Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 101: Public! Display! Of! Affection!

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Chapter 101: Public! Display! Of! Affection!

Cheng Xi, now lightheaded, was dragged back by Lu Chenzhou, which only made her feel more uncomfortable. Baldy opened the door for the two, and she heard him ask, “Is she really that drunk?”

Lu Chenzhou nodded, and Baldy clicked his tongue before replying, “She must really like you. Just look at how much she was willing to drink on your behalf even when her tolerance is crap!” After a lengthy pause, he continued, “Why’d you bring her back here? Take her away! If nothing happens while you’re drunk, then wouldn’t it have been a waste for me to have poured her so much alcohol?”

So he was plotting this all along! Cheng Xi stared fiercely at Baldy, but it just made her feel dizzy. She rubbed her temples and incoherently rambled, “Baldy, don’t you dare be too excessive.”

Her tongue was lolling around, almost dangling out of her mouth. Instead of being threatening, her words had the opposite effect. Baldy leaned over and innocently replied, “Dr. Cheng, I’m being perfectly honest. I didn’t do anything.”

But behind Cheng Xi’s back, he urged Lu Chenzhou on. “Go on, go on.”

Lu Chenzhou pulled her away. His gaze was profound, almost as if he were seriously considering the feasibility of Baldy’s suggestion. Cheng Xi felt a cool sensation on the back of her neck; his other hand had suddenly started caressing her neck, his fingers lightly stroking the tender skin there.

She struggled and tried to pull away, but she was much too weak to succeed, and when she tried to withdraw into her clothes, he simply extended his entire hand into them… His touch didn’t make Cheng Xi angry, though. Instead, she softly called out, “Lu Chenzhou!”

She actually wanted him to stop messing around, but the lazy positioning of her body and the soft tone of her voice made it appear as if she were simply being coy.

Lu Chenzhou’s hand, which was caressing her neck, suddenly stilled. He lifted his head to look at her, suddenly leaned down, and bit her lips. Before anyone could react, he raised his head and randomly said, “I want to buy a cat!”

Baldy was struck dumb.

Who could possibly predict Boss Lu’s train of thought? He had acted so intimately, and then suddenly blurted out something like that. Were the two things at all related?

Rather, how was wanting to buy a cat relevant to anything happening right now? Baldy looked at Lu Chenzhou blankly, still pondering the relationship between him and Cheng Xi, when he suddenly saw Cheng Xi point her slender finger at Lu Chenzhou and say, “You’re a clean freak. You can’t- can’t raise one.”

Lu Chenzhou lowered his head and bit her lips again.

Baldy balked at their display as he made a weird sound. “Urk!”

Their intimacy was blinding him! Was Lu Chenzhou provoking him on purpose by not leaving when Baldy told him to?! It was just because he didn’t want to see a Public! Display! Of! Affection!

“You’ll face retribution!” Baldy said discontentedly.

And retribution came quickly indeed, in the form of Tian Rou and the others running over. They had been playing a game, and Tian Rou was trying to escape from her punishment. She had been chased into a tight spot by the others, and her eyes gleamed when she spotted the three of them. She quickly ran over and grabbed Cheng Xi—“Cheng Xi, help me! They’re bullying me!”

“You’re shameless! You lost a gamble and now you’re trying to act dumb! Cheng Xi, you can’t help her!”

The crowd swarmed around the two women. Before they got close, however, Lu Chenzhou let go of Cheng Xi and coldly retreated a few steps. The others didn’t notice his abrupt behavior in their revelry. The pitiful Cheng Xi was swallowed up by the crowd of people, their dragging and pulling only intensified her dizziness.

She felt like she was in a spaceship soaring through the sky, the g-forces sending her stomach turning and tossing as a resplendent starry landscape appeared in front of her eyes. She waved her hand around helplessly. “I’m about to vomit.”

No one heard her, and she started dry heaving. Tian Rou noticed Cheng Xi’s plight at this moment; but she was trying to escape her own plight, so Tian Rou immediately yelled out, “Cheng Xi’s pregnant! She’s pregnant!”

Cheng Xi was stunned speechless.

She was dazed and dizzy, but her mind was still clear. When she heard Tian Rou’s slander, she tried to punch Tian Rou, but ended up hitting her shoulder in a drunken haze instead.

But Tian Rou was committed to her lie. She turned pale with fright and exclaimed, “There’s a baby! Don’t make any big motions!”

By the time she said this, everyone had stopped moving, so her statement seemed particularly loud against the silence.

Baldy tried to confirm that he hadn’t heard wrongly by turning to Lu Chenzhou. “You’re a father now?”

Actually, he really wanted to ask if the baby was Lu Chenzhou’s, because he knew that Cheng Xi had been with Lin Fan before this.

And when he considered the timing of things, it seemed to work out very well! But he was afraid of receiving a beating, so he had phrased his question neutrally.

Lu Chenzhou ignored him—he didn’t need to respond because Cheng Xi vomited, and as she vomited she also listlessly scolded, “Tian Rou, you’re a pig!”

After Cheng Xi finished vomiting, she finally passed out even as she thought about how ‘impressed’ she was with her own alcohol tolerance.

When she regained consciousness again, her ears were filled with buzzing chitter-chatter, as if she were in the middle of a flock of ducks.

“You’re awake.” Tian Rou’s huge face appeared in front of hers, as if magnified.

Cheng Xi had a big headache now, and she stretched out one hand to cover her eyes. “Where am I?”

She felt the other side of the bed sink down, and then Shen Wei’s voice rang out. “My home, of course! Are you still drunk? You really sleep soundly after drinking.”

Only then did Cheng Xi put down her hand and look at her. “What time is it?”


“At night?”

Tian Rou looked at her superciliously. “At night!? Even if you sleep soundly, do you really think that you could’ve slept that long? Why not just sleep till the end of time at that point?”

Shen Wei smiled and calmly replied, “But then what would happen to Mr. Lu? He’d lose his fiance that way.”

Cheng Xi froze for a moment as she recalled what had happened last night in the garden, and also Lu Chenzhou’s unusual heartbeat.

Even while drunk, she could tell that he did indeed have an intense emotional response.

But why? Was it because he had been provoked by Lin Fan, so much so that his emotions had finally emerged from the deep?

After Shen Wei’s mention of Lu Chenzhou, Cheng Xi started pondering last night’s events very seriously. Before her thoughts could get very far, however, even more people came up to her to talk about Lu Chenzhou.

One said, “Cheng Xi, where did you find such a boyfriend? He’s so adorable!”

Another asked, “Ah, are you really pregnant? It’s true, isn’t it? If your child looks like the father, then please arrange a marriage between your baby and mine!”

Cheng Xi was shellshocked!

She remembered the mess that had taken place before she vomited, and she looked tenderly at Tian Rou as she gently asked, “Rou, I’m pregnant?”

Rou’s heart trembled as she wiped away the non-existent sweat on her forehead. “I was joking!” She grabbed Cheng Xi’s wrists and coyly replied back, “I know that you were just drunk. I’m sorry, will you forgive this baby?”

Then she mimicked a baby’s face, making everyone laugh. “Cheng Xi, I feel like you’ve been corrupted by your fianc. Look at that tone you used with me—it’s frightening.”

Cheng Xi immediately clarified, “He’s not my fianc…… what could I learn from him?”

Another classmate interrupted. “That’s right, how is Dr. Cheng’s Mr. Lu scary? He’s as suave as anyone else, alright?” Then she looked at Cheng Xi briefly before saying, “When he was playing games, he never lost. So, everyone heckled him, and do you know his response?” She coughed once, and then imitated Lu Chenzhou’s tone and his cool expression as she said, “It’s fine if I lose, but my punishment has to be for me to kiss Cheng Xi, or for her to kiss me.”


Besides her pitch, that female classmate had really imitated him to perfection. Her impersonation instantly caused a hubbub to break out as everyone fell off the bed, laughing.

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