the control of his reason. In other words, Lu Chenzhou had been acting purely on instinct last night.

After this thought popped into her head, Cheng Xi decided to treat him a bit better, but this decision lasted only until she reentered the living room. The first thing she saw was Lu Chenzhou, utterly naked and exposed to the air after having left the confines of his quilt.

At least his back was facing her. He was standing there, meticulously inspecting his body for any anomalies. When he heard her approaching, he turned around.

Cheng Xi swiftly raised her hand to cover her eyes, turned around to avoid looking at him at all, and said, “Do you really have to behave in such an exaggerated way?”

Lu Chenzhou’s voice was fierce. “I have a rash on my body.”

Cheng Xi helplessly said, “...Put your clothes on first. I’ll look at it.”

“I won’t put them on!”

“Then get back into your quilt first!”

“Is that necessary? If I remember correctly, we seem to have already gotten in bed together.”

“What?!” Cheng Xi’s mother’s voice suddenly rang out. Before Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou could even react, they heard her shrill, high-decibel yell. “Aaaaaaaaaah! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?!”

Neither Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou could respond.

Cheng Xi’s house had an entranceway that was separated from the living room by a thick wall, so neither of them had realized that her mother had entered the room earlier.

And as Cheng Xi’s mother entered, she heard Lu Chenzhou and her daughter’s conversation filled with explosive details, so she hurriedly ran inside. The first thing she saw was the incomparably and unusually provocative naked body of Lu Chenzhou.

Her mother was about to collapse. “Cheng Xi!!! Do you want to die?!”

The first precept of the Cheng family’s child-rearing method: if someone’s at fault, it’s always your children. Even if someone else started it, it’s still your children’s fault---who asked them to provoke others?

Cheng Xi had a premonition that, if she didn’t handle this matter well, she would have a very hard life in the future.

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