Novel Name : Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 115: Don’t Tease Me Like That!

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Chapter 115: Don’t Tease Me Like That!

Lu Chenzhou didn’t kiss Cheng Xi for very long, and actually released her before she could react to his move.

She had to admit, this kiss was pretty decent. Cheng Xi had always felt that she wouldn’t like to fall for someone that easily. Case in point, when she broke up with Lin Fan, she didn’t feel all that upset; she even truly believed that she might end up like her professor Cai Yi, dedicating her life to medicine and to her patients.

But this kiss by Lu Chenzhou made her realize that she didn’t actually subconsciously reject Lu Chenzhou as her boyfriend, and she wasn’t even repulsed by being intimate with him.

Furthermore, under the resplendent backdrop, Lu Chenzhou’s already handsome face was enhanced with a soft glow, giving his skin the healthy appearance of a well-toasted bun, one that she wanted to take a bite out of.

Cheng Xi tried hard not to drool too much, but this was extremely difficult! He was so close to her that their foreheads were about to touch; she could even smell his clean scent and the rich smell of his male pheromones.

She involuntarily thought back to the pornographic, shameful dream that she had had on New Year’s Eve. And then in her moment of weakness, Lu Chenzhou asked her, “Do you like the view?”

His voice was low and hoarse, sexy and titillating.

Cheng Xi tried to remain calm. “Yes.”

Lu Chenzhou directly said, “I mean me.” He tilted her jaw up with one hand, making her look at him. Meanwhile, his other hand grabbed her hand and guided it to drape across his sculpted jaw, past his fine and slight Adam’s apple and his lean but strong chest, until it finally reached his narrow waist. He then squeezed her fingers and made them press hard against his equally hard abs. He remembered that her glance had lingered in that area earlier for a few seconds; her face flushed a deep red. “Do I look good?”

Unable to resist her own desires, Cheng Xi’s face turned red again. By that time, the light from the water screen had slowly dissipated, and the screen had turned into the dark cosmos, shining stars blinking amidst the darkness.

This was more than just a light show⁠—this date was also a test of extreme endurance for Cheng Xi’s mind!

Cheng Xi wasn’t a coy person. When she realized that her feelings had already gone out of control, she didn’t waste more energy struggling to control it. Instead, even with a red face, she tried hard to calmly say, “Yes, you look good.” And then after a brief pause, she continued to say, “The room’s very beautiful, you’re also beautiful, and your physique is even more beautiful.” When people feel anxious, they can relieve some of the tension by talking more. With her free hand, Cheng Xi gently touched Lu Chenzhou’s face as she asked, “Lu Chenzhou, do you know what the term is for someone who uses a face as handsome as yours and an expression as cool and calm as yours to tease someone?”

Lu Chenzhou pursed his lips, not answering. He was certain that this was a leading question, and that whatever term she was thinking of would be derogatory.

Cheng Xi didn’t mind, and she answered her own question. “Byronic. Do you know what a Byronic hero is? He’s someone who’s as beautiful and eye-catching as a masterpiece drawing, someone who dresses well and constantly wears an elegant, erudite expression. However, he’s also someone who, despite that refined appearance, speaks vulgarly and does vulgar things. These men, who display a stark contrast between their actions and their appearance, are supposedly very popular among women. They disregard everything to rush up and push you down, to tear your clothes apart, to pull off your mask of pride and arrogance, to make you fall deeply into the affairs of regular human beings, where you’re inextricably mired yet still unable and unwilling to free yourself.” After this outburst, she suddenly pulled tightly on his collar and bit down fiercely on his lower jaw, grinding her teeth as she somewhat viciously said, “Lu Chenzhou, as dashing as you are, don’t try to tease me like this, alright?”

Cheng Xi only wanted to interact with Lu Chenzhou as a patient, so that he would quickly scram after being treated. She simply had no confidence in keeping a man like him.

Lu Chenzhou tilted his head curiously. In the moments after Cheng Xi bit him, a layer of goosebumps had rapidly risen along the path that her teeth had traced upon his body. Before, this had been an instinctive reaction that represented the revulsion he felt towards other people touching him. But now, this represented pure excitement.

He clamped down on this newfound excitement as he disparaged her. “And so what if I tease you?”

“Then I won’t be responsible for the consequences!” Cheng Xi responded without a trace of hesitation.

He laughed, a light, low and throaty laugh. And underneath the starry sky, he once again lowered his head and kissed her lips.

She heard him softly whisper, “Then don’t take responsibility. I will.”

Cheng Xi found it agonizingly difficult for her to resist the charm of a mature man and his repeated sincere advances.

Or perhaps it was that the starlight was truly beautiful. Even if it were fake, she also deeply desired to experience a romantic encounter at least once in her life, especially when the man wooing her was so breathtakingly beautiful.

Cheng Xi shut her eyes, temporarily putting aside all thoughts of illnesses and patients, and even of how rational Lu Chenzhou was⁠—even if he only saw her as a piece of driftwood or even a piece of straw, she would accept it in this moment.

Ever since Baldy had told her that Lu Chenzhou had waited outside her door for an entire day, ever since she had heard him say “I missed you,” her heart had been touched.

She…… was actually also very desolate, just like the aurora that lay at the farthest ends of the world, just like the starry sky that extended beyond the Milky Way and into the cold universe.

The stars were so small; perhaps all they could do was sink into the nothingness of space.


Cheng Xi was woken up by her phone’s ringing. After countless missed calls, Cheng Xi’s mother had deviously decided to send her a video call instead.

The phone was in her shirt pocket, and while the two of them had been rolling around (?!) in bed, the call had somehow connected!

And then she heard her mother’s penetrating shrill voice. “Cheng Xi! What on earth are you doing?!”

Cheng Xi was so shocked that she shivered briefly before her fear took over. She shoved Lu Chenzhou aside and frantically climbed out of bed, only to find that, despite her clothes and jacket being worn properly, her undershirt was completely unbuttoned. She quickly and clumsily dealt with her clothes before slipping her hand into her shirt pocket and turning the screen off.

Cheng Xi’s mother’s demonic voice finally vanished.

Only then did Cheng Xi relax, and only then did she realize that they had actually ended up on a bed! A bed? She automatically asked, “Why is there a bed here?” She then turned around and saw that the room they had entered earlier was past another door. Evidently, this room was designed as a suite, and it was very likely to be a suite designed for couples.

After enjoying a good meal and enjoying the scenery, then, while their spirits were high, he had done something to her in bed. How shameless!

Cheng Xi buttoned herself up as the previously shoved aside Lu Chenzhou climbed closer to her; he seemed reluctant to let her go, and even wanted to push her down again.

Cheng Xi didn’t struggle, and instead patted his face brusquely. “I have to go back now.” He ignored her, his hand slipping into her clothes, clearly still unsatisfied⁠—the truth was that the two hadn’t done much. They had just kissed and entered the room, with their clothes still partially on, when Cheng Xi’s mother had interrupted them.

But Cheng Xi had a foolproof method to stop Lu Chenzhou in his tracks. She confidently said, “Neither of us have even bathed yet, and I spent the whole day visiting my relatives, so I’m all sweaty. And after that, I played cards, bought snacks, and even rubbed Shen Wei’s face.” She looked at him earnestly. “Do you really want to continue?”

Lu Chenzhou was yet again at a loss for words.

The hand that he had snuck into her clothes quickly removed itself, and his infatuated gaze quickly cleared up. Cheng Xi couldn’t help herself from wanting to laugh, because it was quite ironic that the key to his aloofness and unusually austere behavior was the same key to stopping him cold.

If she stayed here any longer, then she was sure that something would happen! So, Cheng Xi didn’t dare to stay, and took advantage of Lu Chenzhou’s still muddled senses to quickly jump off of the bed and quickly put on her clothes.

Lu Chenzhou remained where he was, by the head of the bed, unmoving, just like the first time they had been in this position. That morning, she had woken up early and cleaned up after herself while he coolly looked down at her from a high vantage point.

However, Cheng Xi didn’t dare poke him anymore, and as she tidied herself up, she even tried to make idle conversation with him to ease the awkwardness. “Have you been reading any new books these last few days?” It felt like his techniques for picking up girls had matured greatly, both in terms of his words and his actions.

Before this, whenever he got in the mood for “it,” he would directly strip without any foreplay!

Lu Chenzhou seemed to be quite disgusted with what she’d had just asked him, and lazily replied, “Xu Po’s girlfriends recommended me quite a lot of novels. They’re all something like, ‘The CEO’s Private Lover,’ ’The Boss’s Romantic Sweetheart,’ and so on and so forth. There’s a whole pile of them.”

Cheng Xi made a o(╯□╰)o face as she thought to herself, …What?!

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