Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 94: Young Madam Lu

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Chapter 94: Young Madam Lu

Cheng Xi was once again sent to her department head’s office.

When the head nurse came over to fetch Cheng Xi, she was accompanying Chen Jiaman. In the end, Cheng Xi didn’t mobilize Lu Chenzhou’s high-profile lawyer. Instead, she had contacted another one through her lawyer friends. After having done everything that she could, she was now calmly waiting for the news.

After Chen Jiaman heard another new story, she covered herself in her blankets again, but not completely this time. There was a small hole from which she was ‘secretly’ observing Cheng Xi.

Cheng Xi smiled upon seeing her behavior. Cai Yi had once told her that she was very well suited to be a psychiatrist; she was beautiful but not flirtatious, plain but not bland, warm and graceful but also bold and daring, and even her voice was melodious and moving. Presently, Cheng Xi was taking full advantage of her strengths by stooping down, lying by the side of the bed, looking into the little hole that Chen Jiaman had dug out, and saying, “You know, I was like you when I was little. You were brought up by your paternal grandmother, and I by my maternal one. She would often tell me stories, mostly horror stories that were popular in the countryside. I loved listening to them, but afterwards, I would always be very scared. Every time I tried to sleep after she told me a story, I would be afraid that a ghost would float in from the windows, or that something would crawl onto my bed from underneath it. So, I would always cover myself in my blankets, thinking that the ghosts wouldn’t be able to see me even if they showed up.

“And then when I got a little older, I realized that there were no ghosts in this world, that ghosts only exist in your heart. If you’re afraid, then they’ll appear. But if you overcome your fear, then they’ll vanish as well.”

“Jiaman…… Can I call you this? I know that you can definitely understand what I’m saying, and I hope you will too. I want you to understand that I very much want you to get better. Even though staying in this little room might be safe, it’s too small, and it’s unable to shield you from the wind or rain. The only way to free yourself from the evil ghosts in your heart is to walk out and become a braver and stronger version of yourself.”

When the head nurse walked in, this was the scene that she saw—Dr. Cheng, who was intelligent, capable, and sophisticated, was currently lying on her patient’s bed, completely unconcerned for her own image, and saying something profound to a little lump of blankets. She looked particularly childish and particularly adorable.

The head nurse was wholly impressed by Cheng Xi’s patience. Young doctors tended to be somewhat fickle and impatient, but she couldn’t see any of that in Cheng Xi.

When the head nurse pushed the door open lightly, Cheng Xi felt it but didn’t turn around. Instead, she waved her hand at her, dismissing her.

The head nurse retreated. After a while, Cheng Xi came out. “What’s the matter?”

“The department head’s invited you over.” When the head nurse saw Cheng Xi who seemed like she had a headache, the head nurse couldn’t stop herself from laughing. “It’s the first time that someone’s ever been in your situation—no one else has had the honor of getting called in by the head so often.”

Cheng Xi wryly replied, “Thanks for the praise. I’ll keep doing my best.”

The head nurse laughed herself to tears.

Cheng Xi went over. The head, who had been surprisingly nice to her the day before, gave her a full scolding today. And this time, he even pointed to her forehead all the while. “You, you, you. Why do you cause so much trouble? Do you know what you’ve done this time, hmm? Those of us who understand know that it’s a little trick to help treat a patient, but those who don’t will think that you’re trying to climb the social strata by ignoring your professional ethics for money! You, you, you…… you have the intelligence and the ability to use any method you please. But why did you have to come up with such a drastic tactic?”

Cheng Xi noticed that, while he was scolding her, he was also making meaningful glances at the room inside, and once he finished his tirade, he mouthed, “The patient’s here.” Cheng Xi was momentarily speechless—if the patient were here, then did that mean that Lu Chenzhou had come over? Shouldn’t he be getting his shots right now? Did he run here to proclaim that he was officially going to woo her?

Cheng Xi very much wanted to scold him again, but at this point, she could only pretend to not know anything about it. So, she clutched her forehead and joked with the head, saying, “You’ve always demeaned me, and I even thought that you didn’t like me—I never expected your evaluation of me to be so high.”

“Hmph! If I actually didn’t like you, then I wouldn’t have recruited you.”

That’s right. When Cheng Xi had joined Renyi, the department head had been the main recruiter associated with her.

Cheng Xi’s eyes happily curved up; her ignorant and blissful expression really made one so angry to the point that their liver would hurt! The head had originally been joking with her too, as this was just a ploy to clarify her intentions and redeem the reputation of the hospital—this sort of affair might have been a romantic encounter in any other department, but in the psychiatry department, it was a disaster because their ethics didn’t permit it! Cheng Xi, as an excellent student of Cai Yi, could not have been unaware of this point.

And so, he really was getting a bit mad as she maintained her uncaring and evasive mindset, and his scolding even became a bit more serious. “Stop changing the topic. You have to settle this matter. ‘Doctors wooing patients’—you’re lucky that this wasn’t overseas, or it would have been considered harassment, and you could have easily lost your reputation from getting sued. Don’t you know this? Even if you’re just trying to treat your patient, you don’t have to use such a stupid method!” Perhaps the head felt that he was being too vicious, so he awkwardly softened his last sentence.

Cheng Xi had naturally already guessed the head’s intentions, but he was unaware of Lu Chenzhou’s condition, and she was worried that their conversation might reveal her true intentions to Lu Chenzhou. She blinked before quickly, correcting him. “Who said that I was trying to treat him? Why can’t it be because the two of us fell in love at first sight? After all, Mr. Lu’s handsome, wealthy, young, and intelligent. He’s very attractive to all females, and as a female, especially an older, single female, after meeting such an outstanding and compatible single man, isn’t it normal for me to lose my head like that?”

Upon hearing this, the head became so angry that he started trembling and pointing at her. “You…… you- you- you- you……” He was so furious that he picked something up from the table and was about to throw it at her when someone suddenly ran out from the room and grabbed the head’s hands at lightning speed. “Don’t hit her! You can’t hit her! This is my granddaughter-in-law! You can’t damage her!”

Cheng Xi and the head were both stunned speechless from this turn of events.

Cheng Xi was instantly dazed. Why was Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother the one to rush out; how had ‘the patient’ turned into ‘the patient’s relative’?

Cheng Xi twisted her head around to look inside the room. The door was open, and the room was clearly empty!

Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother stopped the head, and then turned around to look at Cheng Xi, smiling with joy from the bottom of her heart as she pulled on Cheng Xi’s sleeve and said familiarly and excitedly, “Dr. Cheng, oh, no—Cheng Xi, I knew that my grandson would be able to find a wife someday. Look at how good his taste is—oh, wait a moment.” After she said this, she patted Cheng Xi’s hands, rushed inside, and brought out a lunchbox. “Zhou said that you were working too hard, so we brought some soup specially made for you. Drink it while it’s warm! He highly regards you, so if you told him what you said just now, he’d surely be so happy!”

Cheng Xi disagreed; at the most, Lu Chenzhou might say, “Oh.”

She hugged the lunchbox in front of her chest and wanted to explain, but Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother didn’t give her the chance to do so. After his grandmother finished talking to Cheng Xi, she immediately followed up with, “I have to go. I won’t keep you from your work any longer.” And then she turned around to instruct the head. “Our Zhou and Cheng Xi are fianc and fiance. There’s no harassment, so don’t scold her anymore!”

And then she left in an energetic buzz.

Cheng Xi felt like she was about to collapse as she looked at the head sullenly. “Didn’t you say that Lu Chenzhou was inside?”

After Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother rushed out, the head’s expression had become cold and indifferent. “What difference does it make anymore? Congratulations, you’re about to marry into the Lu family, and soon, you’ll be the most influential person in our hospital, young Madam Lu.”


The department head had gone crazy from anger!

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