Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 99: I’m Her Fianc

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Chapter 99: I’m Her Fianc

Actually, it wasn’t just Lin Fan who saw their romantic display, but also Tian Rou and the other passersby who had run out to see the hot guys. Everyone witnessed the abrupt hug, and they all stared open-mouthed at the two of them.

Tian Rou was the first to react, almost immediately putting both hands on her hips and jumping out as she exclaimed, “Who on earth are you, and what’re you doing, casually hugging my wife?”

Lu Chenzhou lifted his eyes and glanced at her before releasing Cheng Xi and standing to one side. His gaze travelled from Tian Rou’s long hair to the area between her legs as he bluntly asked, “You’re male?”

Tian Rou subconsciously closed her legs at his brusque remark.

And then Lu Chenzhou asked the same question that Cheng Xi had earlier. “Do you have a dick?”

Tian Rou immediately thought, Oh my god—now I know where Cheng Xi became corrupted!

Cheng Xi made a 囧 face while Lu Chenzhou’s expression was as uncaring as ever. He turned around to look at Cheng Xi and casually commented, “This is quite beautiful.”

He touched her wings.

The crowd was speechless. Was he praising Cheng Xi, or was he praising her wings?

Baldy even clutched at his face as he sighed. With the way his boss was, he was destined to be alone for life.

At least Cheng Xi didn’t mind. She leaned back down to tie down the last strap on the little girl’s set of wings, and then removed her own set from her back. “Do you want it?”

Lu Chenzhou nodded.

Cheng Xi summarily strapped her wings onto his body. The wings were very small, so when she put them on her body, he looked like a little bird that had just grown wings, imbuing him with an indescribable cuteness.

Lu Chenzhou even stretched out his hand to touch them.

“Haha!” Shen Wei couldn’t stop herself from laughing. “Director Lu, I didn’t expect you to look so good with those wings.”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond, but he was clearly pleased. After Shen Wei opened her mouth, it was as if she had broken the silent curse on everyone, and they all started chattering right away, asking, “Cheng Xi, who’s this? Is he your boyfriend?”

Or, “How handsome! Can I get an autograph?”

Or, even fiercer, “He’s a pretty cute young guy, isn’t he? Cheng Xi, are you sure that you’re not an old cow chewing on green grass?”

Cheng Xi’s made a -_-|| face at that comment.

She wasn’t that old, was she? And did these people really have to be this excited? She felt like her hand was about to be jabbed to pieces, and meanwhile, Rou was standing to the side, just looking at her and laughing!

What had happened to accompanying her to the end of time?

Cheng Xi felt a headache coming on, but Lu Chenzhou was being unusually nice today; he was even willing to talk to them, and slowly answered each question. “She’s not an old cow chewing on green grass as I’m older than her.”

“I won’t give you a signature.”

“I’m not her boyfriend.” When the crowd fell silent at that answer, he continued to say, “I’m her fianc.”

Cheng Xi and the crowd were both shocked speechless.

Someone then asked, “Is there a difference between these two?”

“Yes. A boyfriend’s motive isn’t necessarily to get married, but a fianc’s is.”

Everyone in the crowd made a (⊙o⊙) face as they thought, …How logical.

Cheng Xi’s only reaction was to complement Lu Chenzhou’s memory in her head; how long ago had she said those words? And to think that he still remembered them.

Rou was still chuckling to the side, and she stretched her hand out and looped it around Cheng Xi’s neck. “Ah, Cheng Xi’s fianc. Can I borrow your fiance and have a word with her?”

And before he could respond, she had already dragged Cheng Xi away from the encirclement.

The two went down an empty set of stairs, coincidentally running into Lin Fan on the other side. He was dressed fully in black today with a black overcoat and a black pair of pants. He had also cut his hair short. With his mouth slightly pursed, he gave off a sense of coolness that accompanied his usual melancholy and gentleness.

Tian Rou immediately became dazed when she saw him, only regaining her wits when Cheng Xi pulled on her back.

The first thing she did when she regained her senses was to let go of Cheng Xi, who was pulling on her clothes, and start posing with her body as she did her best to make a flirtatious expression at him. “Hey, idol!”

She revealed her intentions as soon as she opened her mouth.

Cheng Xi couldn’t bear to look at Tian Rou out of embarrassment. Lin Fan didn’t look at Cheng Xi either, instead only responding to Tian Rou. “The two of you are here quite early.”

Tian Rou played her hair as she coquettishly said, “We’re bored.” Then she shot him a teasing gaze as she asked, “You’re here alone?”


“Didn’t you say you were engaged? Why didn’t you bring your gi……” But when she recalled Lu Chenzhou’s distinction between a fiance and a girlfriend, she sourly corrected herself. “……your fiance over?”

After all, Shen Wei was already married. So in tonight’s party, she had specifically instructed the attendees to bring their “family members” over.

Lin Fan replied, “Something came up and she couldn’t come.” He then raised his head and looked in Shen Wei’s direction. The couple was currently trying to help Lu Chenzhou extricate himself from the crowd, and coincidentally, the latter was glancing over at him at the same time. Their gazes met, but Lu Chenzhou was expressionless as ever; he only glanced at him briefly with an air of indifference and arrogance, as if he were looking at an ordinary speck of dust.

Lin Fan thought back to his mother’s words again. When he had pleadingly begged, “Why do you look down upon Cheng Xi so much? Don’t you know that the Lu family can’t wait for her to marry into their family?”

“It’s because their surname is Lu, because they’re the Lu family! Do you know what the difference between a kid from a rich family and a kid from a poor family to going to work and washing dishes is? The former’s looking for new life experiences while the latter’s trying to live!”

These words rang true, and they were so cruel that Lin Fan couldn’t say anything in response. And in this moment, when he saw that man being revered by the crowd and when he received his glance, he once again understood the true meaning behind those words that had been said so long ago.

He didn’t hear a single word of Tian Rou’s, carelessly finding an excuse to keep walking downwards.

Behind him, he could indistinctly hear Tian Rou ask in a perplexed tone, “My idol isn’t angry, is he?”

And then a familiar and gentle voice responded, “No, he’s not.”

Lin Fan paused. His hand clutched the handrail as he tightly clenched his eyes shut.

Tian Rou looked on, disappointed, as her idol walked further away. “He looks more and more handsome…… but why does it also feel like he’s getting further and further away from me at the same time?”

Cheng Xi glanced at Lin Fan’s back with Tian Rou. He was only down there a few moments before he was tugged away by some male classmates, who hooked their arms around his shoulders as they said who knows what and pressed down on him so much so that his waist seemed like it was about to break in half.

After this, Cheng Xi didn’t see Lin Fan again for the rest of the night. After Rou had had her fill with her, Cheng Xi was dragged off by Shen Wei to be interrogated in another corner. Her first question was naturally, “What’s going on between the two of you? Is Lin Fan’s mother not okay with you two being together?”

Cheng Xi was a bit surprised, but soon remembered that it was very normal for Shen Wei to know about things; even though her circle of friends didn’t overlap that much with Lin Fan’s, she was intimately connected to his stepfather’s family.

She rubbed her face, exasperated. “Can we not mention it?”

Shen Wei stubbornly denied that request. “No. As your good friend, I have to tell you something. It’s actually a really good thing that the two of you didn’t get together! Did you know about this? Lin Fan’s mother used her illness as an excuse to trick him to return home from overseas, all so that she could use him to fight with her husband’s stepchildren for their family assets. Lin Fan was initially unwilling to do so, so she forced him to marry the Meng’s daughter. This sort of mother, honestly… I wanted to tell you this earlier, but I was afraid that you’d get upset, so I held it in until now.

Upon hearing this bombshell, Cheng Xi was slightly dazed. She knew that something had been up, but she could never have expected it to be this dramatic

Shen Wei prodded her again. “Lu Chenzhou’s better, isn’t he?”

Cheng Xi didn’t know what to say, and only after quite a while did she answer, “Yes.”

“Tell me, are the two of you really going to get married? It feels very quick. How did you two end up together anyways?”

What could Cheng Xi say to that? She still hadn’t fully recovered from Shen Wei’s first question. She was really rendered speechless by Shen Wei’s behavior.

Luckily, Fu Mingyi came over to find them at that moment, and Cheng Xi managed to escape from a tribulation without needing to make an excuse or to lie.

After Cheng Xi escaped, she spent the remainder of the party with Lu Chengzhou. Baldy and Rou weren’t very comfortable with each other in the beginning, but after Tian Rou praised Lin Fan and then subsequently mocked by Baldy, animosity arose between the two. They started ridiculously and unfathomably mocking each other, which generated a particularly lively atmosphere around them, a rather unique form of attachment.

All in all, the party was quite successful: a large group of people had split up according to Shen Wei’s circle of friends and then played a team game where they teased each other and drank so much that the party almost devolved into a frenzy. Because Cheng Xi was worried about Lu Chenzhou, who was still recovering, she had helped him drink some of his alcohol. However, this only made Baldy start targeting her, and she ended up having to drink a few more glasses on top of all that.

She managed to drunkenly stagger away after the game, and she secretly maneuvered herself to the lounge in the Fu family’s garden, where she tried to sober up and regain her wits.

A moment later, a cup was thrust towards her from behind. She turned around, and when she saw that it was Lin Fan, her heart shook a little.

“It’s warm water. Here, have some.”

Cheng Xi remained silent for a moment, and then she accepted the glass of water after thanking him. The temperature of the water was just right, neither too cold nor too warm. After drinking it, Cheng Xi wiped her lips and said, “Then, I’ll be leaving.”

“Are you still only acting as his shield?” Lin Fan suddenly interjected.

Cheng Xi stopped.

She couldn’t not stop, because she had seen Lu Chenzhou. He had appeared out of nowhere, and was coolly standing under a tree, looking at her—oh, at them.

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