Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 114: Pursui

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Chapter 114: Pursui

Of course Shen Wei understood Cheng Xi’s advice; it was just that she was unwilling to accept the situation as it stood. She tiredly leaned against Cheng Xi’s body as she grumbled, “You said that you weren’t going to say much, but then you went and said all that.” She closed her eyes. “Alright, I understand. I won’t ruin myself over the two of them.” As she said this, she gently rubbed her belly.

That single action told Cheng Xi that Shen Wei actually still cared very much for her child, regardless of whether or not it had come at an appropriate time. And as long as she had some lingering attachments, it would all be fine as it was essentially insurance against her doing anything too extreme.

Shen Wei really was quite tired, and Cheng Xi’s tone was so gentle and soothing that she unknowingly fell asleep, still leaning against Cheng Xi’s shoulder.

Cheng Xi gently lowered Shen Wei back into the bed and watched her sleep peacefully for a while before getting up and going downstairs.

The atmosphere was somewhat stiff there, mostly because Shen Wei’s parents had never really interacted with Lu Chenzhou before. Lu Chenzhou only exacerbated this awkwardness with his holier-than-thou behavior; the end result was that whenever the three of them tried to chat, it would quickly fall flat.

When Lu Chenzhou noticed Cheng Xi come out, his demeanor remained about the same as before, but Shen Wei’s parents visibly relaxed as they enthusiastically called her over. “Come sit here.” And then they even pushed food and drinks into her hand.

Cheng Xi smiled as she politely declined. “There’s no need. I’m about to leave.”

“Already?” Shen Wei’s mother really couldn’t bear for Cheng Xi to go so soon. She hadn’t realized it earlier, but Cheng Xi’s presence truly comforted her. “Why don’t you leave after you have dinner with us? Where’s Shen Wei? I’m sure that she can’t bear to see you go so soon either.”

“She’s already asleep. Mrs. Shen, if there’s nothing urgent, then please don’t wake her up and just let her sleep. And if you can, please spend some more time just talking to her. If her body allows it, you can even go shopping with her and help her decorate the nursery. Actually, as long as she feels healthy, you can find her something suitable to do.”

Shen Wei’s parents were a bit shocked. “Nursery? Shen Wei…… has decided to keep the child?”

“I think she will.”

“Then she and Fu Mingyi……”

“That I can’t guess. But no matter what, Shen Wei isn’t a headstrong person. So if you can support her, then please do.” The most important thing was to keep Shen Wei happy. As long as she didn’t go crazy or start thinking about getting revenge on the two of them, or on society, then everything could be left up to her.

Shen Wei’s parents sighed as they replied, “Why wouldn’t we support her? All we want is for her to be happy.”

Cheng Xi nodded. Having said her piece, she bid farewell and promptly left.

When she left the Shen household, Cheng Xi’s feelings were a bit heavy, and so she didn’t notice Lu Chenzhou sneaking a few glances at her.

Finally, Lu Chenzhou couldn’t bear it anymore and straightforwardly asked, “Are you always like this after holding a therapy session?”

Cheng Xi became reinvigorated when she heard his question. In response, she shook her head and said with a troubled expression, “Of course not. I’m just more worried about Shen Wei. I feel like she’s planning something big.”

Lu Chenzhou indifferently said, “Given how old she is, I’m sure that she can bear the consequences of her own actions. Why worry about her?”

Cheng Xi turned around to look at him.

When Lu Chenzhou had said this callous statement, his tone had been calm, his eyes bright, and his expression unperturbed. Evidently, he didn’t think that Cheng Xi had any legitimate reason to worry about Shen Wei.

A pang of sympathy moved Cheng Xi’s heart, and she fixed her expression as she asked, “Then if something happened to that big baldy, would you worry about him?”

Her phrase ‘that big baldy’ made Lu Chenzhou smile slightly, but without even thinking about his response, he said, “No.”


“Because that’s his business.”

“……But don’t you help him out at times? I remember that during the last time I talked to him, he said that he wanted to thank you because you did him a big favor.”

Cheng Xi’s example made Lu Chenzhou chuckle. “That’s because it benefitted me as well.” He then asked her, “Do you benefit from helping Shen Wei?”

“No.” When Cheng Xi saw Lu Chenzhou getting ready to open his mouth again, she quickly continued. “But if she can get better, then as a friend, I’ll be happy for her, and as a doctor, I’ll feel accomplished.”

There was a red light ahead of them, and as Lu Chenzhou braked, he also jeered at her. “She can make you happy and give you a sense of accomplishment?”

His tone was calm, but hidden within that calmness was a bit of shock, a shock that clearly revealed Lu Chenzhou’s feelings towards her words. Lu Chenzhou looked askance at her as if she were an idiot.

Cheng Xi was very protective of her friends, and Lu Chenzhou’s behavior seriously upset her. “Of course she can!”

Lu Chenzhou’s tongue then really became vicious. “Ha! She’s a stupid idiot who would go insane over something as small as that. Why on earth would you feel happy for someone like that?”

Cheng Xi was speechless at the sheer callousness of Lu Chenzhou’s words!

It seemed that discussing emotions with a patient suffering from emotional detachment was just making life difficult for herself. So instead, Cheng Xi changed how she approached the subject. “Then, if you were Shen Wei, what would you do?”

The red light turned green, and Lu Chenzhou accelerated smoothly as he stared at the road ahead. “I’ll destroy all that he cares about and take back what’s rightfully mine. What else could I do?”

Cheng Xi could faintly feel a savage bloodthirst in his words and couldn’t help but blink twice in surprise. “I…… I haven’t offended you, have I?”

Lu Chenzhou thought for a moment before turning around and grinning at her with all of his teeth exposed. “Yes, you have.”

She was very shocked. “When?”

“Does changing our date plans on your own count?”

“That doesn’t count. I already obtained your approval.” She very much wanted to directly head home, but now, she could only say, “Why don’t we go watch a movie together?”

Lu Chenzhou actually didn’t object. Cheng Xi looked up some tickets online, but she found that the only ones available were in the early morning. Reluctant to do so, she asked quietly, “Can we get food instead?”

Lu Chenzhou ignored her request this time, instead driving to Donglai Hotel. Once they arrived, some attendants came over to receive them, and as Cheng Xi and Lu Chenzhou walked inside, they reported, “Director Lu, we’ve prepared everything.”

Cheng Xi didn’t know what he was planning, and just walked alongside him. As they were walking, Cheng Xi’s mother called, saying that everyone was going to go out and get a meal together and asking where she was.

Cheng Xi vaguely brushed it off with an excuse about how she was busy and couldn’t go back. She asked them to just eat without her, and then also asked her mom to help her apologize to her relatives and friends.

As she was saying all this, Lu Chenzhou suddenly leaned towards her and said, “We’re here.”

Cheng Xi was startled and hurriedly tried to cover up the microphone.

But her mother had already heard his voice, and started yelling. “Who’s that?”

Cheng Xi slammed the phone shut and quickly put it back into her pocket. Her expression after recovering from a slight shock contained a sliver of self-deceiving foolishness. Lu Chenzhou found it so cute that his lips unconsciously curled up slightly; as he did so, a wisp of gentleness seeped into his fair and handsome features like the pure mountain snow after the first spring thaw.

Cheng Xi awkwardly touched the corners of her mouth as she looked around. “Where are we?”

She had been at Donglai a few times now, but only to three places: the cafe, the office, and Lu Chenzhou’s room.

This location was entirely new to her. It seemed just like a private room in a restaurant as it was exquisitely decorated, but it also seemed like an entrance to somewhere.

Lu Chenzhou made a grand gesture, inviting her in. The doors to the room opened, and she followed him in. Inside was a spherical room with elegant and refined interior decorations, a table, chairs, and exquisite refreshments ready to be served.

Cheng Xi originally thought that this was just a place for dining, but then she saw the doors close. Lu Chenzhou briskly walked further inside of the room and pulled the thick curtains apart.

Behind the curtains was a huge wall of glass, and behind the glass was just a blue…… screen of water. “Are we underwater?” She asked, quite shocked.

Lu Chenzhou didn’t respond, merely looking at her silently. Once she walked over, he snapped his fingers, and then the room suddenly turned dark, all the lights clicking off at the same time.

As the darkness settled in, Cheng Xi remained still, not daring to move. She saw that a lamp had been lit beyond the water screen; the lamplight felt remote and seemed far away, but then, the light intensified and grew larger, causing the screen of water to become a huge curtain. Above the curtain was the sky, vast and boundless, while the colorful, dazzling lights shimmering overhead were like an aurora. As the sparkling lights mixed and weaved together, they created a scene that looked just like fireworks in the night sky; the whole display had a sense of elegance and beauty that caught the spirit, as if its charm was something one could grab by extending their arm.

Cheng Xi’s waist tightened at the beautiful scene as Lu Chenzhou suddenly hugged her, turned her face around, and kissed her against that magnificent backdrop.

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