Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 102: Small Thoughts

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Chapter 102: Small Thoughts

Cheng Xi started sweating when she heard this story about Lu Chenzhou—after all, she knew Lu Chenzhou best out of everyone there. He was totally lacking in shame, and to him, kissing was a minor thing. At least he had exercised some restraint and not said something even more shocking.

To top it all off, Lu Chenzhou had never been penalized; his intelligence was one thing, but Cheng Xi’s male classmates were also very protective of their female cohorts. How could they allow a mysterious “fianc” who had sprung out of nowhere take advantage of one of their class’s idols?

Yes, Cheng Xi felt that her male classmates were very adorable!

Cheng Xi was satisfied with their behavior in her heart, but after satisfaction came exasperation: in a single night, she had not only become “pregnant” out of nowhere, but also found a fianc. Her decision to invite Lu Chenzhou to this sort of gathering as her plus one had clearly been a mistake.

But what could she do now? She couldn’t explain the situation away, so she could only let it be.

And she had still succeeded in her goal. Lu Chenzhou actually didn’t leave even after she became incorently drunk, staying and nicely playing games with everyone else. It was truly a rare and precious achievement. Besides mahjong, Cheng Xi hadn’t ever seen Lu Chenzhou and Baldy play anything else; the main reason why he had participated in the social activities last night was to not appear as aloof as he usually did.

Of course, a good temper for Mr. Lu was also relative. His cold demeanor seemed arrogant and unapproachable to men, but handsome, adorable, and extremely charming to women.

In this time and age, beauty was everything.

Because Cheng Xi had found such a good “fianc” and yet not told her classmates about him, she had been ravaged by a band of female classmates. Only after she escaped them did she finally get to wash up and change her clothes.

She was still wearing the angel outfit from last night, which was now rumpled and wrinkled after sleeping through the night. After Cheng Xi got out of bed, she quickly ran into the washroom for some privacy and called Lu Chenzhou. The response she got to her greeting was, “Buy a cat.”

She paused. “A cat?”


“Why do you want one?”

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond, and Cheng Xi didn’t understand why he was suddenly interested in cats. Instead, she warned him, saying, “Cats shed hair all over the place. Are you sure?”

After saying this, Cheng Xi felt like she had done her due diligence by reminding him, and then hung up.

On the other end, Lu Chenzhou, who had just been reminded, turned to look at the cat carrier on the passenger’s seat next to him… the cat inside was silent.

It was a white Scottish fold with big eyes and a small, red nose. It was currently lying on its stomach and looking at him with a particularly sweet expression.

He had searched for half a day before finally finding a cat that reminded him of a specific someone… and then she told him that cats would shed hair!

His nose was already starting to feel itchy, and it was getting harder to breathe as well. His mysophobia seemed to manifest almost immediately upon hearing her words; unable to bear it any further, Lu Chenzhou stopped by the roadside and was just about to throw the cat away when his phone rang. The hand on the cat carrier’s handle stilled. He took his phone out, and on it was a text message from Cheng Xi. “I feel like it’s not a bad idea for you to get a cat, but a cat’s life is still a life. So if you buy one, please take good care of it.”

He returned to his office and looked at the cat for the entire morning before eventually calling his assistant over. “Send this cat to my grandmother.”

When Lu Chenzhou’s grandmother received the cat, she was pleasantly surprised. She could feel in her heart that, after she introduced Cheng Xi to her grandson, he was behaving much more personably. Look, he even knew to give her gifts now! And such a cute little cat at that!

She was so happy that she immediately called Lu Chenzhou after receiving the cat, saying that she would definitely take good care of it, and that she even wanted him to give it a name.

Lu Chenzhou put down his pen, closed his eyes, and thought for awhile before saying, “Call it Daggry.”


Daggry meant daybreak in Danish.

Why Danish? Because Cheng Xi liked telling children’s stories! ^o^ [TL: Hans Christian Andersen, prolific writer of fairy tales, was Danish.]

Cheng Xi had completely forgotten about the strange conversation that she had had with Lu Chenzhou about cats, and naturally knew nothing about Mr. Lu’s thought processes. After washing up and exiting the bathroom, everyone had finally gotten tired of Lu Chenzhou and moved on to an even more extreme topic.

It wasn’t clear who first suggested it, but a few girls were playing a game that tested the loyalty of their husbands and boyfriends. Despite Tian Rou having neither, she was still energetically throwing out ideas left and right. And when Cheng Xi came out, she could hear her cackling voice. “Change to this one, this one. This one is sexy!”

One of her classmates had a secondary WeChat account, which her classmates were planning on disguising and then using to catfish their husbands and boyfriends. Upon hearing this plan, Cheng Xi couldn’t help but caress her forehead. “Don’t you guys have anything better to do?” She advised them very seriously. “With how fragile feelings are, how many tests can it withstand? If it fails, you’ll be happy, but your husbands and boyfriends definitely won’t be happy if they find out; if it succeeds, then even if you know that you’re just joking, and even if he doesn’t cheat on you, it’ll be something lurking in the back of your mind for the rest of your relationship. What’s the point? Why create trouble for yourself?”

No one listened to her.

Shen Wei teased her for being a female Xuanzang [a famous monk, the protagonist of Journey to the West], and another classmate of hers even said, “Don’t preach at us! We know just how much your Mr. Lu’s enthralled with you. As for us, our husbands and boyfriends don’t have as much wealth as the Wei family, or look as handsome as yours. So, they have to at least be loyal, don’t they?”

They had brought up Lu Chenzhou again. Cheng Xi sighed and weakly protested, “He’s not as good as you guys think he is……”

And then everyone ignored her.

She could only helplessly watch on as they sent out friend requests. Besides Tian Rou, the four women waited fervently for a response. Everyone here had drunk too much, and their partners were all staying in the other wing of the Wei estate.

If the men were all staying together, then the fact that these requests had all been sent out at once… Even a fool would realize that something was fishy, right? Regardless, Cheng Xi had given up on trying to persuade them, and she let them do whatever they wanted.

But it turned out that there were still fools left in this world after all. One such was the husband of her classmate. The two had grown up as childhood friends, and the man had always seemed sincere and earnest; however, he was the only one who had accepted the unknown woman’s friend request.

Even though her husband ignored the messages that she sent, anyone could see that her smile was a little forced.

And the second fool was Shen Wei.

Cheng Xi originally thought that this spur-of-the-moment event would peter out after the incident. After a sudden fit of anger, her classmate listened to Cheng Xi’s advice and blacklisted her husband’s WeChat, and refrained from testing his limits anymore.

But Shen Wei had been extremely bored and was inspired by this incident instead. After they all left, she actually made another WeChat account to catfish Fu Mingyi. This time, she set the profile picture to a cute little girl that gave off a pure and fresh image. She had known Fu Mingyi for a few years by now, and naturally knew his tastes—what he liked was mature women, like herself.

But this time, Fu Mingyi accepted the friend request from that fake account of hers.

Not long after the party, Cheng Xi received a call from Shen Wei’s family. “Cheng Xi? You’re Cheng Xi, aren’t you? Could you please come over? Fu Mingyi was caught in an affair. Cheng Xi, she’s about to go crazy from anger.”

Cheng Xi couldn’t even think of a response.

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